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Night Skyline Summer by Zara

Night Skyline Summer by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Night Skyline Summer

What Does Night Skyline Summer Smell Like

The scent of Night Skyline Summer by Zara opens with a noticeable freshness, a refreshing splash that harkens to the coolness of summer evenings. You will detect hints of aquatic notes, embodying the crystal-clear waters of a serene summer night. Intermingled with the freshness and aquatic elements, you are greeted by an unmistakably synthetic twist, giving the perfume a modern, metropolitan touch, suggestive of urban skylines under the night sky. As you delve further, the aroma of citrus reveals itself, lending the perfume a tangy, vibrant spark, with the marked presence of bergamot. However, the scent lacks a progression of complexity as the understated notes of suede and violet remain elusive. Overall, Night Skyline Summer is an ode to summer evenings in the city, pairing a fresh, aquatic basis with synthetic and citrus highlights.

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