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Leather Jardin by Zara

Leather Jardin by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Leather Jardin

What Does Leather Jardin Smell Like

The scent of Leather Jardin by Zara presents an intersection of woody, citrusy, and leathery accords. We find that it opens with an unmistakable aroma of leathery notes, which quickly intertwine with a chypre accords. As you continue to experience the fragrance, you'll notice a floral presence emerging, characterized by the intrinsic scent of roses. This floral bouquet is then balanced by green and smoky facets, offering an earthy depth to the fragrance. As the scent evolves, spicy and fresh tones interweave, while the underlying citrus note, reminiscent of grapefruit, lends a tangy profile. Lastly, the perfume is rounded off by faint animal notes, adding a striking complexity to the overall blend.

Review of Leather Jardin

Leather Jardin by Zara is a women's fragrance released in 2021. Its distinct scent profile leans heavily on the leathery aspect, with floral undertones, and subtle hints of chypre. Although designed for women, men also find the scent appealing.

We found that this fragrance excels in longevity, staying prominent on the skin for a substantial period. The sillage is also impressive, leaving a noticeable trail as you move. In terms of value, you will find this to be an economically sound choice given its attributes.

The strongest character of Leather Jardin unveils itself during the fall and spring seasons. However, it is versatile enough for use throughout the year. Its diverse personality works well for multiple occasions, from daily use to leisure, business meetings, or nights out.

Be aware, though, the scent is a potent blend of leather and chypre, which might be overwhelming for some. For those who appreciate a bold fragrance, Leather Jardin strikes the right chord. Enjoy the scent responsibly.

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