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Ever wondered who made “makeover” a thing? Elizabeth Arden herself. Or we should Florence Nightingale Graham since that is Elizabeth’s real name, not to be confused with the English nurse from the 1800s. She used Elizabeth Arden as a professional name, as well as for her company. 

Elizabeth Arden has been producing fragrances since 1936 and continues to do so to this day. Sadly, without the original Elizabeth Arden but the quality of their products certainly hasn’t suffered because of her loss.

After more than 80 years of experience, the brand has built up quite a portfolio of scents. Wonder which one you should get for yourself, or for an important woman in your life? Keep reading our guide and we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Top 10 Best Elizabeth Arden Perfumes

1. Elizabeth Arden Red Door – Bestseller

Elizabeth Arden Red Door


This fragrance is so beautiful it has been featured in Vogue Magazine as one of the best fragrances ever made by Elizabeth Arden. No wonder it’s their bestseller. Red Door is the perfect blend of classic and modern. It’s an elegant, feminine scent that will last all day long. The perfume is a nod to the original Elizabeth Arden, who created the Red Door spa’s in the US.
It has a sweet, floral scent with notes of amber and musk to keep it from being too girly or cloying. The top notes are fruity and fresh, but they mellow out into something warm and inviting as they dry down on your skin.You can wear this scent every day to help you feel your best.

2. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea


Green Tea is an invigorating, refreshing scent that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. It’s perfect for any time of year but especially great during the summer months. This fragrance is so versatile that it can be worn at work or out with your girlfriends – no matter what your plans are today, Green Tea has got you covered. The crisp citrus notes are balanced by earthy green tea, making it a unique blend of freshness and warmth. Plus, its long-lasting formula means that even after hours of wear, your skin will still feel refreshed and rejuvenated from head to toe. 

It has top notes of lemon, bergamot, mint and orange peel that will make you feel energized when you wear it in the morning. The middle notes of jasmine, oakmoss, fennel and musk give off an air of mystery that makes people wonder about your secrets. And finally, the base notes of green tea, jasmine, oakmoss and musk make this scent warm enough to be worn on cold winter days but light enough so it won’t suffocate anyone around you in summer heatwaves.

3. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue


5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden is the perfect blend of florals and musk. It’s not too sweet, but it’s also not overpowering. The scent will last all day without being overbearing or cloying. Plus, it works for any occasion on any woman. Whether you are going out on a date or just running errands around town, this fragrance will keep you smelling fresh all day long.
The top notes are crisp and bright with hints of citrus that will make your mouth water. The middle notes are soft and feminine with lily-of-the-valley, lilac, jasmine, tuberose, Bulgarian rose petals and peach. And the base notes bring it all together with musk, iris root, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. This is one perfume that can be worn anywhere at any time without overpowering those around you or yourself.. Whether you want something subtle or bolder – 5th Avenue has got you covered.

4. Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Elizabeth Arden White Tea


White Tea by Elizabeth Arden is a woody-floral musk fragrance for women. It’s the perfect scent for those who love a light, crisp aroma that makes them feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. You can wear it every day as your go-to fragrance or save it for special occasions when you need an extra boost of confidence. Either way, this perfume will make you feel like a million bucks.

The top notes of this fragrance include sea notes, fern, mandarin orange and clary sage; middle notes include white tea, white iris and mate; base notes include ambrette (musk mallow), exotic woods, tonka bean and amber.

5. Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers


Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden is the perfect blend of fruity and floral. It’s light, fresh, and fun. You’ll love how it makes you feel when you wear it. The scent is so unique that people will ask what perfume you are wearing all day long. You can have confidence in knowing that Sunflowers was created with high-quality ingredients that are safe for your skin. Elizabeth Arden only uses natural extracts from plants and flowers in their products – never synthetic chemicals or animal byproducts. So not only does this product smell amazing but also feels great on your skin too.

The top notes of melon, peach and orange blossom are fresh and vibrant while the middle notes of cyclamen, osmanthus and rose add warmth and depth. And finally, base notes of sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, amber and cedar provide lasting power so you can keep your signature scent all day long.

6. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Royale

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Royale


If you want to be noticed by everyone around you then 5th Avenue Royale by Elizabeth Arden is the perfume for you. It’s a fragrance that embodies luxury, femininity and sophistication. The sweet yet spicy aroma will have people complimenting your choice in fragrances all day long. This scent will make you feel like royalty every time you wear it.

5th Avenue Royale by Elizabeth Arden is an intoxicating blend of amber, raspberry, orange blossom and Sicilian bergamot. This fragrance will make you feel like royalty with its luxurious combination of suede, labdanum, amber wood and musk. This fragrance is sure to turn heads with its sweet yet sexy smell that will last all day long. But don’t worry, you can wear this perfume every day and not be overwhelmed by its scent.

7. Elizabeth Arden Pretty

Elizabeth Arden Pretty


Do you want to smell like the most beautiful woman in the world? You can have that feeling every day of your life with Pretty by Elizabeth Arden. This fragrance is a floral scent for women who want to feel confident, strong and independent. It’s perfect for any occasion when you need to feel pretty. Whether that’s at work, or for a special occasion. 

With notes of orange blossom, peach and mandarin orange it smells fresh and light enough to wear every day. And with base notes of musk, woody notes and amber it has just the right amount of depth so that it isn’t overwhelming either – making it the perfect balance between casual and formal.

8. Elizabeth Arden Arden Beauty

Elizabeth Arden Arden Beauty


Arden Beauty is the perfect scent for women who want to feel beautiful and confident. It’s a fresh, feminine fragrance that will make you feel like the best version of yourself. The notes are light and airy, so it won’t be too overpowering or heavy on your skin. You can wear this all day long without feeling weighed down by strong perfume.

This fragrance is made with top-quality ingredients like rice flower and iris oil, which means it smells amazing on its own but also mixes well with your natural body chemistry to create something truly unique just for you. 

With notes of green iris and rice flower, Arden Beauty has an elegant yet playful quality that makes it perfect for any occasion. The blend of florals in this perfume are so soft they almost seem sweet – but don’t let their delicacy fool you. 

This fragrance also has hints of ginger which give it just enough spice to keep things interesting throughout the day. The base notes are musk and sandalwood which means this perfume smells absolutely amazing when worn close to skin.

With just one spritz you can have confidence in knowing that everyone around you will fall in love with your scent.

9. Elizabeth Arden Always Red

Elizabeth Arden Always Red


Always Red by Elizabeth Arden is perfect for women who want to add some spice back into their lives without changing too much of what they already love about themselves. It’s perfect for any occasion – whether it be meeting your friends at brunch or going to work in the morning. You can wear this amber-floral fragrance anywhere.

You can wear this alluring perfume every day or save it as a special treat just for yourself. Either way, it’s guaranteed to delight your senses with its rich notes of plum, blood orange and passionfruit that are perfectly balanced by rose petals, jasmine sambac and pink freesia. And don’t forget about the base notes of praline and red amber which add warmth to this vibrant scent.

10. Elizabeth Arden True Love

Elizabeth Arden True Love

True Love by Elizabeth Arden will make you feel confident, feminine and beautiful. It’s the perfect way to get ready for your day, or even just to treat yourself after a long week at work. The best part about this amber-floral perfume is that it smells amazing on everyone. You can wear it all year round too because of its universal appeal.

It’s a warm, romantic scent that will make people fall in love with you. The top notes of apricot and peach are sweet and fruity while freesia adds an airy freshness. The middle notes of iris, rose, orris root, heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley and jasmine are floral but not overpowering. And the base notes of sandalwood, vanilla amber and cedar give it warmth without being too heavy.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Elizabeth Arden Perfume

Having premiered as a company in 1913 and creating their first of many lines of fragrances in 1934, there is a lot to decide with Elizabeth Arden’s fragrances. The most popular (and top of our list), Red Door, remains the best for its longevity and timelessness. One of the few fragrances to evoke evening wear, the heavy rose notes mixed with orange blossom will project the idea of a mature woman. 

If you are looking for a lighter, daytime wear, I think Elizabeth Arden achieves this just as well: Green Tea and White Tea respectively are refreshing and dreamy, the latter holding strong Iris notes— perfect for spring and summer days. 

Good in-betweens of these opposite spectrums can be found in 5th Avenue, invoking a lively and intelligent air with linden blossom and lily of the valley, and Always Red the sweetest of our list with strong plum notes. 

There’s a lot to unpack with this company so I suggest first finding the fragrance line that fits with your style: Green Tea, White Tea and Sunflower will be perfect for a breezy casual, but Red Door and 5th Avenue will bring a bit more mystic to the table. 
In my experience, the younger crowd will gravitate towards the more summery scents, and a more mature woman might find a love for the full body roses of the Red Door line.

What Can You Expect From An Elizabeth Arden Perfume

With its illustrious history, Elizabeth Arden covers a lot of ground with its many fragrance lines. I feel like there is something for just about anyone within their repertoire and that’s definitely not something I can say about many companies.

The lines are very affordable–most running under $30 if you are savvy, and can become lasting staples if you find the right fit. I think the most unique part of the company is its spectrum of fragrance styles: Red Door might be considered a vintage classic to some, but White Tea seems to hold a bit of fresh air for the most contemporary wearers. 

While smelling many of the lines, I found that a lot of the fragrances held sweeter, floral tones though admittedly some more muted than others. I would definitely say the company gears toward classic feminine no matter which bottle you choose. 

Honestly, besides the Red Door and Fifth Avenue lines, the bottle designs themselves don’t wow me as much as I like. While I love the fragrance of the tea collections, the bottles look a bit dated and plain in comparison to the older lines. Some of the fragrances can definitely be a “Don’t judge a book by its cover” scenario.

FAQs on Elizabeth Arden Perfume

How much is Elizabeth Arden perfume?

With research, you can find most bottles under the $30 price range, though major retailers might boost that price somewhere around $50 depending on the fragrance.

How long does Elizabeth Arden perfume last?

Most of their fragrances have a decently long essence– holding their fragrance up to 6 hours on the skin.

Where is Elizabeth Arden perfume made?

Almost all their perfumes are made in the US.

Is Elizabeth Arden a luxury brand?

Yes, found at most department stores, the company is very well known as a top luxury brand for perfumes and cosmetics.

Is Elizabeth Arden perfume cruelty-free?

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Arden perfumes are not cruelty-free.

An In-Depth Look at Elizabeth Arden

Born Florence Nightingale Graham, Elizabeth Arden first started in 1910 as an all-encompassing cosmetics and skincare company. Considered an innovator in cosmetics, notably coining the term “Makeover” with her eye makeup line, Arden expanded to opening her own spa, Red Door, in Manhattan and further pioneering her first fragrance in 1934. Ever since their first fragrance, Blue Grass, they have shifted the company to focus solely on perfumes with over 84 fragrances still being produced today. 

Star Power

Being a forerunner of the perfume world for decades, Elizabeth Arden has a pretty endless list of celebrities who have worked with the company or have enjoyed the collection. To this day, the company carries a fragrance line by Elizabeth Taylor as well as more modern household names like Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian– many of which collaborated with the brand for their own fragrance and countless others becoming the face of signature lines. 

Elizabeth Arden Perfume Sets

If you find a perfume in one of the collections you particularly like, I highly recommend taking a chance on a set or other product from the collection–I have found many of the sets can add a lot of depth and variety to the usage of the fragrances. 

The sets come as follows: The Fifth Avenue collection with a body lotion, cream and eau de parfum, White Tea boasts 13 collection items with bath and body sets available, 5th Avenue has it’s NYC fragrance and original as both eau de parfums and lotions, Red Door has a three piece set in 2 sizes with the lotion and eau de parfum available separately, Sunflowers original, Sunlit and Sunrise all as eau de toilettes, Blue Grass ( the flagship fragrance) as a deodorant and perfume spray, and finally Green Tea naturally holding the most diverse collection with deodorants, eau de toilette, parfum, sprays, and multiple types of creams and lotion as the fragrance already embodies a breezy day at the spa. If you don’t want to commit to a full set, don’t worry–almost all of these items are sold separately so if you want to mix and max between fragrances you’re in luck.

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