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Caviar Bergamot by Zara

Caviar Bergamot by Zara
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Caviar Bergamot

What Does Caviar Bergamot Smell Like

The scent of Caviar Bergamot by Zara is a refreshing blend of citrusy and fresh notes. When first smelled, you're greeted by a lively trio of grapefruit, Primofiore lemon, and bergamot which provide a crisp and tangy opening. This bright, citrus burst is not overpowering but rather a well-executed introduction to the scent's profile.

As the initial citrusy wave subsides, subtle hints of ginger and jasmine come into play. These middle notes introduce a whisper of spice and delicate floral undertones, adding complexity to the composition without overwhelming the dominant fresh and citrus elements.

On dry down, the scent transforms, revealing a base of amber and musk. This lower layer adds a degree of warmth and depth, contributing a gentle animalic touch that complements the predominant citrus freshness.

Present throughout the perfume's life cycle are green accords, adding an earthy and natural dimension, while powdery, woody and aquatic elements subtly weave in and out of the scent's profile. A creamy aspect is noticeable, adding a touch of softness and smoothing out the scent's sharper edges. Overall, Caviar Bergamot manages to maintain its fresh and citrusy theme while introducing enough variation to keep the experience engaging and layered.

Review of Caviar Bergamot

Zara's Caviar Bergamot is a dynamic unisex perfume that we find leans marginally more towards the masculine audience. We believe its composition is rooted in a refreshing citrusy aroma, coming from the blend of prominent grapefruit, primofiore lemon, and subtle bergamot notes. It also possesses a hint of a woody undertone, making it a sensible pick for those who enjoy a fresh yet earthy scent profile.

In our experience, the fragrance stands out most during the warmer months of spring and summer, making it a fitting choice for daily wear or leisure activities. Its green and aquatic scent elements subtly evoke the sensation of a serene outdoor setting. We think the perfume's sillage is modest, making it apt for intimate environments or business occasions, where a delicate scent presence is admired.

However, we think that its longevity could be a potential downside. We believe that you might need to reapply the perfume throughout the day to maintain its presence. So, if you're seeking a long-lasting fragrance, you might find this attribute a bit underwhelming. On the other hand, if you prefer your scent to be more personal and less pronounced, the light sillage and longevity of Caviar Bergamot could be advantageous.

In terms of value, this offering from Zara offers a relatively accessible entry point into the world of unisex fragrances. It offers a compelling blend of citrus, green, and woody elements that will appeal to those seeking a fresh, casual fragrance.

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