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Violet Blossom by Zara

Violet Blossom by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Violet Blossom

What Does Violet Blossom Smell Like

The scent of Violet Blossom by Zara is a fascinating blend, predominantly sweet and floral. As you first experience it, you'll be greeted by a strong sweetness, likely a product of the gourmand aspect combined with an essence of juicy, ripe fruits. This is enmeshed with the primary floral theme, where the perfume comes alive with the vibrant aroma of blooming violets, which was a clear intention in its creation. As you continue to inhale the scent, you might notice a slightly synthetic undertone, although not overwhelming, providing an interesting twist to the perfume's profile. The scent then rounds off with a creamy, smooth element, a whisper of spice, and a hint of powdery softness. The listed notes of cherry blossom, magnolia, and tonka bean seem to be in the background. Overall, we believe that this perfume encapsulates a mix of sweet and floral notes, with hints of gourmand, fruity, and synthetic features.

Review of Violet Blossom

Violet Blossom by Zara is a perfume primarily designed for women. Its scent leans heavily on the sweet and floral side, with a noticeable hint of gourmand, fruity, and creamy undertones. This blend gives it a layered aroma, which can be very appealing. However, the slight hint of synthetic notes may not appeal to everyone.

This perfume strikes us as something you'd tend to wear during the cooler and transitional seasons, namely fall and spring. It also seems fitting for winter but appears to be less suitable for the heat of summer. While it can be used during daytime, it gravitates more towards the evening and night out scenarios.

In terms of longevity and sillage, Violet Blossom doesn't top the charts. You might find yourself reapplying the scent throughout the day. But considering its price point, we think it gives you a good value for your money. This perfume, therefore, can be a reasonable choice if you're seeking a sweet, floral fragrance that's not too overpowering.

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