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Hyrax by Zoologist

Hyrax by Zoologist
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zoologist

What Does Hyrax Smell Like

Hyrax by Zoologist presents a distinctive aromatic journey, starting with the spicy bite of pink pepper and the warm, slightly bitter tang of saffron. Yet these spicy nuances soon give way to the calming fragrance of Turkish rose, intertwining with the zesty tones of elemi resin. As the top notes settle, a core of hyraceum emerges, lending a potent, animalistic essence. This leathery, primal scent is complimented by the intense, smoky notes of styrax, an intriguing contrast to the floral freshness of hyacinth. A subtle hint of whiskey permeates the heart, adding a boozy, comforting undertone.

As the perfume starts to dry down on the skin, a range of earthy and resinous base notes become apparent. The raw and musky aroma of castoreum is prominent, but the sweet, warm notes of amber and the robust scent of patchouli manage to soften its intensity. The almost leathery smell of civet pairs well with the deep, woody fragrance of sandalwood. The balsamic sweetness of benzoin and the comforting aroma of tonka bean seamlessly blend, giving the perfume a final touch of richness and depth. Overall, Hyrax presents a bold, resinous, animalistic, and earthy scent narrative.

Review of Hyrax

Hyrax by Zoologist is a daring perfume that ventures into unconventional territory with its profound animal instincts. Designed to appeal to a wide range of individuals, it strikes a chord most with mature men who enjoy a scent that is as complex as they are.

A first spritz of Hyrax greets you with a powerful concoction of Elemi resin, a hint of Turkish rose, Saffron, and Pink pepper. These ingredients harmonize in a way that doesn't shy away from asserting its dominance. The scent then transitions into the animalistic heart of Hyraceum and Styrax, which evoke the primal, raw aspect of nature.

As the evening progresses, the base notes of Castoreum, Amber, and Civet emerge, providing a leathery, earthy aroma that is undeniable. These grounding notes linger long into the night, a testament to the perfume's impressive staying power. The perfume's sillage is impressive as well; it leaves an enigmatic trail that turns heads and draws attention.

Suited best for chilly fall and winter nights, Hyrax is a companion for those cozy evenings by the fireplace. It feels most at home during a casual evening out or a relaxed night-time gathering. However, it may not be the best fit for a formal business setting or a blistering summer day, as it can come across as too intense.

While the price point might be a tad high for some, this perfume offers a distinctive scent profile that is hard to find elsewhere, which can make it worth the splurge for those seeking a unique olfactory experience.

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