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Kilian Hennessy founded the brand By Kilian in 2007 after writing his thesis on odor semantics. As his last name may suggest, he comes from a family that is no stranger to luxury. His family mainly focused on cognac-making, but Kilian started using his senses for a different industry. Because of his heritage, a lot of alcohol scents are used in his fragrances.

By Kilian has an eco-luxe philosophy, meaning each bottle can be refilled. And so fighting against the wasteful world we live in. Additionally, he strives to make his perfumes timeless.

Ten years after the brand’s launch, By Kilian has more than 83 different fragrances, and it just keeps growing.

Does that collection sound a bit overwhelming to you? Our list of the 11 best By Kilian perfumes will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Top 11 Best By Kilian Perfume

1. By Kilian Black Phantom – Most Popular

By Kilian Black Phantom

Black Phantom by By Kilian, launched in 2017, is a unisex fragrance that gives you one smell: expensive. Dark amber, addictive dark chocolate, rich earth tones create an intriguing scent that will keep you hooked at first whiff.

Experience creamy yet spicy vanilla that reigns in a rich floral heart of lotus and iris. When you wear this fragrance, be it in the day or night, you’re sure to have lost yourself in its enticing qualities. All these elements explain why it is their most popular perfume to date.

2. By Kilian Angels’ Share

By Kilian Angels Share

Angels’ Share is the perfect fall fragrance. Paired with your favorite cozy gear, this comforting scent will last you throughout winter. The rich spice notes of cinnamon and tonka bean give it an intimate feeling, while the amber vanilla base creates a smooth scent from start to finish. It’s earthy yet sweet, making it accessible for those not traditionally drawn to warmer scents.

Tart and chocolatey, this fragrance delivers a playful amorous charm that leans toward the sugary side of life. Imagine being wrapped up in a snug blanket on a cold winter’s day with this scent lingering in the air. The unisex fragrance is also sensual; this odor reminds me of love at first sight.

3. By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad

By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad

Good Girl Gone Bad is the perfect fragrance for a fun time out on the town with a light floral-fruity scent. You live life on your terms with every smell that makes you enjoy life like it’s your last day on earth.

The feminine fragrance draws you in with its heady blend of osmanthus, jasmine, and may rose. Then it keeps you guessing what will come next with Indian tuberose and narcissus before hitting the base notes that are warm, spicy amber that lingers with cedarwood oil.

4. By Kilian Intoxicated

By Kilian Intoxicated

Wearing Intoxicated By Kilian perfume will make you feel alive, confident, and ready to take on any challenge. Intoxicated By Kilian was formulated with spices, leather, and black pepper that woke up the five senses. Immerse yourself in this spicy fragrance for an utterly intoxicating effect.

This fragrance is like nothing you’ve ever smelt before, mixed with a perfect mixture of coriander and cardamom. Its spicy, woodsy notes remain mellow enough to last on your skin for hours.

5. By Kilian Moonlight In Heaven

By Kilian Moonlight In Heaven

Imagine yourself reclining on white sands, arms outstretched, gazing up at an effervescent crescent moon bathing your skin with excellent beams. Moonlight in Heaven by Kilian, meant for both men and women, has notes that smell like the most luxurious vacation in the world but is light enough to wear every day.

Top notes of grapefruit, pink pepper, and lemon to balance with sweet mango, rice, and coconut mid-notes give way to soothing vetiver and tonka beans at the bottom; it’s heavenly!

6. By Kilian Straight To Heaven

By Kilian Straight To Heaven

When seconds feel like hours, when you constantly find yourself daydreaming about how much time is left until the end of your shift, Straight To Heaven by Kilian will get you out quickly. Crafted with notes that include angelica, iris, freesia, opoponax, and benzoin, this fragrance will capture your senses and sweep you off your feet.

Spice up your day with this fresh, invigorating scent that makes Heaven seem too close. With its spicy base, you can’t just sniff it once or twice. Straight To Heaven is sure to turn heads, so be ready for the compliments not only from yourself but others as well.

7. Love By Kilian

Love By Kilian

Love By Kilian is for the woman who must capture the essence of romance but refuses to let it go. This perfume can help her do just that; capture lost memories and preserve time in the amber-scented, spicy, intoxicating notes on her skin. Whether she’s looking for intimacy or solitude, this fragrance will fuel her passion.

The top notes of this fragrance are inviting and fruity, with hints of grounded spices from the middle notes that lead into a mid-sweet groove. This scent carries you with effortless elegance.

8. By Kilian Sacred Wood

By Kilian Sacred Wood

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Imagine yourself standing in the middle of an overgrown, green forest. You can feel the cool morning dew on your feet, and the smell of pine needles surrounds you as you take a deep breath. This is what Sacred Wood by By Kilian smells like. Unlike its flankers, Sacred Wood won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed with cedarwood. It’s blended with old amber and leather hints for a sophisticated twist to this woodland scent.

It is a woody and spicy fragrance that is sensual and sweet. It refreshes and purifies in subtle ways like only amber can – without taking itself too seriously.

9. By Kilian Apple Brandy

By Kilian Apple Brandy

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Apple Brandy by Kilian is a playful and flirtatious fragrance that says, “I want to keep things light.’ The crisp notes start with a refreshing crushed apple with cinnamon, clove, and ginger. These give way to rich burgundy leather touched by jasmine, rosemary leaves, and cardamom. Finally, come rounds of apricot skin touched gently by cedarwood oil. 

In its essence, it evokes feelings of innocence which mature into amusement as you uncover all the hidden treasures from this great scent run-up.

Start your day off right with this delicious, unisex scent. It smells like autumn but more stylish than usual.

10. By Kilian Back To Black

By Kilian Back To Black

You were in the market for a scent that’s earthy and woodsy yet softened but still caters well to your sultry side? Back to Black by Kilian is what you need. It’ll take you back to how it felt when clothes were in style in the 90s, mixed with some modern glamour, as it was created in 2009. With lots of warmth and sweetness, this fragrance sings romance.

Amber, vanilla bean, vetiver, tobacco inflame your senses. Leave behind everything you think you know because this one will seduce you like no other. Back to Black by Kilian was designed for all genders.

11. Don’t Need A Prince By My Side To Be A Princess By Kilian

Dont Need A Prince By My Side To Be A Princess By Kilian

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For those times when you’re feeling untouchable, and all by yourself, Kilian created this exceptional fragrance. The beautiful amber vanilla scent shifts between floral and fruity notes for the perfect mix of mischief and romance. 

Don’t let the name fool you; the fragrance is intended for both men and women.

The green tea note mixed in with some more unconventional scents like ginger and peach, creating an odor that is equal parts unexpected and comfortable. And while the top notes are tart (thanks to lemon), once you get past that initial burst of brightness, they mellow out into something sweet thanks to apple and jasmine. Definitely unlike anything else on shelves today.

Guide to Choosing Your By Kilian Perfume

By Kilian offers collections of unisex perfumes so everyone can find their signature By Kilian fragrance. As a luxury niche designer, the fragrances seem to be on the more expensive side, so you can’t risk spending a few hundred dollars on a perfume you won’t like. That is why it’s important to know your notes, the occasion you will use it for and how to match the season.

Keep reading to find out how to choose your By Kilian fragrance. 

Perfumes are divided into four scent families: floral, fresh, woody, and oriental.


Florals are more common with perfumes for women. Good Girl Gone Bad is a light floral fruity for a night on the town and for all girls who want to have fun. If you like your roses and jasmine this is the perfect score.


Fresh fragrances are dominated by clean, aquatic, zingy, green notes. An everyday fragrance for men and women is By Kilian Moonlight in Heaven, perfect for vacation days and nights in spring and summer. Try the fresh and invigorating smell of By Kilian Heaven that will keep you awake during long and boring office hours.


If you prefer warm and opulent scents, try the oriental-woody By Kilian Intoxicated. This is another gender-neutral fragrance that will wake all your senses like a cup of dark and rich Turkish coffee. Love By Kilian is a great choice for romantic and passionate women, looking to complement the little black dress for a date night. Another woody-spicy choice is By Kilian Sacred Wood or the unisex Back to Black if you like the smell of honey.


If you like your smells warm, spicy, and exotic, By Kilian has a great selection. Try By Kilian Angels’ Share, a spicy-oriental unisex fragrance ideal for fall and winter. If you are still having second thoughts about which one is the best By Kilian perfume for you, try the most popular unisex fragrance By Kilian Black Phantom. Its amber and vanilla blend makes it a perfect date night scent for fall and winter.

FAQs On By Kilian Perfume

Who owns By Kilian perfume?

The niche perfume line By Killian became an Estee Lauder brand in 2016. Since then, the perfumes have remained true to the brand’s identity.

Who makes By Kilian perfume?

By Kilian perfumes are made in collaboration with the American cosmetics and fragrance company Estee Lauder since 2016.

Where is By Kilian perfume made?

By Kilian perfumes are made in France.

How to refill By Kilian perfume?

All By Kilian perfumes are refillable. First, carefully remove the atomizer. Plug the refill into your original bottle and keep it vertically until the refilling is completed. Don’t worry about spilling. The cutting-edge dispenser won’t let that happen as it stops refilling automatically once the container is full.

How much is By Kilian perfume?

By Kilian perfumes start at 195 USD for a 50 ml refillable perfume spray bottle. There is no cheaper alternative for a By Kilian perfume other than getting only the refill bottle for 70 USD, or a travel set of 3 x 30ml each, for 100 USD. However, these sets don’t include the famous lacquer box and the crystal flacon.

Why is By Kilian perfume so expensive?

By Kilian perfumes can cost as much as 500 USD. The reason for the high price tag is the use of special and rare ingredients in nature combined with other scents that are created scientifically in cutting-edge laboratories.

Is By Kilian perfume unisex?

Most By Kilian perfumes are unisex. But from our selection above, you can see that some are made specifically for women or for men.

Is By Kilian perfume cruelty-free?

By Kilian brand is part of the Estee Lauder Companies that sell in countries where animal testing is required by law. Therefore, By Kilian perfumes are not cruelty-free.

Which By Kilian perfume does Rihanna wear?

The famous Barbados singer wears Love By Kilian Don’t Be, a sweet, gourmand oriental launched in 2007. This is Rihanna’s most favorite perfume of all time.

How to pronounce By Kilian perfume?

Kilian is a word that has an Irish origin. It is pronounced Kih-lee-uhn.

Discover More About By Kilian

By Kilian is a French luxury fragrance brand launched in 2007 by Kilian Hennesy. Kilian is the heir to a long line of cognac-makers, Hennesy, but he decided to continue the family tradition in slightly different use of alcohol. The luxury fragrance brand he created has an “eco-luxe” philosophy, which brought about the creation of refillable bottles that are here to stay indefinitely.

The French designer also creates scented lipsticks, scented candles, and scented body lotions, and shower gels.

By Kilian Perfume Collections At A Glance

By Kilian perfumes are divided into five collections. The Fresh includes 5 perfumes made of aquatic, aldehydes, and citrus notes. The Smokes is a collection of 7 gorgeous perfumes, blends of tobacco, bakhoor, and incense. His most intimate collection is The Liquors, with which he pays a tribute to his heritage. This liquor-inspired fragrance selection is made of 5 distinctive and powerful fragrances including the latest Angels’ Share and Roses on Ice. 

The Narcotics is a collection of floral perfumes including famous singer Rihanna’s Love, Don’t Be Shy. The Cellars is a wood-inspired collection with a Kilian twist made of 7 rich and opulent fragrances including the most popular Black Phantom.

By Kilian Eco-Luxe Philosophy

Kilian perfume bottles are high-quality glass flacons with a unique, distinctive motif on the sides. The French designer looks at perfumes as another layer of protection that acts as a shield between oneself and the outside world. For this reason, he had the Achilles shield engraved on the side of all bottles.

Each bottle is made with great attention to detail to make it a precious object that you can keep for a lifetime. All bottles feature a gold metal plate, with the name of the fragrance engraved by hand making it more personal with a touch of sophistication. All these bottles can be refilled indefinitely, a reason why they need to look and feel special.

Another detail that adds to the luxury feel of the perfumes is the fancy box which can also serve as a jewelry box or other purpose.

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