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005 Feels Like Winter by Zara

005 Feels Like Winter by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of 005 Feels Like Winter

What Does 005 Feels Like Winter Smell Like

The scent of 005 Feels Like Winter by Zara opens with a strong floral profile, palpably dominated by the allure of blossoms. Here, we believe a distinctive bouquet of jasmine, though subtle, becomes evident and adds a level of complexity to the blend. Despite the absence of any discernible vanilla note, the perfume carries a pronounced synthetic sweetness, giving it a modern, urban edge. Here, the sweetness is not cloying or overwhelming but rather atmospheric. The sweetness transitions beautifully into a creamy texture, you might expect a rich vanilla undertone, but instead, the scent holds a smooth, elegant creaminess that is somewhat surprising. Amongst the florals, a faint trace of violet emerges. It's delicate and soft, adding depth and interest to the overall smell. Despite its winter-inspired name, we think 005 Feels Like Winter pushes boundaries and surprises with its composition, veering away from traditional notes associated with the season. Nonetheless, it's a scent, full of unexpected twists.

Review of 005 Feels Like Winter

Zara's 005 Feels Like Winter released in 2019 is a perfume designed primarily for women. Its scent profile is predominately floral with subtle undertones of synthetic, creamy, and sweet elements. While the scent does not explicitly highlight jasmine, vanilla, or violet, their absence does not detract from the overall impression.

This perfume seems most suited for the colder seasons, particularly winter, but has enough versatility to be worn during early spring or fall. And, it's not just for special occasions; you can make it your everyday signature scent, as well as for leisure.

Although it is titled 'Feels Like Winter', we believe its floral nature gives it a slightly lighter feel, which may be more suitable for those who prefer less intense, overpowering fragrances.

Regarding value, this is subjective and depends on individual preferences. However, if you're seeking a floral, versatile, year-round fragrance, this could be an option to consider. Be mindful that the synthetic notes may not appeal to everyone. Overall, Zara's 005 Feels Like Winter is a straightforward, floral perfume for women with a hint of sweetness.

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