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Seahorse by Zoologist

Seahorse by Zoologist
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zoologist

What Does Seahorse Smell Like

Seahorse by Zoologist opens with a striking mix of ambrette seed absolute and fennail. The ambrette seed absolute lends warmth while the fennail brings a slight bitterness to the scent. The Guatemala cardamom presence isn't as pronounced, but it adds a welcome hint of spice, subtly lingering in the backdrop.

As the perfume starts to settle, the middle notes come into play. Clary sage takes the lead, offering a slightly herbal and aromatic undertone. Tuberose, though less assertive, imparts a soft floral touch, blending beautifully with the crisp, citrusy hit of neroli.

In the dry down, the scent transforms with the dominant algae absolute. With its earthy, green essence, it captures the feeling of a calm sea. This aquatic accord is warmed up by the ambergris, adding depth and richness. Meanwhile, the vetiver subtly peeks through, providing an earthy, woody finish.

Overall, Seahorse by Zoologist is a refreshing perfume that takes you on an olfactory journey. Its aquatic and fresh notes are punctuated with hints of spiciness, florals, and sweetness, capturing the complexity of marine life in a bottle.

Review of Seahorse

Zoologist's Seahorse, a 2021 release, offers a scent that's as intriguing as its namesake. The fragrance is a unisex perfume, with a slightly higher inclination towards men. It's a sophisticated blend with a leaning towards aquatic and fresh scent profiles, making it a perfect companion for the warmer seasons, particularly spring and summer.

The ambrette seed and fennel in the top notes lend a refreshing, spicy kick to the fragrance, intertwining seamlessly with the notable heart notes of clary sage. This combination provides an interesting dimension to Seahorse, veering away from conventional floral and sweet scents. The base notes, with algae absolute, give a unique marine signature to the perfume, making it reminiscent of a beachside getaway.

Seahorse is a more casual perfume, perfectly suited for leisure times and everyday wear. Despite its casual vibe, it can work surprisingly well in a business setting. The perfume's longevity is satisfactory, lasting through a good part of the day, and the sillage is decent, leaving a subtle trail rather than a overpowering cloud.

However, Seahorse might not be the first choice for those who prefer robust, intense fragrances. Its aquatic freshness could be perceived as too gentle for some, and it may not be the best fit for colder months or more formal evening events. Additionally, the value proposition could be improved; the quality is commendable, but the price may be a point of contention for some.

In conclusion, Zoologist's Seahorse is a fine choice for those who appreciate delicate, fresh fragrances with a hint of the sea. Its unique aquatic profile makes it stand out from more typical offerings, despite some minor setbacks. It's a perfume that embodies the serenity and tranquility of a seahorse in its natural habitat.

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