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Femme Summer by Zara

Femme Summer by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Femme Summer

What Does Femme Summer Smell Like

The scent of Femme Summer by Zara presents an inviting and enticing medley of fragrances. Initially, you are greeted by top notes of Bergamot and Mandarin Orange which provide a zesty and citrusy opening, immediately piquing your interest. There's also a hint of Freesia in the mix, lending a delicate and subtly sweet undertone. As the fragrance begins to evolve, the middle notes of Jasmine and Magnolia emerge. The Jasmine lends a rich, floral character, while the Magnolia contributes a subtly creamy and lemony scent which we believe adds depth to the overall composition. As the scent begins to settle, the woody base notes ground the composition, providing a warm and robust finish. The woody notes serve as a counterpoint to the fruity and floral tones, ensuring that the perfume avoids becoming overly sweet. However, the emphasis is clearly on the citrusy and floral tones, making this perfume an ideal choice for those who appreciate these types of scents. While Femme Summer by Zara is certainly an interesting fragrance, some could find the emphasis on the floral notes somewhat overwhelming. Nonetheless, it's an interesting offering from the brand.

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