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Snowy Owl by Zoologist

Snowy Owl by Zoologist
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zoologist

Key Notes of Snowy Owl

What Does Snowy Owl Smell Like

Snowy Owl by Zoologist opens with a crisp mint note that invokes a sense of freshness. This cool and clean fragrance is quickly followed by a gentle touch of coconut, adding a slightly tropical nuance. The scent of fresh snow intertwines with delicate lily of the valley, creating an atmosphere that is both green and floral.

As the top notes subside, the heart of the perfume reveals an earthy iris. It is underpinned by the green aroma of galbanum and the mild tang of maté. A subtle touch of snowdrop enhances the floral facet, while slight traces of frankincense and white rose lend a mild powdery texture.

The dry down unfolds with the soft, musky scent of ambrette, paired with a hint of animalistic civet. Cedar and oakmoss introduce a touch of woodiness, grounded by the sweet warmth of tonka bean and vanilla. Overall, Snowy Owl exudes a fresh, earthy and floral aroma that is both calming and invigorating.

Review of Snowy Owl

Zoologist's Snowy Owl is a thoughtful ode to the earthy, fresh essence of the wild North. Launched in 2021, this unisex fragrance sails on a minty breeze, conjuring images of icy landscapes softened by fresh snowfall.

Snowy Owl's scent profile leans towards the earthy and green spectrum. It presents a subtle freshness, reminiscent of a spring morning, yet it carries a potency that would be an excellent companion during the cool embrace of fall or the chilly depths of winter. Its gentle floral and powdery notes add a hint of elegance, while the woody and animalistic undertones ground it, making it a perfume that doesn't shy away from its natural inspirations.

The fragrance, being a unisex scent, appeals slightly more to the male audience. Its earthy core combined with a fresh overlay may resonate with men who appreciate a scent that's close to nature yet maintains a contemporary edge. However, it's also appreciated by women who enjoy a fragrance that's not typically floral or sweet.

Despite its clear strengths, Snowy Owl does have its limitations. Its sillage, for instance, may not be as powerful as some might desire. The fragrance, while lasting a reasonable duration, may need a touch-up throughout the day to maintain its presence.

Snowy Owl, with its relaxed leisurely vibe, is perfect for those quiet moments of reflection or a laid-back evening at home. Its value, though not the highest, is justified by its blend of intriguing notes that create a scent quite unlike any other.

In conclusion, Zoologist's Snowy Owl is a genuine and innovative perfume, paying homage to the compelling freshness of the wilderness.

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