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Waterlily Tea Dress by Zara

Waterlily Tea Dress by Zara
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Waterlily Tea Dress

What Does Waterlily Tea Dress Smell Like

The scent of Waterlily Tea Dress by Zara immediately greets you with a fresh, vibrant burst, likely due to the underlying presence of citrus notes. This initial freshness is drawn out and enhanced by noticeable floral elements, giving the overall scent profile a distinctly lively character. As you continue to experience the perfume, you will detect subtle green undertones, delivering a crisp finish reminiscent of a lush, verdant garden. Additionally, the synthetic aspects, while less pronounced, play an essential role, adding a modern touch to the classic freshness. The perfume surprises with a whisper of aquatic notes, enhancing the freshness and making the scent more multi-dimensional. The sweetness is subtle, barely there, yet crucial in rounding off the scent. A defining feature of this perfume is the prominent musk note, which serves as a robust base, grounding the otherwise effervescent character. Finally, the unexpected hint of mint provides a cool whisper, adding a unique twist to the overall experience.

Review of Waterlily Tea Dress

Zara's Waterlily Tea Dress displays a prominent fresh and floral personality, heavily inclined for warmer seasons. Notably, its main essence leans towards the bright notes of musk, mint, and bergamot, suggesting a clean, green undertone. Despite its youthful charm, we found it to be more admired by mature women. Its longevity doesn't break records, but for an everyday scent, it might just hit the sweet spot. With a moderate sillage, it's not a fragrance that will fill a room but will leave a subtle trail. This feature makes it suitable for casual and professional settings, as well as outdoor activities. In terms of value, it's a budget-friendly option, particularly for those who favor light and breezy scents. However, if you prefer robust or sweet fragrances, you might find it lacking. Our conclusion? Zara's Waterlily Tea Dress is a pleasant, day-to-day aroma that's worth a try if fresh and floral are your go-to.

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