The Closest Clones To Creed Virgin Island Water

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Creed is a hugely popular fragrance house, but there’s no denying the prices can be pretty steep.

If you love Virgin Island Water but don’t want to dip into your savings to smell that good, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve found some incredible perfume clones that smell surprisingly similar. 

Get ready to discover your new favorite scent!

First, Let’s See What Virgin Island Water As All About

Virgin Island Water by Creed is one of the fragrance house’s most well-loved perfumes. It’s a versatile scent designed for men and women and ignites visions of summer’s days and cocktails on a white sandy beach.

In contrast to other summer fragrances, Virgin Island Water uses a unique blend of notes to create a scent that is instantly recognizable. Upon the first spritz, you are treated to fresh mandarin, bergamot, and lime that perfectly contrasts with creamy coconut. Moving through the scent, heady notes of Indian jasmine and hibiscus dance alongside ylang-ylang and the tang of ginger. The base blends rum, sugar cane, and musk for a sweet, warm finish. It is this perfect blend that draws the attention of fragrance lovers all over the world.

The combination of accords means that Virgin Island Water is a perfume suitable for many occasions. It works superbly well as a daytime scent but equally as well when worn on a balmy summer evening. 

The beauty of Virgin Island Water is that it’s a relatively subtle fragrance that won’t overpower a room but has the longevity you would expect from a premium brand. 

Of course, not everyone wants to pay top dollar for their fragrance, but the good news is, you don’t have to. If you’re looking for a Virgin Island Water clone, you won’t be short of options.

8 Creed Virgin Island Water Clones

1. Hawaii Volcano Alexandria Fragrances

Hawaii Volcano Alexandria Fragrances

Marketed as ‘luxury for less’, Alexandria Fragrances produces some top notch dupes. This one, Hawaii Volcano blends some astonishingly similar notes to your beloved Virgin Island Water but for a fraction of the cost. 

The composition is entirely the same as Virgin Island Water, the only difference is that instead of sugar cane and rum at the base, we find woody notes with the sweet musk. That said, I believe that these two notes are what really make Virgin Island Water what it is. So, if you’re a fan of that unique base, this might not be the right choice for you. 

We appreciate that the fragrance boasts the same longevity as the original, so you won’t need to keep reapplying throughout the day. This is by far one of the closest clones we could find.

2. Set Sail St Barts Tommy Bahama

Set Sail St Barts Tommy Bahama


Before we get into the nitty gritty of Set Sail St Barts by Tommy Bahama, we have to point out that this is a men’s fragrance. Virgin Island Water is created as a unisex scent, so while women certainly can wear this perfume, there may be a very masculine vibe. 

However, the overall feel of the fragrance is very similar to Virgin Island Water. The composition differs slightly, although there are key notes of lime at the head and the all important musky base. But what we love about this fragrance is that it doesn’t claim to be Virgin Island Water but is more of a hint towards it. 

You’ll find some unique notes, including sea water, agave, tequila, and guava alongside salt and palm leaf. It still gives you that tropical feeling and unique nature without being an obvious clone.

3. Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2014

Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2014


Calvin Klein is a high-end brand without the ridiculously high price tags. This applies across its product range whether that be clothing, accessories, or indeed, fragrance. One of the reasons that CK perfumes are so popular is because they’re accessible to almost every budget. 

So, when it comes to finding a fresh, aromatic fragrance that smells strikingly similar to Virgin Island Water, CK One Summer 2014 isn’t a bad match. We love that this is a much more youthful take on the somewhat mature Virgin Island Water so it’s a great choice for students and teens.

The composition bears some resemblance to VIW in that it opens with citrus notes, including the prominent lime of the original. You’ll also find that sweet sugary note in the base along with creamy coconut that lends itself to the Creed fragrance we all know and love. 

It’s not entirely the same since there are also notes of freesia, melon. Cypress, and tequila but if it’s a tropical vibe you’re after, you’re on the right track. 

The only thing that lets CK One Summer 2014 down is the projection and longevity which could be a little more impressive.

4. Coconut Lime Verbena Bath And Bodyworks

Coconut Lime Verbena Bath And Bodyworks


Bath and Bodyworks is synonymous with affordable fragrances that have a delightful scent. While you’re not going to get the long-lasting fragrance you would expect from Virgin Island Water, this perfume is ideal for casual daytime wear. 

What we really love about Coconut Lime Verbena is that you get many of the VIW notes without it being a direct copy. There’s certainly some originality to it. 

The fragrance has notes of coconut, lime, bergamot, mandarin, and musk which give it that Virgin Island Water feel. However, these are complemented by lily of the valley, tuberose, vanilla, and sandalwood making it a much more complex blend. But you can’t deny the similarities and you’ll certainly have the white sandy beach vibe. 

Coconut Lime Verbena is a perfume for women so guys might find it a little too feminine. But for a super affordable alternative to VIW, you can’t go far wrong.

5. Coconut Lime Breeze Bath And Bodyworks

Coconut Lime Breeze Bath And Bodyworks


It would appear that B&BW has something of a crush on Virgin Island Water and make not one, but two clones of this scent. If you like the aromatic character of Virgin Island Water then this is definitely the better choice out of the two scents from this brand. 

It combines the richness and warmth of those aromatic notes along with the freshness of Virgin Island Water’s opening. Coconut, lime, and musk dance alongside orange blossom and jasmine giving this a very passionate, romantic vibe. 

Much like other products from Bath and Bodyworks, you’ll be getting a huge discount compared to Creed. But this comes with the sacrifice of longevity so if you choose Coconut Lime Breeze, we would recommend popping it in your bag to spritz over the course of the day.

6. Laguna Homme Salvador Dali

Laguna Homme Salvador Dali


OK, this is a men’s fragrance so it isn’t as versatile as the unisex Virgin Island Water. But, hear us out. The blend of notes here is almost identical to the original with a few extra ones thrown in for good measure. 

The fragrance opens with those all-important citrus notes including bergamot, lime, and mandarin (we told you it was identical) As it begins to dry down, Laguna Homme treats us to heady jasmine just the VIW with cyclamen and woody notes to give it a more unique character. 

At the base, musk features heavily, making it very similar to the Creed perfume. However, there are also some nice additions including labdanum, vanilla, and Tonka bean so it’s a very sweet finish. 

This one lasts on the skin slightly longer than some of the comparable fragrances so it’s ideal for busy days where you need a fragrance you can rely on. 

There is a women’s version of this fragrance that has some of the Virgin Island Water notes. However, being a floral fruity perfume, you don’t get that summer tropical island feel that makes VIW water what it is.

7. Avon Fiji Paradise

Avon Fiji Paradise

Avon is well known for offering incredibly affordable fragrances that are perfect for modern individuals on the go. Fiji Paradise has a very similar character to Virgin Island Water with a much simpler make up. 

At the head, we experience that rich, creamy coconut followed by a floral heart of Tiare flower and lotus. It’s not the same as the luxurious jasmine you get from VIW but it’s close enough. But what makes it special is the musky base that is mind-blowingly similar to Creed. 

If you’re looking for a perfume that’ll be super kind to your wallet but that will still transport you to a tropical paradise, this is well worth considering. And surprisingly, despite its low cost, Fiji Paradise sits on the skin for hours and projects enormously. You’ll make just as much of an impact; if not more.

With all that said, Fiji Paradise is a fragrance for women with a hugely feminine feel. Unlike VIW, this probably won’t be suitable for guys who may find it a little too girly.

8. Malibu Party In The Bay Simone Andreoli

Malibu Party In The Bay Simone Andreoli

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We’ve saved this one until last because, unlike our other clones, the price tag isn’t as generous. Malibu Party In The Bay is more similar in price to Virgin Island Water but it does bear a very close resemblance to the original. 

If you love VIW but want something slightly different and aren’t bothered about cost then this is along the same lines without being an exact copy. You get the lime, coconut, sugar, and rum but they’re not in the same order as Creed. 

What’s more, Malibu Party In The Bay also features green accords and sandalwood that give it its own personality. This is a slightly less serious take on a tropical perfume and would suit a vacation or summer holiday.

It’s got a great sillage on it, filling a room with fragrance which does give it the upper hand compared to VIW. However, it doesn’t last quite as long on the skin so you might need to top it up between events.

In Conclusion

We’ve all fallen in love with Creed Virgin Island Water but with so many savvy shoppers out there, not all of us want to spend a small fortune on fragrance. But who said you couldn’t smell incredible for a bargain price?

Yes, if you’re looking to treat yourself, there’s nothing wrong with splurging on a luxury Creed perfume. But for everyday wear, you might consider opting for a more affordable dupe and the good news is that there are plenty out there. 

You’ll want to look for fragrances that fall within the same category and have the same character. In the case of Virgin Island Water that’s a citrus aromatic fragrance that feels distinctly tropical and summery. 

Checking for key notes will also help you find a good clone. For example, some of the most prominent in VIW are lime, mandarin, jasmine, rum, and sugar cane. Even if perfume dupes have other notes alongside these, their mere presence will lend the fragrance to smelling very much like the original. 

Our top picks of Virgin Island Water clones come pretty close to Creed’s luxury composition. So, what are you waiting for? Go treat yourself to high-end vibes for a much lower price.

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