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Saffron Orange Flowers by Zara

Saffron Orange Flowers by Zara
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Saffron Orange Flowers

What Does Saffron Orange Flowers Smell Like

The scent of Saffron Orange Flowers by Zara unfolds with a potent floral presence that takes center stage in the olfactory profile. Greeting the senses are subtle sweet undertones, which add depth without overpowering the dominant floral note. As the fragrance further diffuses, you will pick up a hint of citrus that is both refreshing and appealing, creating an interesting contrast with the leathery accord, bringing an unusual twist to the scent. The smell evolves to reveal woody notes, which ground the fragrance, lending it a sense of maturity and sophistication. Unique elements in the fragrance are the notes of orange and orange blossom, which add a citrusy zing. Amid the woody and floral elements, ylang-ylang introduces a tropical allure, though it remains inconspicuous. Overall, Saffron Orange Flowers is a complex scent, where floral, sweet, and woody accords mingle with leathery and fresh notes, offering an interesting olfactory journey.

Review of Saffron Orange Flowers

Zara's Saffron Orange Flowers, a 2022 release, is a unisex perfume, appealing slightly more to women than men. This creation leans towards floral with a dash of citrus and sweet tones. A subtle hint of leathery, woody, and fresh notes lurks in the background.

Ideal for spring and fall, the scent seems slightly more appropriate for casual nighttime events, but don't shy away from wearing it during leisurely days or at work. It's a versatile choice that can easily step into a daily performer role or an evening companion.

The perfume has a reasonable staying power, and its scent trail is moderate - not overpowering, yet noticeable. It's also worth noting that, although it's predominantly floral, the blend doesn't come off as overly sweet or cloying, offering an interesting take on the floral genre.

So, if you prefer more robust, striking scents, this may not be your first choice. But if you're in the market for a floral perfume with a twist, Zara's Saffron Orange Flowers could be just the ticket.

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