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N°02 Cerise Peonies by Zara

N°02 Cerise Peonies by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of N°02 Cerise Peonies

What Does N°02 Cerise Peonies Smell Like

The scent of N°02 Cerise Peonies by Zara is clearly bifurcated into two main accords - sweet and floral. The perfume greets you a duo of bergamot and pink pepper. These notes make up the perfume's top notes, however, they do not overpower or dominate the overall fragrance. Following this, the scent seamlessly transitions into its heart where the white peony is housed. This middle note is elegantly floral, resonating with an air of sophistication and purity. The scent then finds its conclusion in the base notes of musk and white woods. Cumulatively, these notes add a warm, earthy undertone to the fragrance, creating a scent that is intriguing and complex. Despite the presence of these diverse elements, the perfume maintains a consistent sweet and floral theme, making it a choice option for those who seek out fragrances in these families. We think the scent does an excellent job of expressing its composition without any note being too prominent or overpowering. While the perfume is lush and layered, it does not feel overwhelming, which is a testament to its thoughtful composition. While it is clear that this perfume is designed for women, its base notes do give it a touch of versatility, opening up the possibility for it to be appreciated by a variety of fragrance enthusiasts.

Review of N°02 Cerise Peonies

Zara's N°02 Cerise Peonies, released in 2021, is predominantly a women's fragrance. The scent, a blend of sweet and floral elements, comes across as a well-thought-out choice for those who prefer not to be overwhelmed by an intense aroma. Its moderate longevity and sillage mean it won't overpower the room, but you will leave a subtle hint of your presence.

Despite the scent's sweetness, it doesn't weigh heavy on the senses. The dominant floral notes make it a fine choice for various occasions - from daily use to business meetings, leisure activities, and nights out. However, the equal distribution among these occasions suggests there isn't a standout setting where this perfume shines, an aspect that potential users might want to consider.

The perfume works well across different seasons, which is a plus, but the equal distribution among spring, summer, and fall indicates the scent may not have a strong seasonal identity. As the perfume leans toward a more feminine audience, we feel it may not appeal as much to those who prefer more unisex or masculine fragrances.

We believe that N°02 Cerise Peonies is for those seeking a gentle, floral scent that can be worn year-round, regardless of the occasion. However, its lack of strong identity in occasion or season use and moderate longevity might be shortcomings for some.

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