What Does Amber Smell Like?

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If you’re a perfume fanatic, you’ve probably tried fragrances with amber. However, while this is an incredibly popular perfume note, not everyone would instantly recognize it in a complex composition. So, what does amber smell like? I’m about to take you on an amber-scented journey that will tantalize your senses. 

What is amber?

Amber is one of the most widely used scents in the perfume industry, but what exactly is it?

Quite simply, amber is a form of resin. 

Trees produce this resin to protect themselves when they are injured. Amber is one type of resin that will solidify to become an orangey stone over the course of millions of years. That is not to be confused with ambergris, which is a wax-like substance produced by whales. Once widely used in fragrance, almost all ambergris is now synthetically produced to remain ethical. 

What is amber made of?

If amber is a type of hardened resin, how on earth does that work when it comes to making a liquid perfume?

While perfumers can grind down the millions of years old resin and mix it with a carrier oil, this is often expensive. 

In perfumes, it is very rare to find actual amber. Most fragrance companies will make a synthetic blend to create the scent that we all recognize as amber. This can include various notes, but most typically, things like vanilla, patchouli, benzoin, and labdanum are used. 

Where does amber come from?

We know that trees produce amber but not all trees create the same type of resin. 

Amber primarily comes from conifers and pine trees. But because amber takes such a long time to fully form, this might mean that the trees from which it was produced are long extinct. While most amber is thought to be around 90 million years old, one discovered sample is believed to have been more than 320 million years old.

It is important to note that some other species of trees may produce amber.

What is amber good for?

Amber is widely used in fragrances and its essential oil does have many benefits. However, you will also find hard amber used in crystal healing practices. In any form, it is said to have several advantages. 

Primarily, amber is known to be very calming. For those who suffer from anxiety or a busy mind, diffusing amber oil can help you to relax. This is to do with a link created between the limbic system and the olfactory system. 

Moreover, the amber essential oil may help to boost your libido and has traditionally been used to help with the male sex drive. There is also some suggestion that regular exposure to amber scents may improve the overall health of the reproductive system. 

It would appear that amber has direct links to many goings-on in the brain and improved cognition is another benefit of this fragrance. As a result of this, stress is typically lowered, which can positively impact your overall health and ability to resist degenerative conditions. Furthermore, amber oil is thought to aid the correct functioning of the immune system as it boosts white blood cell production. 

If you suffer from heart problems such as palpitations, amber oil may be beneficial due to the antispasmodic properties. As a direct result of improved heart health, regular exposure to the oil could lower your risk of future problems.

What does amber smell like?

It is difficult to imagine that a hard resin would have a scent, but just imagine that it would have been quite potent when it was soft. 

In a fragrance sense, amber is a warm and rich note that is often used to create Oriental perfumes. Using amber will give a fragrance an almost exotic vibe and can feel incredibly luxurious. The scent is sweet and powdery and features a delicate spiciness. 

Some of the best amber perfumes

1. Prada Amber Pour Homme

Prada Amber Pour Homme

For men who want an elegant and non-aggressive fragrance that remains masculine, Prada Amber Pour Homme might be just what they have been looking for. This gentle and well-balanced fragrance would do well when worn by a sophisticated, kind guy with a gentle personality. 

That said, notes of myrrh, musk, labdanum, and saffron allow you to retain a certain air of mystery. While I would suggest this as more of a fall into winter fragrance, the uplifting citrus notes at the head do lend this to being suitable to springtime too. 

2. Michael Kors Sexy Amber

Michael Kors Sexy Amber

Part of a broader collection of products, Sexy Amber perfume comes presented in a simple yet striking bottle that hints at the chic, sensual fragrance within. There is not a complex blend of notes but simply amber complemented by sandalwood and white flowers. If you like a warm yet straightforward scent, Sexy Amber will be right up your alley. 

The fragrance is versatile enough to be worn daily but sensual enough to show off your passionate side. Sexy Amber is a much more youthful and vibrant take on amber-scented perfume and would suit a young woman in the prime of her life. 

3. Haramain Amber Oud Gold Edition

Haramain Amber Oud Gold Edition

Where luxury is concerned, the matte gold finish on the bottle of Amber Oud by Haramain is the epitome of luxe. But this is still a surprisingly affordable fragrance that has a composition suitable for all occasions. 

A very sweet and fresh perfume, Amber Oud opens with citrus and green notes before moving through melon, pineapple, and amber at the heart. If you like amber but want it to be a little less traditional, this blend would suit you well. 

The warm, sweet base of musk, vanilla, and woody notes leaves a rich, indulgent, yet not offensive trail throughout the day. 

4. Zara Black Amber

Zara Black Amber

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Often compared to D&G The One, Black Amber is a much sweeter and more youthful version of the designer fragrance. Yet, despite this comparison, it still manages to remain a unique and unmistakable fragrance.

The accords used in Black Amber are simple yet effective with amber alongside Tiare flower, vanilla, passionfruit, and tangerine. This composition lends this to being a perfect fall perfume that will work well with your lessened body heat as the weather starts to draw a chill. 

I can imagine wearing this on a crisp fall afternoon, baking cookies, and sipping warm tea by the fire as the sun begins to set. It’s romantic and comforting all in one. 

5. Ajmal Amber Wood

Ajmal Amber Wood

From the Signature Collection, Amber Wood is a fragrance that screams luxury and class. For evening wear and a noticeable yet chic fragrance on a special occasion, there isn’t an amber fragrance I would recommend more. 

Amber Wood opens with apple and lavender, unique and instantly refreshing. This moves down into middle notes of cedar and orris, which dry down to a rich amber and patchouli base. This may be a traditional blend, but this perfume is ideal for those who want that unmistakable amber comfort

Suited to more mature ladies and gentlemen, Amber Wood is undoubtedly a statement. With excellent longevity and a projection that seems to fill a room, you won’t go unnoticed. 

6. Roja Dove Amber Aoud

Roja Dove Amber Aoud

Have you been searching for an evening perfume that is unique and complex? If you have, Amber Aoud by Roja Dove is unashamedly forward and rich. This is a very luxurious fragrance but one that would suit an outgoing and confident guy or girl of any age. 

A citrus head meets a heart of rose, ylang-ylang, fig, and jasmine for something intensely floral. The base brings together an impressive array of notes, including civet, oud, ambergris, cinnamon, patchouli, and saffron. Just one spray of this intense fragrance will let everyone know that you have entered the room, so hold your head high and prepare to feel like a million dollars.

7. Tom Ford Amber Absolute

Tom Ford Amber Absolute

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Amber Absolute is a heady and rich amber fragrance from Tom Ford that feels like getting into a natural hot spring; it’s warm and divine.

This isn’t a fragrance that I would recommend for everyday wear since it is so intense, but there’s not much else that speaks as loudly as Amber Absolute for those special occasions. The blend is immaculate with amber meeting incense, vanilla, olibanum, labdanum, and woody notes for something familiar yet unique.

Amber Absolute would work well for a more mature man or woman with an outgoing yet tamed personality. 

8. Creed White Amber

Creed White Amber

Presented in a regal bottle, White Amber is a surprisingly fresh yet warm amber perfume for men and women. The fragrance begins with sweet fruity notes before drying through a heart of jasmine and benzoin. The base is simple; amber and sandalwood for that almost nostalgic aroma that so many people love. 

White Amber is sweet and creamy; ideal for those who are young or young at heart. It works well at any time of year, thanks to the diverse blend of fruits and richer notes. But just keep in mind that White Amber is not backward in coming forwards, and a little really does go a long way. 

9. Chopard Amber Malaki

Chopard Amber Malaki

Amber Malaki is a rich and enticing fragrance for women and men that has an intensely mysterious vibe. Not only does the bottle suggest mystery and luxury, but the scent itself does so effortlessly. 

In this perfume, amber comes together with papyrus, orange blossom, vanilla, incense, and labdanum; and these notes aren’t afraid to get noticed. The projection on Amber Malaki is intense, which makes it perfect for cooler weather. Moreover, you’ll find that this is a fragrance that grabs attention in a crowded room. 

For something that says ‘confident and classy”, Amber Malaki should be your go-to fragrance. 

10. S. T. Dupont Royal Amber

S. T. Dupont Royal Amber

This is a fragrance inspired by palaces in the Middle East, and it delivers this message perfectly. Royal Amber is a perfume for men and women who want to show off their elegant side with intoxicating and rich accords. 

Yet, with elegance comes a profoundly sensual and passionate vibe with leather and oud sitting alongside cedar and saffron. But there is a sweeter note of red berries that brings everything together in a heady and inviting mix. 

Royal Amber is a great fall fragrance, and owing to its intensity and enormous sillage, I’d recommend this for moments where you want to stand out.

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