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Nautica is a popular American lifestyle brand that’s been around since 1983. The brand offers many well-priced quality colognes that are usually recognized by their blue-colored packaging and an aquatic theme. 

Each of these Nautica scents smells unique and is perfect to wear on many different occasions. The fragrances range from clean, fresh, sporty, aquatic, woodsy, and many more.

With so many different scents to choose from, it can be hard to know which Nautica cologne is the best for you. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of 11 different Nautica fragrances that will make your decision much easier when choosing which scent to buy. 

Top 11 Best Smelling Nautica Colognes

1. Nautica by Nautica

Nautica Classic


Keep your cool all summer long with this stylish, straightforward, and refreshing fragrance. Nautica by Nautica is a woody chypre fragrance for men that was launched in 1992.

It starts off with light citrus notes to refresh your senses before proceeding to the middle notes of jasmine, cyclamen, rose and caraway which offers warmth and spice. To round it out there are base notes of sandalwood, cedar, musk, oakmoss, patchouli, and amber for smoothness and depth that will keep you smelling fresh well into the evening.

I’m an avid lover of Nautica’s fragrances, but most importantly I am a man with both taste and style. Nautica’s classic is the perfect fragrance for me to wear any time, anywhere that needs my rugged sophistication.

The blend of aromatic woods, citrus, and geranium provide grounding energy that balances the composition. It’s no wonder this fragrance inspires love at first smell.

2. Nautica Voyage – Most Popular And Best Seller

Nautica Voyage


Smooth and sophisticated, Nautica Voyage is a fragrance that tells the story of an adventurous escape. 

Designed by legendary perfumer Maurice Roucel in 2006, Nautica Voyage has top notes that evoke crisp apple and green leaves, indulgent middle notes that include lotus and mimosa, rich base notes to keep you grounded with musk, cedarwood, oakmoss, and amber. 

Despite the name, this fragrance is perfect for any occasion – whether you’re sailing through your day at work or looking forward to an evening date. Every time I wear this best seller out on a date or to dinner with friends I always get asked what it is I’m wearing. It’s easily the perfect mix of masculine yet feminine fragrance imaginable.

3. Nautica Blue

Nautica Blue


There’s nothing quite like being on the beach and feeling far away from all day-to-day stressors. That is what you get with this wonderful, aquatic fragrance created by perfumer Maurice Roucel. 

With top notes of pineapple for intense freshness, bergamot for clean tanginess, and peach for lush fruitiness, your days will feel more invigorating than ever before. And the more you wear it, the better it becomes as water lily helps soothe while jasmine intensifies its opulent appeal. 

Blending together clean and crisp watery scents while still maintaining its masculinity, Nautica Blue is simply an aquatic sensation. If you’re looking for a fragrance that is perfect for spring or summer, look no further than Nautica Blue.

4. Nautica Voyage N-83

Nautica Voyage N 83


If you are looking for warmth, happiness, and sheer masculinity in a fragrance, well, look no further because Nautica Voyage N-83 is the fragrance to wear if complete confidence is what you’re after. This timeless scent combines various fresh aromas with deep woody notes.

You start off with spiky mint that calms down into lavender and then you’re treated to nutmeg that adds brightness. Sea notes in between evoke the tanginess of salty water. The cologne then goes from fresh green notes to cardamom in the middle before finishing up with musky cedar and sandalwood at its base. 

Marked as an aromatic aquatic fragrance for men, Nautica Voyage is perfect to wear throughout the day. It’s refreshing and crisp, making it the perfect staple for any man’s closet.

5. Nautica Competition

Nautica Competition


Nautica Competition is an aromatic Fougere, engineered to handle what you are throwing at it. It features rosemary and nutmeg top notes paired perfectly with bergamot and juniper berry middle notes for an aromatic Fougere scent that stands out under pressure.

Nautica Competition embodies confidence that attracts. This masculine fragrance is well suited for the demanding man who knows what he wants and goes after it headfirst.

6. Nautica Voyage Heritage

Nautica Voyage Heritage


Whether it’s to city life or the great outdoors, Voyage Heritage is one of Nautica’s newer masculine colognes that transports your senses with powerful woody notes and natural Earthy elements.

The top notes will be refreshing and invigorating with mint and rosemary just dazzlingly present, while middle notes of lavender create a soothing, yet masculine aura. Finally, sandalwood provides deep aromas for those moments when things get truly heated up. 

A modern and timeless fragrance, Nautica Voyage Heritage is both fresh and warm, ideal for a man who loves adventures. 

7. Nautica Voyage Sport

Nautica Voyage Sport


Nautica Voyage Sport is a woody aromatic fragrance for men that has outstanding lasting power. 

A delicate mix of sea notes, citrus top notes with apple and coriander to balance out the earthy heart notes. Green aromatic notes like geranium and green pepper will leave you refreshed with a masculine touch. Voyage Sport leaves behind an enticing hint of woodsy musk with patchouli and vetiver to complete your journey towards manhood.

Voyage Sport has a masculine yet soothing scent. Whether your day is easy or full of stress, you can take deep breaths and relax because this fragrance will leave you feeling good every time.

8. Nautica Aqua Rush

Nautica Aqua Rush


Big, bright, and dazzling. That’s what you’ll be feeling once Aqua Rush has grabs hold of you.

With fragrance notes of seawater, yuzu, coriander, violet leaf, mint, clary sage, wood, musk, and amber there’s no denying this rich blend of marine scents will have heads turning toward you.

The scent is strong and heady, yet it isn’t overpowering-you just might find that people will be leaning into your neck to catch a whiff of this delicious cologne. 

9. Nautica Life

Nautica Life


Nautica Life by Nautica is a breath of fresh air from start to finish. It’s the perfect fragrance for you to breathe new life into your manliness.

The fragrance combines sea salt, ginger, sage, and lavender for top notes; sea moss, hinoki wood, violet for base notes; giving it an aromatic woody scent with hints of lavender that is warm and sensual. 

A rugged and woody scent, Nautica Life is sophisticated and masculine. This delicious earthy fragrance will give you the confidence to confront every day head-on.

10. Nautica Oceans

Nautica Oceans

Nautica Oceans is an aromatic aquatic fragrance for men. The top notes are seawater and Amalfi lemon, with the heart-releasing salt, geranium, lavender, and teak wood on the dry down.

It smells salty and fresh, with a hint of citrus. It evokes images of the open ocean on a hot day.

The signature squared bottle of this fragrance is clean and modern, with hints of luxurious glass for a decadent touch. The aromatic scent is the perfect fit for busy professionals, who are always on the go.

11. Nautica Latitude Longitude

Nautica Latitude Longitude

Latitude Longitude by Nautica is a masculine fragrance with refreshing top notes of Tarragon, bergamot, and coriander. Middle notes like water mint, black tea, patchouli, and nutmeg. All before wrapping things up in base notes that include musk, oakmoss, and amber.

The fragrance is deep, woodsy, outdoorsy, and leaves you smelling great. To keep you fresh for your next hike through the woods or meeting on a metropolitan sidewalk at sunset, this fragrance will last all day long.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Nautica Perfume

Whether you are an outdoorsy person, the sports type, or a workaholic, Nautica has you covered with 23 different colognes to choose from, are you ready to take the step and make that purchase? If you are still not sure which cologne will fit you best, here are a few things that may help your decision.


Nautica colognes are synonymous with fresh and aquatic scents that anyone can wear. If you are an outdoorsy type and love hiking through the woods, Nautica Latitude Longitude will keep your energy levels high. Are you a workaholic and always keeping busy? Then Nautica Oceans is your go-to cologne. 

Whether you want to smell good in the gym, the office, or an after-party, Nautica Voyage Sport will keep your spirits up. Do you have a date to go soon and want to impress your woman? You have three options: Nautica (Classic), Nautica Voyage, and Nautica Competition. I am sure whichever one you go for, your woman would appreciate it.


Even though Nautica colognes are known to be fresh and aquatic, making them ideal for warm seasons, there are a few that you can wear in the colder months. Like Nautica Latitude Longitude. It’s not only good for men but women too. Nautica Classic on the other hand can be worn all year round and you will always smell amazing.


When it comes to buying a cologne, price sometimes is the decision-maker. Luckily with Nautica colognes, you get high-quality scents for reasonable prices. Some retailers have great holiday discounts, that you may even find a Nautica cologne for as low as $12.

Frequently Asked Questions on Nautica Cologne

Where is Nautica made?

In 2005, Nautica partnered with the American cosmetics giant Coty Prestige to manufacture and market their colognes. Nautica colognes are made in the United States.

Is Nautica a luxury brand?

Nautica is not a luxury brand but rather a casual clothing brand designed for modern men and women. It’s one of the largest high-end sportswear brands but less expensive than other designer brands.

How much is Nautica worth?

Known as one of the few brands that sell inexpensive fragrances with high quality, you can find Nautica colognes for anywhere between $25 to $100. 

Who makes Nautica cologne?

Nautica signed an agreement with Coty Inc in 2005. The global cosmetic leader has been producing and marketing Nautica fragrances ever since.

Is Nautica good quality?

Nautica colognes are well known for their affordable prices, but also for their high quality and performance. 

What was the first Nautica cologne?

The first Nautica cologne was the woody chypre Nautica Classic introduced in 1992. The nose behind this cologne was Robert Gaudelli.

The Nautica Story

Nautica was founded in 1983 by American fashion designer David Chu. in the 1960s, Chu immigrated to the United States from Taiwan with his family. He was passionate about design so he took a design class while he studied architecture at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. The designer took inspiration from the ocean and created sailor’s coats that became an instant hit. 

The name Nautica comes from the word “nauticus,” which means “ship” in Latin. What started as a menswear clothing brand, soon expanded into women’s wear, children’s clothing, home furnishings, accessories, fragrances, and much more. 

In 1992 Nautica launched their first fragrance named Nautica Classic. All Nautica’s colognes are inspired by the ocean and are fresh, clean, and aquatic, bringing out the best in men. Although most Nautica colognes are made for men, some can be worn by women too due to their floral and fruity notes.


Nautica is an embodiment of adventure, sailing, and exploration. The designer took the Latin name “Nauticus”, meaning ship, and coined the name of the brand, Nautica. The brand’s logo is a billowing spinnaker, and many of the brand’s products, including fragrances, feature nautical themes and motifs such as the color blue, stripes, or oceanic names. 

All Nautica colognes come in sleek bottles in fifty shades of blue. But that is not all. Staying true to the love and appreciation of water, Nautica shoots its ad campaigns on ships, boats, or at the seaside. As long as they are surrounded by water.

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