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Till Sunrise by Zara

Till Sunrise by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Till Sunrise

What Does Till Sunrise Smell Like

The scent of Till Sunrise by Zara is a dynamic blend of various accords. At first whiff, you are met with a refreshing burst of citrus notes, closely followed by a spicier layer adding complexity to the overall fragrance. As the initial citrus and spice wears off, a distinct woody character emerges and collectively with the citrus and spice, makes the perfume an interesting experience. Green elements underline the woody aspects, giving the perfume a certain earthly quality. There's a hint of smokiness, and a restraint touch of sweetness, creating an interesting contrast within the blend. Oriental notes intertwine with gourmand elements, giving an exotic, gourmet dimension. The fragrance wraps up with a fresh and creamy finish. The scent lacks any significant breakthrough of cypress, galbanum, and tonka bean to the nose.

Review of Till Sunrise

Till Sunrise by Zara is a decidedly masculine fragrance in its blend of citrus, spicy, and woody notes, with hints of green and oriental undertones. This perfume makes its presence known without overwhelming; it subtly leaves its mark. The standout notes in this mix are cypress, galbanum, and tonka bean, each offering a layer of depth to the overall scent.

However, be aware of its modest longevity; it may require reapplication throughout the day. This is an ideal selection for those seeking a daily or leisure fragrance, its scent profile fitting for both relaxed and semi-formal settings. It is equally suited for a casual night out or a business event, its smoky and woody notes providing an evening-appropriate element.

Seasonally, Till Sunrise leans towards the warmer months, with its light, citrus-infused aroma perfect for spring and summer. However, the hints of sweetness and smoky aspects make it wearable during the cooler months. Overall, this is a valuable addition to any fragrance collection, especially if you prefer a scent that straddles the line between fresh and rich.

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