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Serrano 23 Madrid by Zara

Serrano 23 Madrid by Zara
Gender: Women
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Serrano 23 Madrid

What Does Serrano 23 Madrid Smell Like

The scent of Zara's Serrano 23 Madrid opens with a definitive citrus aroma, likely attributed to the presence of bergamot. Upon further examination, you will notice a distinct green and fresh scent, suggesting an underlying synthetic fruity accord. As the initial citrus fades, sweet and floral undertones surface, most likely a blend of rose and iris. These floral notes provide a subtle balance to the overall freshness. Amber's faint scent is barely noticeable, but it's essential for the fragrance's structure. We found this perfume to be a mix of sweet, green, fresh, floral, and citrus elements, giving it a rather complex scent profile, despite its dominating fruity category.

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