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Waterfall Brume by Zara

Waterfall Brume by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Waterfall Brume

What Does Waterfall Brume Smell Like

The scent of Waterfall Brume by Zara opens with a distinct citrus aroma as the mandarin orange comes into play. Soon after, the fragrance reveals a fruity yet tart grapefruit note. As it evolves, you start detecting the floral heart comprising of magnolia and jasmine, contributing to the general sweetness. The sweet and floral notes are balanced by a notable fresh accord, presumably from the magnolia. As it starts settling on the skin, the perfume leaves a subtle warm trail of musk, adding depth to its character. Altogether, this fragrance presents a harmonious blend of citrus, sweet, fruity, fresh, and floral accords.

Review of Waterfall Brume

Waterfall Brume by Zara, introduced in 2021, leans primarily towards a female audience. It carries an evenly dispersed blend of citrus, sweet, fruity, fresh, and floral scents, with mandarin orange and musk playing key roles in the overall aroma. This fragrance is suitable for a varied audience, catering to both young and mature individuals.

You'll be able to revel in its aroma primarily during the warmer seasons, as it holds a stronger compatibility with the environment of spring and summer. Also, it's versatile enough to wear in different settings from day-to-day routines to business meetings to leisure activities and even night outs. However, be prepared for a moderate sillage and longevity, meaning the scent may not linger heavily or last exceedingly long.

Waterfall Brume offers a fair value for its price point and serves as a decent choice for those who prefer a balanced blend of the various scent type. But, don't expect an overbearing or long-lasting fragrance. It's a straightforward and fresh scent with a hint of sweetness. Overall, it's an accessible and flexible perfume option.

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