Perfume That Smells Like Sunscreen

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Those lazy summer days spent on the beach are the epitome of what it is to enjoy life. Even as winter sets in, just a quick sniff of anything that resembles sunscreen can instantly take you back to the coast on a hot July day. To capture that memory all year round, you might have wondered if there is a perfume that smells like suntan lotion. 

There are quite a few fragrances that come very close to sunscreen, but we think Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc and Suntan Lotion of Demeter Fragrance are two of the best. 

List of the best perfumes that smell like sunscreen

If you’re looking to replicate that dreamy, tropical aroma then the following perfumes will have you smelling like the beach all year round. 

1. Demeter Fragrance Suntan Lotion

Demeter Fragrance Suntan Lotion

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Demeter Suntan Lotion is a fragrance for women that is rich, sensual, and highly exotic. While being an incredibly affordable perfume, the scent goes a long way and will delicately project over the course of a long day. That makes Suntan Lotion perfect for day-to-day wear. 

As it warms with your body heat, vibrant floral notes of orange blossom are prominent in a white floral scent that perfectly captures the essence of summer. There isn’t much else that comes quite as close to smelling like sunscreen yet Demeter Suntan Lotion isn’t overpowering or offensive. For year-round sunshine vibes, we would highly recommend this fragrance.

2. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

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The luxurious Tom Ford brand doesn’t do things by halves; it’s either go big or go home. So, when I discovered its addictive women’s and men’s cologne that smells like suntan lotion, I was instantly hooked. 

The scent begins with fresh bergamot blended with pink pepper for that additional warmth. As it moves through tuberose and jasmine, deep, tropical coconut and Tonka bean come through. These base notes make Soleil Blanc one of the best examples of perfumes that smell like coconut suntan lotion.

While Tom Ford fragrances are known for their intense sillage, Soleil Blanc is much more subtle, meaning it can be worn at the office, to the park, to lunch with friends, or just about anywhere else. 

3. Jennifer Lopez Miami Glow

Jennifer Lopez Miami Glow

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Is there anywhere in the world that does summer quite as well as Miami? If you want to reminisce about fun-filled days on a Florida beach, this sweet, youthful fragrance will stir up joyful memories. Miami Glow presents in a flacon that resembles a message in a bottle washing up on the beach, further adding to those summer vibes. 

Miami Glow is a fruity floral perfume that blends the exotic scent of coconut milk with the zestiness of grapefruit and passionfruit. At the base, warm vanilla and amber accords linger over the day, giving off a subtle yet noticeable summer feel. 

4. Aquolina Gold Sugar

Aquolina Gold Sugar

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Gold Sugar is a sweet perfume that comes in a bottle that looks almost as sunkissed as your skin on a balmy summer afternoon. This draws you in to discover a deep and warming fragrance made up of neroli notes, coconut, whipped cream, and musk. Gold Sugar is, without a doubt, a truly unique blend but yet manages to keep that suntan lotion resemblance perfectly. 

Gold Sugar has base notes of Australian sandalwood and that warm accord perfectly suits the beginning of fall when you want to hold on to summer just that little bit longer. The scent is incredibly bold but gentle enough to be worn all day.

5. Bobbi Brown Beach Eau De Parfum

Bobbi Brown Beach Perfume

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This simply presented white floral fragrance has long been said to be one of the best perfumes that smell like Coppertone suntan lotion. The clean aroma of this famous lotion immediately transports you to an exotic beachside retreat, but over the cooler months, Bobbi Brown Beach is the ideal alternative.

Beach doesn’t shy away from delivering on its name with notes of sand, seawater, jasmine, and mandarin orange. It is a fresh and uplifting fragrance that has a notably youthful vibe. If you’re heading out for a day in the sun, you simply must pop a bottle of Beach into your beach bag. 

6. Butt Naked Fragrance Oil

Butt Naked Fragrance Oil

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Many say that Butt Naked fragrance oil is a perfume that smells like Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion, and they’re not wrong. This delightful fragrance oil can be used as a personal perfume with a carrier oil or added to other products like body lotion, soaps, and even candles. Butt Naked comes in a huge bottle and a little really does go a long way. 

For everyday use, the rich and warming aroma of spicy notes is mixed with fresh, summery fruits like watermelon and Granny Smith Apple. The Butt Naked fragrance oil has a wonderful projection that invokes instant memories of the summer and is perfect for those who want a potent cologne that smells like sunscreen.

7. Hermes Eau Des Merveilles

Hermes Eau Des Merveilles

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Eau des Merveilles is a woody fragrance for women that captures the magic and joyfulness of summer without being too over the top. While it does have excellent longevity and will get you noticed, Eau de Merveilles is not a fragrance that is in your face. 

The fragrance has a very fresh feel that has a sexy edge. For a passionate woman with a love for summer, I would highly recommend this scent. Eau de Merveilles brings citrus notes together with elemi resin at the head. It moves through a peppery, amber heart before revealing a woody base that delivers its own take on the scent of summer. 

8. I Hate Perfume At The Beach 1966

I Hate Perfume At The Beach 1966

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Another of the very best perfumes that smell like Coppertone suntan lotion is I Hate Perfume’s At The Beach 1966, as the scent is based around this smell. With this, you are treated to fresh notes of seawater, seashells, and sand that are complemented by warm woody notes. 

If you are looking for some childhood nostalgia, At The Beach 1966 will immediately take you back to a simpler time. For older women and gentlemen, this is an ideal everyday fragrance that will take you from the office to an evening meal at a beachside cafe effortlessly. At The Beach 1966 is chic yet unmistakably fun.

9. Clinique Happy For Men

Clinique Happy For Men

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Happy starts off as a citrus scent but as it dries down, it reveals notes that make this a very suitable men’s cologne that smells like suntan lotion. Happy may not be quite as apparent as some of the other scents on this list but the heavy white floral heart of jasmine, freesia, and lily of the valley definitely lend it to a more summery occasion. 

The musk and woody base perfectly balances sweet and warm but keep in mind that this is a very strong perfume that will go the distance. If you are looking for something to get noticed, Happy will more than meet your expectations. The scent is masculine, powerful, and sophisticated for men who are proud of who they are. 

How to choose your sunscreen scented perfume or cologne

One of the easiest ways to choose a perfume that smells like sunscreen is to check out reviews like this one. I’ve aimed to bring you some of the highest-rated and most well-loved fragrances that smell like suntan lotion.

However, you might also decide to do a little digging for yourself, and if you do, there are two main things to keep an eye out for. Firstly, white floral or fruity fragrances tend to lean more towards the summery aroma that you are looking for. 

While some ‘sunny’ fragrances have notes of citrus and water, colognes that mimic sunscreen generally have richer and warmer fruity notes like coconut and melon. You might also want to look for jasmine and orange blossom accords which are commonly used in this type of scent. 

Naturally, you will want to select a fragrance that works well with your body chemistry. To find out which is best, try gathering a few samples and placing them on your pulse points. Check the scent over the course of the day to see how well it dries down on your skin.

Frequently asked questions on perfume that smells like sunscreen

What scent is sunscreen?

The scent of sunscreen is clean yet warming and has a very fruity edge, depending on the brand. Suntan lotion was invented in the 1930s and at this time, things like coconut oil, cocoa butter and jasmine were used. In addition to this, sunscreen contains various minerals, including zinc and titanium dioxide.

What does suntan lotion smell like?

Each suntan lotion smells a little different because every brand uses a unique formula. That is why you’d immediately be able to tell the difference between say, Piz Buin and Hawaiian Tropic. However, in general, suntan lotion smells sensual yet sparkling, fruity, yet warm. It often features white floral notes like jasmine and sweet notes like musk and apple.

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