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Zara Woman Freesia & Vanilla by Zara

Zara Woman Freesia & Vanilla by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Zara Woman Freesia & Vanilla

What Does Zara Woman Freesia & Vanilla Smell Like

The scent of Zara Woman Freesia & Vanilla by Zara designed for women primarily carries a floral note. Upon the first spray, you are greeted by a sweet aroma from the almond, coupled with a mild fruity fragrance from apple and pear. As the scent settles, the floral note of freesia becomes more evident, adding a more profound depth to the overall fragrance. The nutty scent subtly weaves itself into the overall aroma, harmonizing with the fruity and floral notes. On the dry down, the sweet aroma of the vanilla becomes prominent, culminating in a balanced fusion of floral, fruity, and sweet notes. Overall, we find the scent is expertly balanced without any note overpowering the others.

Review of Zara Woman Freesia & Vanilla

Zara Woman Freesia & Vanilla by Zara, released in 2015, is a perfume primarily designed for women. It is a blend that leans heavily into a sweet, fruity, and floral scent profile, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate these scent categories.

Freesia and Vanilla are prominent notes, offering a pleasing mix of floral freshness and sweet allure. While it is not the most enduring of fragrances, it does offer a moderate longevity that should suffice for a few hours during leisure activities.

In terms of sillage, be aware that it is rather light and will stay close to the skin. This makes it less likely to leave a strong scent trail.

This perfume aligns well with the fall season, complementing the richness and warmth of this time of year. The value proposition is subjective and would largely depend on personal preferences regarding scent profile and performance.

While Zara Woman Freesia & Vanilla may not meet all expectations, it offers a decent fragrance experience for women who favor sweet, fruity, and floral notes.

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