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N°03 Citrus Meze by Zara

N°03 Citrus Meze by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of N°03 Citrus Meze

What Does N°03 Citrus Meze Smell Like

The scent of N°03 Citrus Meze by Zara is a lively blend dominated by a distinct citrus character. On your first smell, you are greeted by a robust grapefruit note that commands attention, underscored subtly by a touch of bergamot that adds complexity. As the initial citrus burst dissipates, the fragrance evolves to reveal a heart of neroli with a whisper of orange blossom, bringing a green, floral edge to the perfume. This harmony of notes is firmly anchored by a defined base of musk, lending a synthetic quality to the overall composition. We perceive a trace of woody notes in the backdrop that seem to work as a canvas for the bold, citrusy elements to shine. Despite its firmly citrus core, we find that the scent retains a refreshing quality throughout, supported by green undertones that further accentuate its invigorating nature. However, we believe that the essence of musk and synthetic notes might be challenging for some, breaking the freshness that the perfume otherwise promises. Nonetheless, N°03 Citrus Meze presents an interesting take on citrus fragrances, weaving together unconventional elements to craft its olfactory signature.

Review of N°03 Citrus Meze

Zara's N°03 Citrus Meze is a perfume for women. The unmistakable citrus aroma dominates the scent profile, augmented by synthetic undertones and hints of freshness and green. The scent carries the vibrancy of grapefruit and the sweetness of neroli, making it vibrant and lively.

Its longevity and sillage, however, may not meet everyone's expectations. The perfume might require top-ups throughout the day, especially during long outings or special occasions. This factor could be a turn-off for those seeking a long-lasting fragrance.

Ideal for summer and spring, it fits best in casual settings. Whether you're out for a walk, at a leisurely brunch, or even in a business meeting, this scent won't seem out of place. By spraying N°03 Citrus Meze, you dress in a light, playful aura that's suitable for everyday use.

The perfume's value falls into a subjective area, determined by individual scent preferences and the importance placed on longevity and sillage. It's not a perfume that overwhelms; rather, it lightly trails behind you, a subtle hint of your presence. In conclusion, N°03 Citrus Meze is a casual, citrusy scent from Zara that you might enjoy if you appreciate lighter, less imposing perfumes. However, be prepared for possible reapplications throughout the day.

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