Best Mary Kay Perfumes in 2024

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Mary Kay is a world-renowned brand with more than 50 years of history. The private label fits perfectly in the concept of femininity and elegance. One of its successes is due to the characteristics of their perfumes: delicate, strong, and persistent. 

Mary Kay makes a beautiful line of perfumes for women and with so many options, it can be hard to choose. Don’t worry, though – if you’re a woman in the market for a new perfume, you can check out my review of the current best Mary Kay perfumes.

Top 10 Best Mary Kay Perfumes

1. Mary Kay At Play

Mary Kay At Play

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Let your playful side shine with Mary Kay At Play. This floral scent is the perfect way to let the world know that you’re in a playful mood. Whether you’re dressing up your favorite jeans or getting ready for a night out on the town, this stunning fragrance makes it easy to bring that carefree attitude wherever you go.

At Play by Mary Kay is a floral fragrance for women. It is a fresh, confectionary scent built on the core of vanilla and red apple that unfolds into tempting accents of candy-like and creamy fruits, including pink pepper, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. The result is an alluring floral explosion with an extraordinarily long life.

2. Mary Kay Cityscape

Mary Kay Cityscape

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Cityscape is a surprising expression of femininity. Designed to reflect the spirit of elegant city living and modern sophistication, it’s a multi-layered bouquet with an alluring, unforgettable personality. It is Cityscape at its very best, with a modern sensibility that you can wear with confidence.

Cityscape is a fruity floral fragrance recommended for casual wear that is both feminine and vibrant. The notes are a heady combination of red currant, pink pepper, apricot, bergamot, and violet leaf. The heart consists of peony, orchid, and iris. Notes from the base give this fragrance deep sensuality with plum, angelica, and sandalwood. This scent grabs attention from the first moment by its incredible charisma.

3. Mary Kay Velocity

Mary Kay Velocity

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Innovative, modern, and irresistible—these are words that describe Velocity. The first time you smell this scent, you will be overwhelmed by its dynamic energy. If being on the go and always chasing the next deal is your life, this floral-fruity fragrance will leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

Velocity is an energizing scent that blends sweet and spicy with a twist of fresh florals. This fragrance opens with bold, refreshing top notes of banana and mango, tropical flowers, and exotic mangosteen. Luscious middle notes of orchid, rhododendron, and clementine linger to round out this beautiful fragrance. The dry-down features sensual base notes of dark amber and blackberry. Wear Velocity and smell great from head to toe. Start with a splash of perfume on your wrist, and then this fragrance is sure to catch someone’s attention in your life.

4. Mary Kay Illuminea

Mary Kay Illuminea

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Fresh, exciting, and totally irresistible. Mary Kay Illuminea’s unique scent is sure to become a wardrobe favorite – not only because of its luxurious texture but also because of its joyful personality. Wear this fragrance wherever your day takes you. It’s like carrying a little smile in a bottle.

Mary Kay’s Illuminea fragrance is sure to add a moment of subtle elegance to your special moments. The fresh, clean notes of citrus and exotic florals are both memorable and feminine. It retains its freshness, even after hours. The dry down reveals vanilla, cashmere wood, and oakmoss, giving it a sophisticated character. This fragrance is perfect for a casual evening or a day of shopping.

5. Mary Kay Belara

Mary Kay Belara

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Clean and fresh floral scents like Belara by Mary Kay will excite both your senses and your spirits. This floral fragrance is the perfect all-day scent that blends with your natural curves to create a confident appeal you will love.

If you’re the kind of woman who captivates, this is your fragrance. All eyes will be on you from the first moment people catch a whiff of you with Belara. It has top notes of lotus and fig, white flowers and mimosa in the middle, and a musk and sandalwood base. With an irresistible bouquet of fragrances, Belara is set to become a treasured accessory to any wardrobe.

6. Mary Kay Thinking Of You

Mary Kay Thinking Of You

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For an intriguing layered fragrance that strikes a lasting impression, try Mary Kay’s Thinking of You. This alluring amber floral scent, in a pretty bottle, is a thoughtful way to remind someone how special they are.

Warm and inviting, this perfume embodies the spirit of caring. The top notes are a sweet mixture of peach and plum, with mandarin orange adding brightness. The middle notes put a floral spin on the classic scent of honeysuckle, backed by lilies and violas, with floral heart notes. A more rich floral bouquet emerges as the fragrance settles into its base; it’s a warm and woody blend of vanilla, patchouli, and musk. Thinking Of You will leave you feeling confident and smelling amazing all day long.

7. Mary Kay Bella Belara

Mary Kay Bella Belara

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If you want to feel like a million bucks, then Mary Kay Bella Belara is the key. This fruity-floral fragrance is the perfect blend of red nectarine and apricot, rose and Moroccan jasmine, white woods, and oakmoss. It’s an unforgettable scent that will leave people asking what you’re wearing.

With this perfume, you’ll always be ready for any occasion – whether it’s a date night out or just another day at work. You can wear this scent and be confident knowing that you always smell amazing. It has a fresh fruity scent that lasts all day long without being overpowering or too sweet. It’s just what you need to stay smelling good throughout your busy life.

8. Mary Kay Forever Diamonds

Mary Kay Forever Diamonds

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You’ll fall in love at first whiff with the inspiring scent of Mary Kay’s Forever Diamonds. Its sensual floral and fruity fragrance mixes jasmine, peach, and orchid in a delightful fruity-floral bouquet. As it develops, you’ll smell apricot, vanilla flower, and tuberose that captivate your senses every time you wear it.

Forever Diamonds is so unique that we know there’ll be no going back to anything else once you try it out. It will become your favorite go-to perfume or cologne for years to come. With its sweet yet subtle scent, this gem of a fragrance will make heads turn wherever you go – whether at work or play – and leave people wanting more.

9. Mary Kay If You Believe

Mary Kay If You Believe

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Mary Kay’s If You Believe is a soft, feminine scent and a good choice for those looking for a fresh floral musk. This fragrance projects a young, playful personality that can be expressed in many ways. If You Believe it will touch your heart while it reflects your personality.

Let your inner beauty shine with the enchanting fragrance of If You Believe. This luscious scent blends crisp notes of apple blossom, creamy floral accents of freesia and lily, and sweet nuances of jasmine, rose, and violet leaf to create a beautifully romantic balance. The perfect way to greet the day, this elegant fragrance is as unique as you are.

10. Mary Kay Thinking Of Love

Mary Kay Thinking Of Love

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Joy, happiness, and the promise of love – that’s the meaning of this lovely fragrance by Mary Kay. Thinking of Love is the perfect blend of sweet and sensual, with fresh yet feminine notes. It’s an unforgettable fragrance you’ll love wearing every day.

Thinking of Love lets your senses take in an airy bouquet of sweet orange and floral. Fresh, soft, and feminine notes of rose, floral heart notes of violet, honeysuckle, and rose to combine with a sophisticated passion of vanilla. This lovely medium-weight fragrance complements any occasion or simply evokes the feeling of love.

My Guide on Choosing Your Mary Kay Perfume

I am sure as wonderful as these descriptions may seem, they still might be a bit confusing to you. That is why in this guide I take a closer look to help you find the right Mary Kay perfume, no matter the season or the occasion.  

In my opinion, most scents of Mary Kay are truly unrivaled. And if you must pick one then it will have to come down to your favorite notes, and how they go with your skin. Luckily, you will find all kinds of scents in these perfumes, from florals and fruity, to woodsy and musky. 

Personally, my favorite Mary Kay perfume is Mary Kay At Play, but I’d take Mary Kay Illuminea any time of the day. When I tried At Play, it was just as the name suggests. Playful and joyous, a floral scent to wear every day, all year long, especially if you are a fan of vanilla. The old-fashioned candy shop smell sticks with you in summer or winter. On the other hand, the Illuminea, also enriched with vanilla, is rather fresh, something you’d prefer to wear during hot summer days. 

For those looking for floral-fruity scents with a twist, Velocity and Cityscape may be just what you need, refreshing and energizing, ideal for casual wear. 

And this is exactly what I love about Mary Kay perfumes. Most are long-lasting, so if you were looking for a fragrance without the need to reapply, these are your safe bet. 

As far as being the most recommended for special occasions, I think that Mary Kay Thinking of You and Thinking of You Love would do great. Love is a driving force in life, and you will find that both of these scents will help you feel pure joy and love, not only on dates with your loved one, but throughout the entire day too. 

You may not be able to find a Mary Kay perfume easily, especially when some have been discontinued. But I did a little research to help you choose alternatives instead. Velocity smells similar to Clinique Happy and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. A great alternative to Bella Belara is Cool Water by Davidoff, and Thinking of You resembles Beyonce Pulse.

What to Expect From A Mary Kay Perfume

Personally, one of the main reasons I go back to a Mary Kay fragrance is longevity. If you are like me, and like the way the perfume develops, sending you on a different olfactory journey throughout the day, without layering and reapplying, then you will like where a Mary Kay perfume takes you.

With a Mary Kay perfume, you set sail on a romantic journey starting from the bottle design to the romantic flower combination captured in them. I think that the style of the bottles is quite modern, but also rooted in the traditions of the past. Nonetheless, they are romantic, unique and each telling a story on their own. What I like even more is that they make great collectibles. 

I dug a little deeper to find any kind of drawbacks about Mary Kay perfumes. However, all I came across were positive reviews from happy customers, myself included. The only thing I came across was the overpowering fruit and confectionery scents some women were not fond of. 

Their products are also cruelty-free and Mary Kay is a great advocate against animal testing on products. 

Is Mary Kay fragrance worth your money? In my opinion, yes. For all the reasons mentioned above. With a starting price at $32 for a 1 oz perfume bottle,  I am sure you can afford to try a Mary Kay at least once in a lifetime. 

The Mary Kay Brand

Mary Kay Ash was a woman with a clear vision, entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire to help women succeed. All of these helped her become a cosmetic giant the whole world would get to know. She founded Mary Kay Inc. in 1963 and was the first company to introduce direct sales cosmetics. Even after her passing in 2001, Mary Kay remains to be popular having around 3.5 million independent beauty consultants (mostly female)  in more than 35 stores worldwide, estimating $ 4 billion in global annual sales.

If you don’t know anything about Mary Kay, let me tell you just one fact that will make you appreciate her even more. She loved pink and that is quite noticeable from the product packaging. But that is not why she gained more popularity. Top-earning consultants were awarded a Pink Cadillac every year, starting in 1969, at a time when many brands were struggling to make their mark in the cosmetics and fragrance world. 

But that was not the only incentive. From diamonds, to dream vacations and things her beauty consultants couldn’t dream of, Mary Kay became synonymous with luxury and glamor, empowering women, in a time when most companies were male-dominated. 

Mary Kay Inc. was also one of the first cruelty-free companies, adopting an anti-animal testing policy which started with signing the PETA agreement in early 1989. 

Today, Mary Kay company is known not only for its cosmetics and skincare but their perfumes and body care lines for both men and women. 

The first Mary Kay fragrance came out in 1971 and the newest was launched in 2021. Today Mary Kay has 86 perfumes.

Mary Kay has collaborated with many famous make-up artists, actors and models and celebrities who have worn Mary Kay perfumes throughout their career are Dolly Parton, Kristen Stewart and Tom Brady.

Mary Kay offers men and women travel-size collections of three spray perfumes for everyone looking for their signature scent or who just likes to have options. Love Fearlessly, Dream Fearlessly and Live Fearlessly make the women’s limited edition set. All three bottles are 0.25 oz.

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