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N°01 Rose Petal Drops by Zara

N°01 Rose Petal Drops by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of N°01 Rose Petal Drops

What Does N°01 Rose Petal Drops Smell Like

The scent of N°01 Rose Petal Drops by Zara presents a fascinating aromatic experience. Upon initial smell, you are greeted by the zesty, spicy scent of pink pepper combined with the tangy, fruity essence of blackcurrant. This initial impression gives way to a warm, floral heart, dominated by the opulent, velvety aroma of Turkish rose and rose absolute, with lychee adding a touch of exotic sweetness. The prolonged finale develops into a rich and creamy base, where the cozy, sensual aroma of vanilla mingles with the earthy, subtly sweet scent of amber and patchouli.

The perfume is predominantly floral, echoing the sheer femininity of rose petals. A sweet undertone weaves through the composition, balanced by a fresh aspect that gives the perfume a lively, spirited character. You'll also notice a fruity layer that adds an enticing, playful dimension, while the creamy, synthetic, and powdery elements provide a comforting depth. Even though woody notes are not at the forefront, their presence subtly anchors the composition, grounding the smell in an inviting warmth.

Our findings indicate a bit of complexity in this fragrance, with smooth transitions between the different layers of the scent. Yet, the prominent feature remains the lush floral heart, offering an olfactory journey through a garden of roses.

Review of N°01 Rose Petal Drops

Zara's N°01 Rose Petal Drops is a relatively recent addition to their perfume offerings, and we found it to be a predominantly floral scent, with the rose notes taking center stage. From our observations, this fragrance is likely to appeal to a wide age range of women, from the young to the more mature.

We think if you're a fan of fresh, sweet, and slightly creamy scents, this perfume could be an excellent choice. The hint of fruitiness from the lychee and blackcurrant top notes adds a tantalizing edge to the overall aroma. However, the perfume does have a somewhat synthetic undertone, which might not be to everyone's liking.

It appears that N°01 Rose Petal Drops performs best in the warmer months of spring and summer. You might find it suitable for casual, everyday wear, or even for a business setting. The perfume's longevity is decent, without being overpowering, although the sillage might leave something to be desired, which could limit its performance during a night out.

Overall, considering its price point and the scent profile, we believe that Zara's N°01 Rose Petal Drops offers good value for a floral, fresh, and sweet fragrance. But bear in mind the synthetic notes and modest sillage when making your decision.

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