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Stormy Day by Zara

Stormy Day by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Stormy Day

What Does Stormy Day Smell Like

The scent of Stormy Day by Zara greets you with a distinctly sweet aroma, reminiscent of the floral essence of violets in a dew-kissed garden. As you delve deeper into the perfume's layers, you'll notice the creamy, gourmand undertones that subtly contrast with the initial sweetness. An unexpected hint of black pepper enhances the overall aromatic experience, adding a spicy edge that cuts through the sweetness without overpowering it. Further into the experience, you'll discern a mild powdery note, an attribute often associated with a comforting, timeless smell, interwoven with the tantalizing scent of cocoa. This interesting combination of notes offers a fresh dimension to the perfume's overall profile. However, one can't ignore the synthetic elements incorporated within the fragrance, which slightly diminish the authenticity of the natural scents. Despite this, we believe Stormy Day's blend of sweet, floral and spicy tones, lends it a unique scent profile.

Review of Stormy Day

Stormy Day by Zara is tailored primarily for men, delivering an aromatic experience that crosses generational divides. It offers a sweet and floral scent profile, with a dominant violet note that adds a touch of freshness. At the same time, there's an undercurrent of creaminess, likely from the cocoa hint, and a spicy kick, thanks to black pepper, which adds complexity to the fragrance.

This perfume tends to lend itself better to the cooler months, with the sweet and creamy aspects providing a comfort factor during fall and winter. However, it can still be worn during the warmer spring days, albeit sparingly. As for the occasion, it's versatile enough for daily use, leisure activities, and evening occasions, with a somewhat subdued sillage that won't overwhelm those around you.

Despite its appealing scent profile, its longevity could be better. You may find the need for a top-up during the day. In terms of value, Zara's Stormy Day comes across as a reasonable buy, especially if you appreciate a sweet, floral, and slightly spicy aroma.

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