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Midnight Hour by Zara

Midnight Hour by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Midnight Hour

What Does Midnight Hour Smell Like

The scent of Midnight Hour by Zara is a blend of sweet and fruity, with a smoky, spicy undertone that adds a mysterious depth to its overall profile. Upon first whiff, your senses are greeted by the vibrant notes of pineapple, which are beautifully intertwined with the sweet, intoxicating aroma of rum. This particular combination gives the initial scent a sweet and fruity appeal. As the scent unfolds, you begin to notice the heart notes - a rich composition of spicy and synthetic elements. The spice adds a fiery warmth to the perfume that beautifully contrasts with the cool freshness of woody notes. Simultaneously, the woody notes provide a grounding element that allows the sweet, fruity top notes and spicy heart notes to shine without overpowering the scent. Finally, the smoky undertones of frankincense add a seductive complexity to the perfume, rounding out its distinct profile. The aquatic notes keep the blend from being too heavy, giving it a breezy finish.

Review of Midnight Hour

Zara's Midnight Hour is a perfume designed primarily for men, yet it has a certain appeal that can grasp the attention of a small percentage of women too. The scent is a sweet mix, dabbling in fruity and spicy hints, with notable components like pineapple and rum. It surprisingly manages to maintain a woody undertone, a trait we believe gives it a bit of edge.

This perfume seems to shine during the transitional seasons of spring and fall, but holds its own in winter too. It's a perfume suitable for both daytime and leisure activities, and even holds up for an evening out or a bit of nighttime frivolity. However, we think it might not be the best choice for business or sporty settings.

Overall, Midnight Hour's longevity and sillage are decent, not extraordinary. The fragrance does not stay for very long and is not overly powerful. Yet, considering its price point, we feel it offers reasonable value.

Midnight Hour is basically a perfume that presents a sweet, slightly smoky, synthetic scent with a hint of freshness. If that's your preference, you might find it satisfactory. However, it does not stand out in terms of originality or uniqueness. Expect a decent, affordable perfume but nothing groundbreaking.

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