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Somewhere Nowhere by Zara

Somewhere Nowhere by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Somewhere Nowhere

What Does Somewhere Nowhere Smell Like

The scent of Somewhere Nowhere by Zara is a scent of contrasting elements. At the forefront, you are greeted by a decided citrusy burst, specifically a potent wave of lemon. However, this zestiness is seamlessly intertwined with an offbeat animalic musk, adding complexity and intrigue to the olfactory experience. Synthetic notes are perceptible, serving to enhance the perfume's overall composition, rather than dominating it. The fragrance weaves in powdery elements, providing a tactile, near-dusty feel to the scent. In combination with an underlying fresh accord, it lends a sense of approachable coolness, without veering into cold territory. Creamy undertones introduce a smooth, rich warmth that counterbalances the overall scent profile. Light floral notes, particularly of magnolia, sneak in but are barely noticeable. However, their contribution is not to be underestimated, lending an almost elusive layer to this perfume's unique olfactory portrait.

Review of Somewhere Nowhere

Somewhere Nowhere by Zara, released in 2019, is a perfume primarily designed for women. It has a scent profile that leans towards citrus, with a variety of other notes like synthetic, powdery, fresh, creamy, floral, and a hint of animal undertones. A noticeable lemon note prevails, which makes it a dominant player in this fragrance. However, the perfume loses steam relatively quickly, so don't expect it to last all day.

The perfume seems to be tailored for spring and summer, appropriate for daily use and leisure activities. You may find it useful as a fresh pick-me-up for daytime wear. But it may not be the best choice if you're looking for a scent that stands out in a crowd or carries well in larger spaces due to its softer sillage.

In terms of value, you get what you pay for. This fragrance delivers a light, citrusy scent that lives up to its name - it's somewhere, yet nowhere, a subtle companion for your daily routines. However, if longevity is a key factor for you, you might want to explore other options. Overall, Somewhere Nowhere by Zara offers an interesting but transient scent experience.

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