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Nightingale by Zoologist

Nightingale by Zoologist
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Brand: Zoologist

Key Notes of Nightingale

What Does Nightingale Smell Like

Nightingale by Zoologist opens with a crisp, bright scent, reminiscent of fresh citrus fruits. The bergamot and lemon notes really stand out, offering a zesty tanginess to the blend. A hint of saffron adds an earthy spice that's subtle yet detectable.

As the perfume unfolds, it reveals a heart of diverse floral essences. The prominent scent of red roses comes forward, rich and velvety. This is paired with the softer fragrance of ume blossom and a light touch of violets. This combination results in a bouquet that's simultaneously robust and delicate.

The base of the fragrance is anchored by the soothing aroma of white musk, which lends a clean, powdery feel to the composition. Moss adds a touch of earthiness while ambergris lends a sweet, almost marine quality. Labdanum, oud, and patchouli bring in an element of warm resinous depth, contrasting yet complementing the brighter top and middle notes. The scent ends with a hint of creamy sandalwood and a whisper of incense-like frankincense.

In essence, Nightingale by Zoologist is a complex and layered fragrance. It takes the wearer on a journey from an invigorating citrus and spice combination, through a lush floral heart, and into a warm, musky base with resonant, woody undertones.

Review of Nightingale

Nightingale by Zoologist is a bold foray into the realm of unisex perfumes. Released in 2016, it has garnered significant popularity among women, although the fragrance does not shy away from appealing to men as well. The initial impression is an invigorating blend of bergamot and lemon, followed by a heart of red rose and ume blossom that carries an inherent romance.

Despite its floral dominance, Nightingale offers a delightful twist with a hint of spice and powdery nuances. The scent profile is complex and it's not just another floral perfume. There is a certain depth and maturity to it that makes it particularly appealing to the older demographic, yet it's versatile enough for younger individuals who appreciate a less conventional scent.

The perfume's longevity is particularly notable, a trait which many users appreciate. It lingers well throughout the day without being overly intrusive, making it suitable for a variety of occasions, whether it's a leisurely day out or an evening event. However, its strength may not be to everyone's tastes, as it leans towards a more assertive fragrance.

Unfortunately, its price point may be a barrier for some, despite the overall quality of the perfume. It's not a budget option, but for those willing to invest, it offers a distinctive and memorable aroma.

Nightingale is best suited to the spring and fall months, where its rich floral notes and spicy undertones can truly bloom. Regardless of the season, those who prefer a scent that strays from the typical and dares to be different might find Nightingale well worth a try.

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