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Tie and Dye by Zara

Tie and Dye by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Tie and Dye

What Does Tie and Dye Smell Like

The scent of Tie and Dye by Zara is a distinctive blend that showcases a resilient sweetness intertwined with a solid woody base. Upon your first encounter with this fragrance, you are greeted by lush coconuttiness, the only note that makes its presence known in this concoction. This subtly tropical opening is proof of its gourmand influence, which remains an undercurrent throughout the perfume's development. As the fragrance begins to settle, you start to notice its defining characteristic: a solid, woody groundwork. This woody character isn't marked by the usual suspects of cedar or pine, but rather a nondescript yet unmistakably timber-like aroma. This woody aspect is as prominent as the sweet, giving this fragrance a robust, full-bodied profile. Yet, despite its significant sweet and woody accords, the scent never veers into cloying or overly resinous territory. Tie and Dye by Zara offers an interesting experience with its sweet, woody, gourmand scent profile.

Review of Tie and Dye

Zara's Tie and Dye is predominantly a men's fragrance, although it does offer some appeal to women as well. In terms of scent, you will find this perfume has a robust blend of sweet, woody, and gourmand elements. As a standout, the coconut note brings an unexpected tropical twist, making it stand out from typical woodsy scents. Tie and Dye is more suited to cooler seasons like fall due to its warmth, though it functions fairly well in the summer and spring too. As for occasions, this scent fits well in leisurely times and evening events, although it's versatile enough for daily wear or a night out. Unfortunately, it falls short in the sports arena, probably due to its lack of refreshing notes. In terms of longevity, you might find it doesn't last all day, and its sillage is modest. Nevertheless, we believe it offers good value, making it a worthy consideration.

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