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Zara Man Silver Summer by Zara

Zara Man Silver Summer by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Zara Man Silver Summer

What Does Zara Man Silver Summer Smell Like

The scent of Zara Man Silver Summer by Zara is predominantly a fresh experience. As you focus, you will notice a robust fruity undertone that gives the fragrance a lively twist. The synthetic notes are evident, adding a unique aspect to the overall smell. A distinct sweetness underlies this fragrance, giving it depth that isn't overpowering but pleasantly noticeable. The scent carries whispers of woody tones that ground the fragrance adding a mild earthiness to the brighter notes. Upon first whiff, we detect subtle hints of citrus and aquatic notes that give it a refreshing crispness. However, as the fragrance evolves, we discover the faintest floral undertones that add a soft complexity to this manly fragrance. Our findings are that the absence of clary sage, lime, and sandalwood notes in the composition creates a unique scent profile where fresh and synthetic accords take the lead, resulting in a decidedly modern and interesting scent for men.

Review of Zara Man Silver Summer

Zara Man Silver Summer by Zara is primarily designed for men, with a tilt towards a slightly younger demographic. Although it's a scent that can be appreciated all-year-round, it particularly shines in the warmer seasons of spring and summer and fits various occasions from daily wear to business settings. A combination of fresh, sweet, and fruity with a synthetic undertone characterizes its scent profile, while hints of citrus, wood, florals, and aquatic notes add complexity to the blend.

It's an accessible fragrance, with the fresh notes being immediately noticeable upon application, followed by sweet and fruity accents. Although the scent is generally appreciated, it's worth noting it has moderate longevity and sillage. This means it might not last all day and the scent trail will be somewhat restrained. The less dominant woody and floral undertones give it a slight elegance, making it suitable for a leisurely day out or a casual business meeting.

Notably, it features prominent notes of clary sage, lime, and sandalwood. Despite its shortcomings, we believe Zara Man Silver Summer offers good value overall and could be a valuable addition to your collection, especially if you prefer fresh and subtly sweet fragrances.

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