The Most Expensive Colognes In The World

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I’ve worn cologne for as long as I can remember but one thing that’s changed as I’ve gotten older is the quality and price of the colognes I choose. Where I once could only afford your bog standard collection pieces like Armani and YSL, I’m now able to indulge a little more.

Regardless of whether you want to build a collection of exclusive fragrances or simply treat yourself to the one very special cologne, knowing the most expensive brands gives you somewhere to start. But let me warn you, some of them are mind blowingly expensive.

One thing is for sure, you get what you pay for. While the colognes on this list are certainly an investment, they’re worth it for their superior ingredients, excellent performance, and the knowledge of perfumers with a wealth of experience. The world’s most expensive cologne, Shumuck The Spirit Of Dubai, costs a whopping $1.61 million.

Although that may be out of the question for most of us, I’ve also found some luxurious colognes that you might find appealing.

Cologne 1: Shumukh The Spirit Of Dubai

Shumukh The Spirit Of Dubai

Launched in 2019, Shumuck is undoubtedly the most expensive cologne in the world retailing at $1.61 million! Don’t get me wrong, this is made for the super rich but the price isn’t just about the scent, although that’s pretty impressive.

The Spirit Of Dubai is a woody perfume made with only the finest natural essential oils like Indian oud. And let me tell you, that’s expensive by itself, costing up to $5000 per pound. What’s more, the bottle is made from 18 carat gold and encrusted with more than 3500 diamonds.

Commissioned by Asghar Adam Ali, the head of the Nabeel’s perfume empire and after 494 trials, this piece of art was finally complete. Sadly, this fragrance masterpiece isn’t available to buy and the only bottle contains 3 liters of the cologne for display.

Cologne 2: Paco Rabanne One Million 18 Carats

Paco Rabanne Million Luxe Edition cologne
Paco Rabanne Million Luxe Edition cologne

One Million is a popular men’s cologne that’s taken the world by storm since its launch in 2008. But while you might pay around $100 for a large bottle, there’s a special edition that’s been reserved for the elite. And it only costs a cool $57,000!

What? I can hear you scream. The reason the cologne comes with such a high price tag is because of the packaging. If you’re familiar with the gold ingot design of the regular fragrance, imagine owning that in 18 carat gold. Yup, there really is nothing the rich want for.

It’s a little outside of my price range so I think I’ll stick with the original, especially considering it’s the SAME SCENT!

Cologne 3: Clive Christian No 1 Masculine

Clive Christian No Masculine
Clive Christian No Masculine

Clive Christian’s No.1 Masculine is the stuff of legend. This luxury British brand bottles rare ingredients into an oriental elixir fit for royalty. With a $750 price tag for 50ml, No.1 Masculine is clearly not for the faint of wallet. But inside its simple branded bottle lies a world-class work of perfumery.

Peppery pops of pimento and lime provide a spirited start. Exotic spices and flowers emerge in the heart notes like a stroll through a global garden. The star ingredient: 50-year-aged Indian sandalwood. This aged oil provides a rich, creamy signature – the hallmark of a true masterpiece.

No peasant fragrance here – No.1 Masculine was blended with an uncompromising artisan’s touch. Its 20% perfume concentration means excellent longevity on the skin. While designed as unisex, there’s an undeniably masculine charm to its complex yet subtle notes.

For the selective few who can afford it, No.1 Masculine represents the pinnacle of Clive Christian’s quest for the rarest essences on earth. Yes, the price is eye-watering. But those who recognize superior quality will find this fragrance is worth its weight in gold – and then some. Sexy yet sophisticated, No.1 Masculine is fit for royalty.

Cologne 4: Roja Parfums Haute Luxe

Roja Parfums Haute Luxe
Roja Parfums Haute Luxe

The dazzling crystal bottle capped with gold tells you everything you need to know about Roja Parfums Haute Luxe. This is no ordinary cologne – it’s an ornate elixir crafted for royalty by renowned British perfumer Roja Dove.

Within lies a vivid blend of citrus, herbs and sensual florals. Bergamot and lemon provide an exhilarating spark, while lavender and elegant notes of jasmine, rose and patchouli unfurl in sensual waves. As a pure parfum, its concentration of fragrance oil far exceeds typical eau de colognes for lasting depth and intricacy.

But what truly sets Haute Luxe apart is Dove’s uncompromising creative process. Unconstrained by cost, he selects only the most exquisite, exclusive ingredients to achieve his vision. This cologne is made bespoke for each client, turning it into a work of art as unique as the individual who commissioned it.

Starting at $1,200 per bottle, Haute Luxe reflects the time, care and material quality involved. From the juice itself to the hand-crafted bottle, no detail has been spared by Dove in crafting one of the world’s most indulgent elixirs for men. Haute Luxe is the ultimate olfactory luxury, a sensorial experience unmatched in richness, complexity and prestige.

Cologne 5: Fair Royale Aged Extrait De Parfum

Fair Royale Aged Extrait De Parfum
Fair Royale Aged Extrait De Parfum

Coming in a 1.7 fl.oz bottle which costs an amazing $6075, Royale parfum is one of the most expensive in the world.

One of the reasons that this fine fragrance is so expensive is that it’s part of a limited range called the Savior-Faire Collection. Only a few bottles of each cologne have been made using the most luxurious ingredients including Siberian deer musk and real Madagascan vanilla.

There are other, slightly less expensive fragrances in the collection but all have one thing in common; they’re made using innovative new technology. The brand labels their approach ‘Scent-Synthesis’ which they claim to use to make the ‘most evolved perfumes’ ever.

Cologne 6: Henry Jacques Oudh Imperial

Henry Jacques Oud Imperial
Henry Jacques Oud Imperial

It seems that a lot of the world’s most expensive colognes contain oud and that’s because it is the most expensive raw ingredient on the planet. It’s no surprise then that Oud Imperial sells at $2872 for a 1 0z bottle.

The cologne, as with all the others from the Henry Jacques collection, is made from the finest perfume oils and ingredients which is one of the reasons it’s such a bank breaker. What’s more, the performance is out of this world. The brand claims that just a couple of drops is enough to awaken your senses to a world of fragrance. That’s quality I’d be willing to pay for.

I also think that the service you receive from this brand adds to the value of the cologne. Having looked around the HJ website, it’s easy to see that this isn’t just about buying perfume, it’s an experience in itself.

Cologne 7: Ensar Oud Royale

Ensar Oud Royale
Ensar Oud Royale

What a surprise; another oud based fragrance. I’m not complaining, it’s actually one of my favorite fragrance notes. I’m wearing an oud scent as I write this. Ensar’s offering is a little less eye-wateringly expensive than some of the oud perfumes out there. It retails at $2500 for a 1.7 fl.oz bottle. They do have smaller sizes if you prefer.

The perfume is so expensive because of the history behind it. The fragrance was actually created in the late 80s by Sultan Qaboos and is said by many to define the oud perfume world. The secret to the powerful and rich scent was sourcing the most pure oud and distilling it in a traditional manner.

While current bottles don’t contain the Sultan’s own blend, they’re a tribute and still contain the finest ingredients. And that’s what you’re paying for.

Cologne 8: Roja Parfums Musk Aoud Absolue Précieux

Roja Parfums Musk Aoud Absolue Precieux
Roja Parfums Musk Aoud Absolue Precieux

Roja is a brand that’s synonymous with expense and luxury and that’s OK because when you buy one of their fragrances, you know you’ll have to spare a pretty penny. Musk Aoud Absolue Précieux is one of the finest Roja parfums that sells for $675 per 1 fl.oz bottle.

What makes the fragrance so highly sought after is that it’s the creation of the master Roja Dove himself. He has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and has worked in some of the most prestigious French fragrance houses. Having a perfume made by him is worth every cent.

Moreover, Musk Aoud Absolue Précieux is a stunning fragrance that feels utterly elite. It’s a very complex and unique blend with strength, power, and longevity that’ll knock you for six. For a fragrance that performs like this, you have to expect to pay a high price. And if that wasn’t enough, consider that Roja only uses the finest ingredients for his fragrances and that doesn’t come cheap.

Cologne 9: Creed Aventus 

Creed Aventus
Creed Aventus

Creed is perhaps one of the most expensive colognes that is available as a mainstream fragrance. Aventus is a super masculine fragrance that’s become a staple for many people despite its high price. You’re looking at paying $365 per 1.7 fl.oz bottle which isn’t the most expensive cologne in the world but it’s certainly more than you’d pay for a regular designer scent.

But what makes Aventus so special? Well, for starters, the vision that’s gone into this creation by founder Olivier Creed is more than just a passing idea for a fragrance. It was about creating something powerful and successful for the drive man and that notion sells.

What’s more, Aventus is made using the perfume house’s traditional methods and uses only the finest natural ingredients. This is evident when you wear the cologne which is strong, long lasting, and really does make a statement.

Cologne 10: Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant

Tom Ford Soleil Brulant
Tom Ford Soleil Brulant

Now, I’m not going to sugar coat, Tom Ford isn’t one of the most expensive brands in the world but it’s one of the most readily available luxury perfume brands. I wanted to include Soleil Brûlant because it’s certainly pricey, but something that most of us could stretch to. If you want to feel elegant, this could be the scent for you.

It’ll set you back around $825 for a 8.5 fl.oz bottle so it’s actually pretty good value. Plus, being part of the Private Collection, you get that feeling of exclusivity when you own a bottle.

Soleil Brûlant is an amber woody fragrance that’s made in Italy by the TF fragrance house experts which is one of the reasons you pay so much. However, they’re not all made using the highest quality ingredients like you’d find in things like Henry Jacques and Fair Royale. This brand is more about promoting affluence which definitely does sell.

What Makes Cologne Expensive

Perfumes and colognes are not the cheapest items in the world even when you’re buying more affordable options. That’s because of several factors but when we start moving into the world of high-end, luxury fragrances, things become even more complicated.


The world’s most expensive colognes are presented in bottles that are beyond luxurious. Diamond-encrusted gold, precious sparkling crystal, and other high-end materials are used to craft bottles that express just as much a work of art as the fragrances they contain.

I wouldn’t think twice about paying top dollar for jewelry made from these precious stones and metals so why would I expect to pay any less for a perfume bottle made from the same materials? The presentation might not be the main reason you buy a fragrance but when you have everything else in the world, a stunning bottle always gives me and my fragrance buddies something to talk about.

There’s just a sense of exclusivity attached to owning such a bottle. For example, the limited edition Paco Rabanne One Million bottle is not only made from 18 carat gold, each bottle is also numbered and entirely unique. Think of the value of these as they age; it’s definitely an investment.


You could go to your local drugstore and buy a cheap cologne for $20 or $30 that’s made with very low end synthetic ingredients. But what you’ll likely notice is that the fragrance doesn’t last very long, doesn’t smell very strong, and hasn’t got that je ne sais quoi.

But when you use a fragrance that’s made from luxurious raw ingredients like deer musk and true oud, you notice a huge difference in how the fragrance performs. The entire scent of a fragrance feels exquisite and that doesn’t come cheap.

Some of the ingredients used in high end colognes can cost thousands of dollars for the tiniest amount. To make it worth their while, these perfume houses have to charge more for their wares.


If there’s one thing that you’ll notice about lots of the colognes I’ve talked about in this article, it’s that they’re made by experts in the perfume industry. It takes a certain amount of skill, knowledge, and experience to concoct a fragrance that’ll stand out from the thousands of others on the market.

The guys and girls working in some of the most well-renowned perfume houses on the planet didn’t just rock up there after graduating college. Instead, they’ll have traveled the world, sampling raw fragrance ingredients, maturing their noses, and learning the intricate art of perfumery. If you want a fragrance crafted by these masters then you have to be willing to pay the price.

What’s more, perfume houses are trying out new and innovative methods like the Scent-Synthesis from Royale that I discussed earlier. Not only is it a privilege to own perfumes manufactured in modern ways but this technology costs the companies a lot of money which is reflected in the price of their fragrances.


Let’s take things back down a notch and consider colognes and fragrance as a whole, rather than just those super expensive bottles. Companies are able to charge a ridiculous amount for fragrance just because it’s such a sought after item; everyone wants to smell good.

Did you know that cologne is the main money maker for pretty much every fashion house in the world? Chanel doesn’t make millions by selling thousands of its super expensive catwalk pieces. The majority of its profit comes from fragrance sales and the same can be said for hundreds of other companies.

So, even when you’re not shopping for scents that only the Oligarchs and Sultans can afford, you’ll still need to loosen those purse strings.

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