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Hummingbird by Zoologist

zoologist hummingbird
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Brand: Zoologist

Key Notes of Hummingbird

What Does Hummingbird Smell Like

Hummingbird by Zoologist is a unisex perfume with a predominantly floral scent, accompanied by fruity and sweet nuances. The fragrance opens with a bouquet of lilac and violet leaf, complemented by lighter notes of apple, cherry, lily of the valley, pear, and a subtle hint of citrus and rose. As the perfume develops, the middle notes reveal a rich honey and honeysuckle accord, balanced by the presence of ylang-ylang, mimosa, peony, and tulip.

The base of Hummingbird features blond woods and musk, providing a gentle woody undertone and enhancing the overall scent with a touch of warmth. Amber, coumarin, and sandalwood contribute to the subtle complexity, while the cream and moss notes add a velvety smoothness and freshness to the composition. The green and fresh elements in this fragrance are skillfully interwoven to create a scent that is diverse, intriguing, and easy to appreciate.

In summary, Hummingbird by Zoologist is a floral-forward perfume with hints of fruit, sweet, green, and creamy accords, creating a unique and multifaceted fragrance experience.

Review of Hummingbird

Hummingbird, a unisex fragrance by Zoologist, radiates a predominantly floral essence, followed by fruity, sweet, and green undertones. It is a versatile scent that gracefully adapts to various occasions, from leisurely activities to business meetings. However, this fragrance particularly appeals to women and younger individuals, with a slightly lesser inclination towards men and older users.

As a scent suitable for all genders, Hummingbird demonstrates a balance in its composition. With moderate sillage, it provides a noticeable yet not overpowering presence, while its longevity ensures the fragrance remains present throughout the day. The perfume shines during spring and summer, with a respectable performance in the fall, but less so in the colder winter months.

While Hummingbird offers a slightly above-average overall scent experience, its value may be perceived as somewhat lower than its competitors, making it a less budget-friendly option for some. The perfume's versatility across diverse occasions, from casual outings to more formal events, compensates for this aspect, making it a practical addition to any fragrance collection.

In conclusion, Hummingbird by Zoologist is an adaptable and balanced unisex fragrance with a floral, fruity, and sweet character. It is particularly suitable for women and younger users who appreciate a scent that can transition effortlessly between various occasions and seasons, except for the coldest months. Its moderate sillage and longevity contribute to a pleasant and lasting presence. However, budget-conscious consumers might find its value slightly lacking compared to other options.

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