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Frayed Edge by Zara

Frayed Edge by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Frayed Edge

What Does Frayed Edge Smell Like

The scent of Frayed Edge by Zara is decidedly masculine, introducing a robust blend of spicy, woody, and creamy accords. Upon the first encounter with this fragrance, you will notice the biting edge of black pepper, adding a distinct spiciness that is not overwhelming. As the scent unfolds, cardamom, a spicy and pungent note, lends an exotic touch to the scent profile. Its complex, slightly sweet aroma complements the initial spiciness, adding depth and intrigue. Finally, the woody undertone of vetiver anchors the fragrance in a creamy, earthy richness. This note adds a grounding, masculine element to the scent, ensuring it's not overly sharp. However, the lack of other notes might limit the complexity and evolution of the scent. Overall, you will find Frayed Edge by Zara to be a straightforward, no-frills fragrance - a spicy, woody, and creamy blend that is masculine.

Review of Frayed Edge

Frayed Edge by Zara is formulated primarily for men. It is a mix of spicy, woody, and creamy aromas that suggest a certain versatility in its application. With a scent skewed towards the spicy, underpinned by a woody creaminess, it seems equally suited for all seasons, from the brisk chill of winter to the warm freshness of spring.

However, this fragrance does seem to have its limitations. Its longevity is something to consider before purchase. While it could serve well in daily routines or more leisurely activities, you might find that it fades sooner than you'd like.

It's also worth noting that its distribution, or sillage, is not particularly potent. While some might find this subtler projection appealing, those looking for a scent that makes a strong statement might find Frayed Edge a bit too restrained.

In terms of value, Frayed Edge falls into the affordable range. It is a fragrance that offers a decent scent without breaking the bank. Despite its shortcomings in longevity and sillage, we believe that its unique scent profile and affordability make it a scent worth considering.

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