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Cow by Zoologist

Cow by Zoologist
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zoologist

Key Notes of Cow

What Does Cow Smell Like

The fragrance Cow by Zoologist opens with a vibrant, crisp apple aroma that shares the stage with a subtle hint of sage. The scent is not overpowering but manages to make itself known in a refreshing and welcoming way. As the scent matures on the skin, the creaminess of milk takes over, creating a soothing and warm aura that perfectly compliments the cool apple from the opening. The floral accents shine through next, with the sweet scent of heliotrope and violet swirling around in an intoxicating dance, lightly supported by the faint whispers of jasmine and lily of the valley.

As the scent continues to evolve, it moves towards a more earthy and rich undertone. Cedarwood makes a clear statement, while the musk lends a softness and depth to the base. The amber and vetiver provide a hint of warmth and earthiness, while the benzoin lends a touch of sweet vanilla-like resinous aroma. Overall, the fragrance of 'Cow by Zoologist' offers a mesmerising journey from fresh and fruity to creamy and floral, ending in a warm and earthy base. It's a complex scent that feels like a breath of fresh country air, infused with the essence of nature itself.

Review of Cow

Zoologist's Cow perfume, released in 2022, is a unisex fragrance that presents a curious blend of floral, green, and fresh notes, with a hint of sweet creaminess. It's a scent that seems to have been crafted with the spring and summer seasons in mind, encapsulating the essence of a lush meadow blooming under the sun.

The prominent notes of apple and sage at its introduction set a refreshing and slightly herbal tone, which then gives way to a comforting creaminess in its heart, thanks to the presence of milk. The subtle presence of woody base notes adds a grounding element to the fragrance, preventing it from becoming overly sweet or cloying.

Interestingly, despite being a unisex perfume, it seems to appeal more to women. Perhaps this is due to its floral notes, or the creamy sweetness that underpins the fragrance. Regardless, men also find its fresh and green aspects appealing, making this a versatile perfume that could fit into many a fragrance wardrobe.

The longevity seems to be average, and the sillage isn't overpowering. It's a perfume that's suitable for those looking for a scent that feels personal and intimate, rather than one that fills a room. However, it seems to fall a bit short in terms of value, considering its performance and the price point.

In terms of occasion, Cow by Zoologist is suitable for both daily wear and leisure activities. It has a certain laid-back and easy-going vibe that is perfect for relaxed days out in the sun.

In conclusion, Cow is a fragrance that presents a rather unusual yet appealing combination of notes. It's not a perfume for everyone, but those who enjoy florals with a fresh, creamy twist might find this to be an interesting addition to their collection.

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