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Le Petit Lullaby by Zara

Le Petit Lullaby by Zara
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Le Petit Lullaby

What Does Le Petit Lullaby Smell Like

The scent of Le Petit Lullaby by Zara is dominantly fresh. Initially you are greeted by a clean, crisp sensation most likely derived from aromatic compounds. This refreshing aroma provides a sense of purity and freshness, hinting at elements of nature such as cool morning dew or fresh spring air. In addition, there is a noticeable fruity undertone to this perfume. While it's not overwhelming, the fruity component delivers a natural sweetness and zest. The fruitiness seems to lean towards a more vibrant, crisp fruitiness rather than a deep, ripe sweetness. This may steer the olfactory journey towards notions of green, freshly sliced fruits like pear. Interestingly, the typical musky depth one might anticipate in unisex fragrances appears to be absent. As such, Le Petit Lullaby presents as rather light and airy, preferring to celebrate freshness and fruity clarity.

Review of Le Petit Lullaby

Le Petit Lullaby by Zara is a unisex fragrance that leans towards a feminine appeal. It's a fresh and slightly fruity scent, which is ideal for the person who loves to feel a refreshing lift throughout their day. It's a scent that fits well into a daily routine, whether you're heading to the gym, stepping into the office, or out and about on your leisurely activities.

Despite its pleasant scent, the perfume's longevity and sillage may leave you wanting more. It could require reapplication throughout the day, which might not be ideal for those with a busy schedule.

The fragrance is most noticeable during the warmer months of spring and summer, possibly because of its fresh scent profile. However, it maintains a level of versatility that allows it to be worn all year round.

While there are no dominant notes to point out, the scent is subtly reminiscent of the freshness of pear and the softness of musk.

In terms of value, we find Le Petit Lullaby falls into a middle ground. It's an affordable option for those willing to compromise on some aspects for the sake of a pleasant, everyday scent.

In conclusion, Le Petit Lullaby is a refreshing, slightly fruity fragrance designed for the modern, on-the-go individual who isn't overly concerned with long-lasting power or a prominent scent trail. It's a versatile perfume that can be worn across seasons and occasions with ease.

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