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Wood Boards Studio in Melbourne by Zara

Wood Boards Studio in Melbourne by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Wood Boards Studio in Melbourne

What Does Wood Boards Studio in Melbourne Smell Like

The scent of Wood Boards Studio in Melbourne by Zara opens with noticeable woody undertones. You will detect a fruity and citrus blend, well balanced with a clear presence of spice. As the aroma evolves, a fresh note begins to emerge, which is seamlessly woven with floral tones. The subtle sweetness accompanies this fragrance rather than dominates it, allowing other key elements to come to the fore. The scent is further enriched by a resinous accent and an earthy aroma. A creamy essence brings a softening touch. Lastly, an animalistic musk makes an appearance, punctuating the fragrance with an unexpected twist.

Review of Wood Boards Studio in Melbourne

Zara's Wood Boards Studio in Melbourne, released in 2017, is a perfume designed primarily for women. It's a scent that has a notable woody quality, underscored by a medley of additional elements including citrus, fruity, and spicy notes. The fragrance has a respectable staying power, however, it might not get you through the entire day without reapplication.

The perfume's sillage is moderate, suggesting it won't overpower a room, yet it remains perceptible to those in close proximity. Its most pronounced scent characteristics align closely with the spring season, though it also lends itself well to the summer and fall months. Regardless of the season, it's versatile enough for a wide range of occasions from daily use to business meetings, and even leisure activities.

Although it has a broad appeal, we found it might resonate a little less with an older audience compared to younger ones. On the whole, Wood Boards Studio in Melbourne is a respectable option for those seeking a primarily woody fragrance with a citrusy, fruity twist.

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