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Lemon Lazuli by Zara

Lemon Lazuli by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Alexis Dadier
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Lemon Lazuli

What Does Lemon Lazuli Smell Like

The scent of Lemon Lazuli by Zara is one that is primarily fruity and synthetic. Upon first whiff, you are greeted by an immediate burst of vibrant citrus, likely from the tangerine and bergamot notes. This is swiftly followed by a sweet undertone, hinting of rich vanilla. As the fragrance settles, you will discern a subtly spicy touch, possibly deriving from clary sage. The scent profile evolves further, adopting a floral nuance, which may be attributed to lavender, and a woody undertone, perhaps from Atlas cedar and vetiver. The synthetic element weaves its way throughout the scent's journey, adding a characteristic modern edge. This perfume's aroma remains true to its main accords, providing a harmonious blend of citrus, sweet, spicy, floral, and woody notes. As it dries down, the gourmand and fresh facet becomes more present, creating a balanced and multi-dimensional perfume. From our findings, the perfume's heart is a complex blend of multiple notes, none singularly standing out above the others, making for an integrated and cohesive scent.

Review of Lemon Lazuli

Lemon Lazuli by Zara, a men's perfume released in 2021, is a predominantly citrus and sweet fragrance, with notable woody and spicy undertones. It primarily appeals to the male demographic, though it sees some preference among women as well. This perfume may be alienating for those who shy away from synthetic notes, as these are noticeable in its composition.

We believe it to be most fitting for the warmer months, being a scent that embodies the feel of summer and spring. Yet, it holds enough depth to transition into the cooler seasons due to its woody and spicy elements. It performs suitably for a variety of occasions, from casual daily usage to business settings.

However, its longevity and sillage are somewhat lacking. The scent may not last an entire day, and its projection is limited. Despite these drawbacks, it provides reasonable value, making it an accessible choice for many. In conclusion, Lemon Lazuli could be right for you if you're seeking a versatile citrus and sweet fragrance that doesn't break the bank.

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