Best Smelling Lychee Perfumes

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If, like me, you’re a fan of sweet, fresh fragrances then you’ve probably used perfumes with lychee scents before. But a lot of people aren’t familiar with this smell until they first discover it and then it’s guaranteed to be love at first sniff.

Since there are a lot of fruity, sweet perfumes that contain lychee, I wanted to make a list of some of the best. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for lychee luxe, there’ll be something juicy here that takes your fancy.

What Does Lychee Smell Like?

Litchi, which is commonly referred to as lychee, is a Chinese tropical fruit with a very sweet taste. Lychees also have a floral flavor to them and this is why their scent is often paired with soft floral fragrances like rose.

The scent of lychee is just as sweet as its edible flavor and has a fresh, juicy accord. Within the fragrance industry, lychee is often described as being either a floral fruity scent or a rose fruity scent.

When I think about the scent of lychee, it makes me feel happy. There’s something about the scent that’s uplifting and positive. When I wear a lychee perfume (keep reading to find out which ones are my favorites), many people comment that I smell ‘pleasant’. It is this one word that I think best describes the lychee scent.

Lychee is never offensive or overpowering and works well in floral fruity fragrances as well as in gourmand scents such as the ever popular Fantasy by Britney Spears where it’s paired with cupcake and white chocolate. I love it!

My 10 Favorite Lychee Perfumes

Lychee is a popular scent in many perfumes. There are several that I feel really stand out so take a look at my top 10 favorite lychee-scented perfumes.

1. Fresh Sugar Lychee Perfume

Fresh Sugar Lychee Perfume
Fresh Sugar Lychee Perfume

Lychee might seem like more of a girly scent but that’s where a lot of people are mistaken. Sugar Lychee is a unisex fragrance that fares amazingly well in summer. It bursts open with citruses before melting into a lychee heart. The base is warm and sweet with amber and tonka bean.

For me, Sugar Lychee is a youthful fragrance that suits someone with a carefree personality. It’s so easy to wear and has a delicate projection so it’s ideal for everyday wear.

HI have to mention that the lychee note in this perfume is not as obvious as in some other scents. If you’re looking for a perfume that merely contains lychee then this will be for you. But if you’re looking for a very strong lychee scent, try the next scent on my list, Lychee Rose by Mistral, which has a much more prominent lychee accord.

2. Mistral Lychee Rose

Mistral Lychee Rose
Mistral Lychee Rose

Lychee Rose is a superb lychee fragrance that combines delicate rose and a few woody notes that allow lychee to be the center of attention.

Lychee Rose is a women’s fragrance that comes in a cute bottle which reminds me of romance. It’s pretty fitting then that I’d recommend this perfume for dates or a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. The scent just makes me think of love.

There’s also a very outdoorsy vibe to Lychee Rose, almost like walking through a floral forest. Its lightness makes it ideal for summertime and the soft scent is perfect for times when you don’t want to go over the top.

3. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Rosa Rossa

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Rosa Rossa
Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Rosa Rossa

Before I even start talking about the perfume, can we just take a moment to appreciate the stunning bottle for this fragrance? It feels super feminine and almost reminds me of a perfume you’d wear for a wedding day.

Aqua Allegoria Rosa Rossa is a floral fruity perfume that’s got a lot of rose going on. This perfectly compliments the lychee at the head and gives the scent a very fresh, uplifting vibe.

Much like other lychee scents, Rosa Rossa is quite delicate and gentle. I think it’s not a fragrance you’d wear to go clubbing or to a Black Tie event. But it does work exceptionally well for things like afternoon tea, picnics or a summer stroll by the river.

4. Diptyque Eau Rose

Diptyque Eau Rose
Diptyque Eau Rose

I love perfumes that contain jasmine and I don’t care what it goes alongside since it’s one of my favorite scents. Can you imagine my delight when I discovered Eau Rose by Diptyque which has jasmine alongside the sweetness of lychee and the fresh, slightly spicy accord of rose?

It’s like the perfect combination of scents for very feminine women. But there’s a twist in the dry down in the form of cedar which gives it a fresh, woody fragrance that lingers really well. If you like a perfume that’s not in your face but will stay on your skin for hours, Eau Rose is a real contender.

5. Parfums de Marly Delina

Parfums de Marly Delina
Parfums de Marly Delina

Another lychee perfume I love that comes in a lovely bottle is Delina by Parfums de Marly. I think it’s cute, and girly, and it gives me luxury hotel complimentary toiletry vibes.

Inside the bottle is a gorgeous floral fragrance topped with the sweet freshness of lychee and the tang of rhubarb. It’s a very jammy scent which, to some, can be a little sickly. But I think that’s all down to personal taste.

The performance of Delina is second to none. Most lychee perfumes I have tried are much more delicate, but this is a bomb in a bottle. A few sprays and you’ll be turning heads from across the room. So, if you’re a loud, proud lychee lover, this one will be for you.

6. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

This flanker to the OG Daisy perfume that was incredibly popular was launched in 2011. It offers a sweeter and fruitier accord than its predecessor and for me, feels a lot more youthful and fun loving.

Daisy Eau So Fresh features lychee at the heart which is unusual as most similar perfumes have lychee as an opening note. The benefit of this is that the lychee feels warmer and juicier as it comes through later on in the composition.

I think that Daisy Eau So Fresh is the perfect summer fragrance for younger women. However, if you want something a little more grown up but that’s along the same lines, then Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is the closest thing I can think of. The only problem is the lack of lychee so if that’s your main love, stick with Marc Jacobs.

7. Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl
Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl

A flanker to Good Girl, Very Good Girl is much sweeter, fresher, and brighter than the original. Much of that is thanks to the lychee scent at the head which sits along sweet, tart redcurrant.

Where Good Girl is warm, dark, and sexy, Very Good Girl feels much more youthful and innocent. The soft rose at the heart makes it extremely feminine and blends perfectly with the rosy accords of lychee.

The sweetness continues as you wear the perfume with soothing vanilla. I think this is an excellent first date perfume for women who want to show their girly side. Plus, it’s not OTT in terms of projection, which makes it ideal for up close and personal moments.

8. Bond No 9 Greenwich Village

Bond No Greenwich Village
Bond No Greenwich Village

The first time I saw the bottle of Greenwich Village, I had the impression that it was a marine fragrance owing to the turquoise and gold accents. But when I smelled what was inside, I realized that this was one of the sweetest, yummiest perfumes I have ever experienced.

Greenwich Village is bursting with tasty accords like lychee followed by praline at the base. I think it’s definitely one for gourmand fans but with those florals at the heart, it does have a certain maturity to it. And you’d probably have to be more mature to even afford it since it retails at over $300 a bottle!

However, if you ask me, it’s worth the investment. It’s a real powerhouse in terms of projection and will immediately get you noticed. Plus, a few sprays last me all day and a little really does go a long way.

9. Indult Manakara

Indult Manakara
Indult Manakara

I absolutely love the simplicity of Indult Manakara. It perfectly blends lychee with rose for something innocent, fresh, and feminine. As a Parisian perfume, I definitely feel the luxury vibe of the French capital oozing out of every spritz.

What stands out to me, and that isn’t the case with many lychee perfumes, is how remarkably mature Indult Manakara feels. Not in a granny perfume way but in a sensual, womanly sense. If you want a sweet perfume that gives you an air of mystery and shows off your sexuality, this is it.

My only complaint is that, for this price point, I would expect more in terms of longevity. It lasts me six or so hours but there are perfumes within the same price range that last me all day and beyond.

10. Kilian Fun Things Always Happen After Sunset

Kilian Fun Things Always Happen After Sunset
Kilian Fun Things Always Happen After Sunset

I’m finishing the rundown of my favorite lychee perfumes with Fun Things Always Happen After Sunset by Kilian. For starters, I’m obsessed with the bottle. For some reason it reminds me a bit of being part of circus life. And the scent inside is just as fun, as the name suggests as well.

It’s a simple yet enticing composition of juicy lychee and tart blackcurrant. There’s an earthy sweetness at the base thanks to patchouli and musk which lends this to be a fragrance I enjoy wearing all year round.

Fun Things Always Happen After Sunset boasts a decent projection for the price. It’s one of the more affordable Kilian scents and stays on for quite a long time. Since the scent is not too overpowering, it would be great to wear it as a signature scent that represents your fun loving personality.

My Closing Thoughts On Lychee Perfumes

I’ve always been a fan of sweet scents but I don’t like anything too sickly. Lychee is the perfect fragrance note in this case since it’s sweet and juicy but not over the top.

There are loads of perfumes that feature lychee and it’s often paired with rose which gives these scents a very feminine character.

If you love fruity fragrances and want something tropical and delicious, lychee perfumes should be on top of your list.

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