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Tubereuse Noir by Zara

Tubereuse Noir by Zara
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Tubereuse Noir

What Does Tubereuse Noir Smell Like

The scent of Tubereuse Noir by Zara predominantly envelopes you in an intense floral aroma, with tuberose asserting itself as the star of the bouquet. The sweetness of the fragrance is evident but not overpowering, providing an undertone to the floral notes. You can also detect a layer of woody undertones, possibly the faint presence of sandalwood, adding depth and character. The perfume's creamy notes are subtle yet present, lending a soothing richness to the overall profile. A touch of powdery accent comes through, enhancing the complexity of the fragrance. A hint of freshness completes the profile. Although the scent's floral and sweet accents are the most prominent, you'll notice that the woody, creamy, powdery and fresh facets seamlessly blend, ensuring no single note overwhelms your senses. The fragrance's underlying ylang-ylang note adds an exotic touch. Tubereuse Noir is a compelling fragrance that offers a complex yet cohesive scent profile.

Review of Tubereuse Noir

Zara's Tubereuse Noir is an Eau de Parfum primarily targeting women. In our opinion, this fragrance excels in spring and fall seasons, making it a fitting choice for those looking for a scent that transitions well between these periods. The fragrance leans toward the floral side, with a noticeable presence of tuberose and ylang-ylang that we believe could appeal to lovers of these aromas. Its woody undertones, lead by sandalwood, add an earthy touch without overpowering the sweet, creamy elements.

The perfume's performance is moderate; it's neither weak nor very overpowering. We think you might need a few reapplications throughout the day, especially if you plan to wear it from day to night. Speaking of which, Tubereuse Noir seems suitable for a variety of occasions, including nights out and regular daily wear.

While it offers good value, we believe it's not a standout in Zara's line. If you enjoy floral scents and don't need a powerhouse fragrance, Tubereuse Noir could be a good addition to your collection.

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