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Bohemian Bluebells by Zara

Bohemian Bluebells by Zara
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Bohemian Bluebells

What Does Bohemian Bluebells Smell Like

The scent of Bohemian Bluebells by Zara opens with a strong, unmistakable bouquet of floral notes, undoubtedly dominated by lavender. As the initial burst settles, you will notice a creamy undertone that softens the floral dominance, adding a comforting, velvety layer to the composition. The sweetness of the perfume is not cloying, but rather subtly woven into the fragrance, tempering the floral and creamy elements. A woody backbone of sandalwood adds a sense of depth and warmth, grounding the fragrance and providing a counterpoint to the other elements. The perfume has a spicy undercurrent, adding an exciting twist to the fragrance profile. A hint of powderiness lends further sophistication and a hint of freshness ensures the scent doesn't become too heavy. A touch of synthetic notes is detectable but doesn't detract from the overall experience. Despite the inclusion of musk in the notes, we find it to be inconspicuous. The end result is a fragrance that is floral, creamy, and intriguingly complex.

Review of Bohemian Bluebells

Bohemian Bluebells by Zara, launched in 2019, is a perfume that leans towards the female demographic yet also appeals to a spectrum of users. When you first experience this scent, you'll notice its floral facet; a well-rounded blend of creamy, sweet, and woody undertones follows this initial impression. With a hint of spiciness, it carries an interesting twist. A subtle powdery feeling and a touch of synthetic aroma might be discerned as well, though not overpowering.

This perfume suits the spring and fall seasons best. Its modest sillage and longevity might not meet expectations if you're seeking a fragrance with a potent trail or that lasts all day. However, it makes for an ideal daily and leisure scent, adding a touch of comfort to your routine. Its value for money is commendable, especially for those who appreciate floral notes like lavender in their choice of fragrance. However, if you're looking for a strong sandalwood or musk presence, this might not hit the mark as these notes seem absent.

In all, Bohemian Bluebells can be your everyday companion, blending in seamlessly with a laid-back, relaxed lifestyle.

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