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Night Skyline by Zara

Night Skyline by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Night Skyline

What Does Night Skyline Smell Like

The scent of the Night Skyline by Zara carries a predominantly sweet aroma, a mixture for those who appreciate a touch of sugar in their fragrances. When you first smell this perfume, you'll notice a distinctive sweetness, most likely derived from a floral base. Following the initial sweetness, there's a substantial leathery undertone that contributes a refined, masculine essence to the overall composition. As you delve deeper into the aroma profile, hints of wood and spice subtly present themselves, adding complexity. A synthetic note discreetly weaves itself into the mix, along with a fresh undertone that prevents the scent from becoming too heavy or overpowering. There's also a creaminess that subtly rounds off the scent, softening the harsher notes and adding a layer of depth. However, we were unable to discern any notes of artemisia, ginger, or suede, which the perfume purports to contain, indicating that these ingredients may be masked by the dominant sweet and leathery notes.

Review of Night Skyline

Night Skyline by Zara primarily caters to men with its bold aroma. The scent profile leans towards sweet with a leathery and floral undertone, giving it a masculine edge. The fragrance seems to be appreciated most by mature individuals, though it's adaptable enough to suit diverse age groups and genders. Despite being primarily sweet, you will notice a complexity brought on by the woody, fresh, and creamy notes which may appeal to those who appreciate layers to their fragrance. This versatile perfume is suitable for the spring season, though it can comfortably carry you through the cool winter and crisp fall. It's a good fit for daily use, but its charm can also add character to your leisure activities, business events, or evenings out. Despite its nice scent, its longevity and sillage are average, meaning that while it may not last all day, you will leave a subtle scent trail. On the value front, Night Skyline offers a fair proposition. It seems that Zara has managed to create a perfume that is versatile yet distinctive, but could use some improvement in the lasting power department.

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