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Chipmunk by Zoologist

Chipmunk by Zoologist
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Pia Long
Brand: Zoologist

Key Notes of Chipmunk

What Does Chipmunk Smell Like

Chipmunk by Zoologist wafts off the skin with a distinct aroma of earthy nutmeg and crisp quince, subtly underscored by cardamom's warmth and pink pepper's zesty spice. A whisper of tangy red mandarin orange adds an unexpected citrus twist to the opening. As the scent unravels, the nutty heart begins to dominate. Hazelnut combined with a robust oak absolute gives an authentically woody and sweetly aromatic flavor. The scent is grounded with a hint of damp earthiness, the rawness of fir balsam absolute, and the soothing whisper of chamomile.

The dry down offers a tonal shift towards smooth, resinous benzoin and the dark, smoky essence of gaiac wood. Cedarwood lends a traditional and familiar woodiness, while opoponax adds a sweet balsamic touch. Patchouli and vetiver introduce their green, earthy charm into the composition, fortifying the base with depth and texture. Amyris brings a subtle, creamy woodiness and the animalic notes adds a hint of intrigue. They provide an abstract hint suggestive of the wilderness, concluding Chipmunk by Zoologist with a nuanced and complex finish.

Review of Chipmunk

Chipmunk by Zoologist, launched in 2021, is a fragrance that makes a bold statement. Geared towards a slightly more male audience, this unisex scent also appeals to a broad spectrum of ages and proves versatile for different occasions, from a casual outing to a business meeting.

The essence of this perfume is largely woody, with an undercurrent of spiciness. The top notes of nutmeg and cardamom give it an initial kick, while the heart notes, prominently hazelnut and oak absolute, add depth and interest.

The perfume opens with a warm, spicy zing that feels quite invigorating. As it settles, the woody and earthy notes become more pronounced, grounding the fragrance and giving it a reassuring solidity. The creamy and gourmand elements lend it a delicious, almost edible quality without veering into overly sweet territory. The touch of animal notes in the base adds an interesting twist, making Chipmunk a bit more daring than your average scent.

However, it loses some points in the longevity department. It doesn't stick around as long as some might like, which can be a letdown for those who prefer their fragrance to last all day. The sillage is also modest, making it a subtle rather than show-stopping presence.

As for the value, it's a bit of a mixed bag. While the scent is distinctive and appealing, it may not be enough to justify the cost for some.

Overall, Chipmunk is a well-crafted fragrance that takes the wearer on an unexpected olfactory journey, blending traditional woody elements with fresh spices and an edgy animalic twist. It's not for everyone, but those who appreciate something different will find it quite appealing.

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