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Beaver by Zoologist

Beaver by Zoologist
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Chris Bartlett
Brand: Zoologist

What Does Beaver Smell Like

Beaver by Zoologist opens with a strong, vibrant green aroma underscored by a crisp, airy feel. At this initial stage, the scent evokes a vivid image of lush landscapes, with hints of linden blossom lending a subtle, floral touch amidst the dominant green and woodsy tones.

As the fragrance settles, the airiness remains but is joined by an aquatic element that introduces a fresh, slightly moist sensation. The presence of musk adds a layer of soft sensuality while the dry woods note infuses a mild yet noticeable earthy depth to the heart of the perfume.

In its final stages, Beaver reveals a ripe, animalistic scent through the prominent musk combined with the intriguing castoreum. This darker, primal quality is softened by whispers of dark woods and leather, which bring a touch of aged sophistication. The vanillic sweetness subtly peeks through the base, while the amber adds a warm, resinous glow.

All in all, Beaver by Zoologist paints a scent picture that is as dynamic as nature itself - green and fresh at first, evolving into a sensual, earthy spell, and finally settling into a warm, primal whisper.

Review of Beaver

Zoologist's Beaver shines its spotlight on the green, woody freshness of nature. Although it's a unisex perfume, it gravitates slightly more towards the masculine side, offering a scent that's a refreshing change from the common florals and spices in many male fragrances. The aquatic twist in the scent enhances its freshness, making it fit perfectly into the leisurely days of spring and summer.

Given its animal notes, Beaver isn't afraid to explore the wilder side of nature. However, it does this subtly, ensuring it doesn't overpower the other components. The perfume beautifully combines its natural elements with a slight hint of leather, making it a good fit for those who want a scent that's different but not too daring.

Despite its freshness, Beaver is also a perfume that lasts. It's a scent that will accompany you throughout your day without fading away. However, the scent isn't too overpowering, providing a gentle aromatic presence that won't intrude on those around you.

However, Beaver could have done a bit more on the value front. It's a great fragrance, but there are others on the market offering similar quality at a more competitive price.

Overall, Beaver by Zoologist is a refreshing option for those who want a scent that's green, fresh, and subtly wild. It's a perfume that beautifully captures the essence of nature, making it perfect for those who want a refreshing, different, but not too daring scent.

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