Best Bond No 9 Cologne For Men

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Bond No 9 offers a wide range of fragrances for men, from woody to citrus to floral scents. They have scents ranging from light and breezy to rich and powerful so there’s something for every personality. 

Bond No 9 is unique in that it pays tribute to New York through its fragrance. A colorful package and innovative scents are used to immortalize New York landmarks and geography.

The current best seller? In this blog post, we’re going to review some of the best-selling Bond No 9 colognes for men and see what sets them apart from other colognes on the market today. Let’s find out!

Best Selling Bond No 9 Men’s Colognes

1. Bond No 9 The Scent Of Peace For Him – Best Seller For Men

Bond No 9 The Scent Of Peace For Him

I can’t wait for you to try this aromatic scent. The Scent of Peace for Him is one of Bond No 9’s best-selling men’s colognes. It is a masculine fragrant blend that has me totally intrigued. Notes include pineapple, juniper berries, and bergamot to spice things up with the bold currant buds composing middle notes. This fragrance will not only leave your head in peace but make you feel at home everywhere as well with cedar and vetiver base notes. This masculine fragrance is designed for the man with a busy day who needs just a little something to help take his mind off all of those stresses and worries. The Scent of Peace for Him brings together various calming fruity notes like bergamot citrus and juniper berries which represent your inner peace during an intense work week.

2. Bond No 9 Bleecker Street – Best Selling Unisex Cologne

Bond No 9 Bleecker Street

The Bond No. 9 Bleecker Street is everything but a simple perfume, it’s the scent of a romantic night out in The Big Apple. Imagine walking along the street as you indulge in everything around you- art, fashion, and dessert. With sweet floral notes such as violet leaf and jasmine, before dipping into cinnamon and patchouli for that spice kick to drive away from the chill on New York mornings. The delicate combination of oakmoss topped up with just enough vanilla and caramel provides warmth without being heavy; ensuring it’s perfect for an evening stroll through town when the temperature drops below zero degrees. The scent of this unisex perfume is fresh, woody, and mossy, and therefore more popular with men. The green violet leaf is so prominent in this fragrance, which makes Bond No. 9 Bleecker Street deliciously addicting.

3. Bond No 9 New York Nights

Bond No 9 New York Nights

There’s something about New York City. The lights, the pace, the pulse of it all–that feeling that you can accomplish absolutely anything in this city. You wander through Central Park at sunset and pause to revel in stunning Midtown lit up against a backdrop of skyscrapers competing for your gaze. Bond No 9 accurately captures the New York spirit with this city-inspired fragrance. It’s intense and it’s radiant, making you feel just as excited as exploring Manhattan at night. The smell of a cold winter night with a warm drink in hand is what makes staying up all hours worthwhile and that’s exactly what this amber vanilla scent will make you want to do on any given day.

There’s never been anything quite like New York Nights. This unique fragrance begins as a sensual floral with top notes of jasmine, gardenia, and carnation that are perfectly offset by the warm heart of patchouli, sandalwood, and marine accord. The base features coffee and caramel for an extraordinary finish that balances richness with softness. Graceful but electric. Subtle but provocative. Classy but confident. 

4. Bond No 9 TriBeCa – Unisex

Bond No 9 Tribeca

You’re not just a city dweller; you’re an urbanite, and when it comes to the perfect scent, you know what you want. TriBeCa is your new everyday fragrance: fresh with notes of cacao (for that extra sweetness), hazelnut, jasmine sambac, and cedarwood as well as hints of caramel and moss. Tribeca is a unisex scent with a masculine start and a feminine finish. You can wear this wherever you go without any need for fussiness–whether on your way to work or out for dinner with friends, keep calm and carry TriBeCa around.

5. Bond No 9 Wall Street

Bond No 9 Wall Street

The world’s first securities parfum encapsulates Wall Street with an undeniable zesty scent layered with a portfolio of distinguished citrus, marine, and herbaceous notes. This specific mixture creates a true mirror image of the high-energy environment that represents Wall Street. Cucumber, lavender, ambergris, and vetiver are mixed with sea kale to give you a day-to-night scent. If the mountain air isn’t your thing, but you’re still craving freshness after that daily commute, make Wall Street your cologne. 

Wall Street is one of those scents that smells perfect for the office. It doesn’t smell like you’re trying too hard, but it leaves just enough of an impression to make you feel respectable when things start getting a little bit sticky around the office. It’s also great for going on a blind date with: you can be confident and optimistic without smelling too tempting. Slight hints of aquatic notes will give your date something intriguing and fresh to think about all night long.

6. Bond No 9 Sutton Place

Bond No 9 Sutton Place

This beautiful scent begins with crisp cassis, ripe bergamot, tangy tangerine lines up neatly at every turn before finally introducing itself. Then it opens up into full bloom for one inviting jolt of luscious pink pepper coupled with a lush pineapple and fresh gardenia. The strongest most lasting notes are always unforgettable so they’re here as well: deep patchouli mingles beautifully with creamy-like jasmine while amber laced Lily of the Valley adds a comforting finish.

What can I say about Sutton Place that the notes don’t already communicate? The scent is aromatic and inviting. If you are an adventurous man who wants to make his lady friends swoon; this fragrance will take you places.

7. Bond No 9 Chez Bond – Best Smelling Cologne

Bond No 9 Chez Bond

I’m a classic fragrance guy who’s looking for something to suit my lifestyle. I go with what works and Chez Bond by Bond No 9 fits the bill. This leather-look, reptile skin bottle is designed for men and it smells so good I’m sure you’ll want to try it out on your own skin. There are notes of bergamot, absolute cassis, pineapple, jasmine, lily, patchouli, amber & musk. When things heat up in the office this one will lift your spirits.

I recommend this aromatic fougere fragrance for confident men that are trying to make a good impression at the office or those new in town and trying to meet new friends who can help you get on the right track. This scent is sophisticated but not overpowering so it’s fun to wear during warm weather months. In my opinion, this fragrance is one of Bond No. 9’s best smelling colognes. 

8. Bond No 9 New Haarlem

Bond No 9 New Haarlem

With a name like New Haarlem and notes that invokes both the urban energy of Manhattan and the pastoral calm of the country, you can capture both worlds with one fragrance. It never gets too garish or too sultry, just crisp enough to start off your mornings the right way.

Our first impression upon smelling this one was that Bond No 9 had managed to release the perfect winter scent. The sweet, earthy coffee note mixes perfectly with the bitter patchouli and they both mix well with a slightly spicy cedar as well. If you love a sweet earthy cologne then you’ll love the way New Haarlem smells – spicy and woody with a hint of coffee. A bold, innovative scent that is equal parts feminine and masculine.

9. Bond No 9 New York Oud

Bond No 9 New York Oud

Bond No 9 New York Oud is the fragrance that embodies NYC–it’s a sexy masculine aroma with feminine undertones. The spicy, sweet floral mix of notes brings to mind all the city has to offer. It has something for everyone. 

New York Oud creates a sensual mood with fruity, ambery undertones. Step into the hidden world of Middle Eastern mystique and find yourself in possession of something that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s a fragrance for those who are not afraid to go after what they desire. The essence of New York and its reckless abandon meets the sensual richness of rose and amber in this amazing perfume. New York Oud is a scent for those who love the city and thrive on contagious energy. With its florals, but also spicy-sweet musk and vetiver notes, the scents combine to form an aroma of sophistication and power.

All in all, New York Oud is perfect from morning to night–whether you’re headed out on Saturday afternoon with a bag slung over your shoulder, or running out the door on a Monday morning to start your workweek.

10. Bond No 9 Hamptons

Bond No 9 Hamptons

The name says it all. Bond No 9 Hamptons is an aquatic, floral fragrance that can provide an immediate sense of “love at first scent.” Giving off a clean and refreshing oceanic aroma, this Bond No 9 cologne has the ability to transport you into your own world – one in which you feel relaxed, happy, and comfortable. All crisp white cotton curtains and salty air today.

The scent is luscious: vibrant floral notes mixed with woody musk powerhouse making you smell absolutely divine after every spray. Whether it’s for a weekend getaway, date night, or just to feel good on the weekends, Hamptons is the go-to scent. It embodies everything I love about summer. 

This unisex fragrance is strong enough to last all day long without causing a headache; it can be worn year-round but is essentially a spring and summer day cologne. With pretty good longevity on this one people will be impressed with how well you smell fresh hours after getting out of the shower.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Bond No 9 Cologne

As a niche fragrance, Bond No 9 colognes are made especially for the selective type who wants to wear something bold and unique. Whether you are shopping online or in-store, follow this simple guide to choosing the right Bond No 9 cologne for you.

There are four main scent families including fresh, floral, oriental, and woody. Your selection will come down to personal taste i.e. what mood you are in and where you want to wear the cologne. Bond No 9 colognes are known to put emphasis on fresh and floral notes.

So if you are looking for a fresh scent that will have your spirits lifted the entire day, look nowhere else but at Bond No 9 Wall Street and Bond No Hamptons for perfect spring and summer days. Then you have a perfect combination of floral, fruity with ambery undertones with Bond No 9 New York Oud. While Bond No 9 is the perfect winter cologne that is sweet and earthy, Bond No 9 Chez Bond is clean and fresh, classy and casual, ideal for warm weather months. 

Do amber, vanilla, coffee, and caramel remind you of cold winter nights? If you love these scents you will also love Bond No 9 New York Nights. And last, if you are looking for a warm, aromatic, and sensual cologne to impress everyone around you, try the Bond No 9 best-seller The Scent Of Peace For Him.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bond No 9 Cologne

What is the best smelling Bond No 9 cologne?

The best smelling Bond No 9 cologne will be your decision to make. However, In our opinion, the best smelling Bond 9 for men is Chez Bond, a scent ideal for warm weather months.

Why is Bond No 9 so expensive?

Bond No 9 makes some of the strongest perfumes on the market. This is because their perfumes have an 18-22% concentration of pure perfume oils, and some like Bond No 9 Signature have even 30% perfume oil concentration. This together with the superior quality of the colognes and the rare ingredients they are made of, are the reason why Bond 9 fragrances are so expensive.

How much does Bond Number 9 cost?

Depending on where you buy it from, a Bond Number 9 perfume can cost anywhere from $150 to $600 for a 100ml bottle.

How many Bond No 9 Fragrances are there?

There are 146 Bond 9 fragrances as of today. The last one was released in 2021.

Is Bond No 9 unisex?

Even though Bond No 9 makes fragrances for men and women, they also bring out unisex perfumes that are dedicated to both men and women.

Who makes Bond No 9?

Bond No 9 perfumes are made by Bond No 9 perfume house in collaboration with the founder Laurice Rahmer, Laurent Le Guernec, David Apel, Maurice Roucel, and many more perfumers.

Is Bond No 9 synthetic?

Bond No 9 perfumes contain synthetics and natural oils too.

Who owns Bond No 9?

Bond No 9 is an American perfume house launched by Laurice Rahmer in 2003. She is the founder and CEO,  but also a perfumer and the designer behind all Bond No 9 bottles.

The Story of Bond No 9

Bond No 9 is the first and only niche New York fragrance house, founded by Laurice Rahmer in 2003. Laurice wanted to create a different scent for the bold man and woman who are not afraid to try something new. The perfumer and designer were on a mission to create scents for each New York neighborhood. Today, Bond No 9 have five of their own boutiques and 2,000 wholesale outlets worldwide. Apart from fragrances, the brand sells candles, travel sprays, body creams, and limited edition bottles covered in Swarovski crystals.

Why people love Bond 9 fragrances 

Even though Bond No 9 fragrances have men’s and women’s collections, most can be considered unisex. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your girlfriend or wife likes to wear your Bond No 9 cologne too. Also, the brand offers customized consultation, which allows its customers to blend their own fragrance. These blenders are known as Bond Perfumistas.

What sets Bond No 9 apart from other perfume brands

There are many things that make Bond 9 distinctive. Bond 9 is the first and only New York niche fragrance house. Another trait that sets Bond No. 9 apart from other perfume brands is that they run a recycling program where customers are encouraged to bring empty bottles of any brand to their stores, and they give them gifts in return. Also, Bond No. 9 was the first fragrance house to produce civic scents. The Scent of Peace for Him and Her celebrates world peace while the unisex Liberty Island represents freedom and liberty.

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