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Yunnan Tea by Zara

Yunnan Tea by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Yunnan Tea

What Does Yunnan Tea Smell Like

The scent of Yunnan Tea by Zara greets you with a clear citrus harmony, dictated by bergamot and orange, balanced seamlessly with the floral touch of orange blossom. As these top notes dissipate, you are introduced to the mild spicy undertones, where cardamom holds the reins. The green accord is noticeable, lending an overall freshness to the aroma profile. As the perfume settles, woody elements, specifically Chinese cedar and gaiac wood, although not dominant, remind you of their presence. A hint of sweetness and fruitiness softens the sharp citric opening while a somewhat earthy facet and aquatic hint serve as subtle undertones, which rounds off this blend beautifully.

Review of Yunnan Tea

Zara's Yunnan Tea, released in 2017, is a women's perfume primarily but it also finds considerable acceptance among men. The first thing to note is the scent profile - predominantly fresh and citrusy, with undertones of green, spicy, woody, floral, sweet, fruity, earthy, and aquatic elements. The standout notes are bergamot and orange blossom, adding a zesty twist to the fragrance.

Ideal for warmer months of summer and spring, Yunnan Tea suits a range of occasions be it daily wear, leisure, or business. Though its scent is vibrant, the longevity and sillage are less impressive. It tends to fade quicker than some, and its trail is moderate at best.

In terms of value, we believe there are better performing alternatives available at similar price points. However, if you enjoy fresh, citrusy perfumes and don't mind reapplying, you may find Yunnan Tea a decent addition to your collection.

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