Best Gucci Perfumes in 2024

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Gucci boasts a complex and multifaceted collection of fragrances with a lot to offer to perfume enthusiasts. The brand has a distinct aim of creating sweet and sensual fragrances. You will easily find beautiful combinations of different flowers, spices, and herbs. What you won’t find is a boring and unoriginal scent. As Gucci doesn’t do boring.

In this guide, you’ll discover the top Gucci perfumes available today. Are you looking for a sexy and irresistible scent, or do you prefer fresh and floral notes? Keep reading to find the Gucci perfume that will complement your lifestyle.

Gucci Perfume Top Picks

  • Most popular & best selling Gucci perfume: Gucci Guilty
  • Best smelling Gucci perfume: Gucci Flora
  • Best Gucci perfume for women: Gucci Bloom
  • Best Gucci perfume for men: Gucci Guilty Pour Homme
  • Newest Gucci perfume: Gucci Bloom Profumo Di Fiori

If you want to know more about our Gucci top picks then read on to discover our complete top 10 list of the best Gucci perfumes. There are so many more great scents to discover.

Top List of 10 Best Gucci Perfumes

1. Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom


Bloom by Gucci is a beautiful fragrance with a white floral scent. The fragrance will transport you to a wonderful garden full of blooming flowers. Imagine walking through this garden and basking in all the floral scents. The garden is meant to be a metaphor for women, beautiful and diverse. Much like the flowers used in the making of this fragrance, women are in their bloom. The scent unfolds like a flower. Bloom has rangoon creeper at the base, tuberose at the heart, and jasmine at the top. The fragrance is very feminine and elegant. Wear it in spring to match the season of the flower bloom. Bloom was blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Only natural ingredients were used in the making of this fragrance. Gucci Bloom is long-lasting and has moderate sillage.

2. Guilty by Gucci For Women

Guilty by Gucci For Women


Guilty is floral, fruity, and a little spicy. The base consists of patchouli, amber, vanilla, and white musk. The heart is fresh, with notes of geranium, jasmine, black currant, lilac, and peach. At the top, you will sense bergamot, pink pepper, and mandarin orange. The notes that stand out the most are lilac, pink pepper, and peach. The fragrance is very glamorous and daring. It is the perfect fragrance to wear to a wild party or a nighttime adventure. Guilty is warm, which makes it perfect for fall. It is not only sexy, but also classy and not in-your-face. The fragrance has moderate longevity and sillage.

3. Gucci Rush by Gucci For Women

Gucci Rush by Gucci For Women


Gucci Rush is a woody and floral fragrance. It has strong notes of patchouli, coriander, and peach. Vanilla, jasmine, gardenia, freesia, coriander, and peach all blend together and create an exotic floral cocktail. The fragrance is attractive, impulsive, and irresistible, just like a drug or love at first sight. The fragrance is perfect for the colder months of fall and winter. It is very long-lasting with heavy sillage. Prepare to leave a lingering trace of Rush wherever you go. Wear it to a night out with the girls or a dinner date with your man, and get ready to turn heads.

4. Flora by Gucci for Women

Flora by Gucci for Women


Flora, as the name suggests, is a fresh and floral scent with notes of citrus. The fragrance was inspired by the famous Gucci scarf worn by the Princess of Monaco. The base is woody, with pink pepper, patchouli, and sandalwood. You will sense rose and osmanthus at the heart, and mandarin orange, peony, and citruses at the top. The fragrance is deep, intense, seductive, and rich, in the best tradition of the brand. It isn’t too mature and heavy. On the contrary, Flora is rather youthful and optimistic. It is perfect for a warm day in the spring. The fragrance has heavy sillage and is very long-lasting. A morning application will last you the whole day.

5. Gucci by Gucci

Gucci by Gucci


Gucci is named the main fragrance of the brand by many. In fact, it is supposed to convey the essence of Gucci. The fragrance is intoxicating and mouthwatering. With honey, musk, and patchouli at the base, and pear and guava at the top, the fragrance is very sweet and fruity. Notes of patchouli, honey, and guava, however, steal the show. Gucci by Gucci is the right choice for a night out in the fall or winter. It is fairly long-lasting and has moderate sillage.

6. Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori


Acqua di Fiori is a floral fragrance from the Bloom collection. It has strong notes of galbanum leaf, cassis, and honeysuckle. The dry down is woody and musky, warm and deep. Acqua di Fiori invites you to take a swim in a crystal clear lake of untouched nature. The fragrance is radiant and green. It is the smell of young friendship, sleepless nights, spontaneous adventures, and joyful youth. If you’re looking for a fresh and clean scent with a spicy floral composition, Bloom Acqua di Fiori is just the one for you. Take a walk on a sunny spring day and enjoy this perfume. The fragrance offers moderate longevity and soft sillage.

7. Gucci Bamboo

Gucci Bamboo


Bamboo by Gucci is the scent of femininity and confidence. It is inspired by the modern day woman who can do it all and smell like flowers while at it. The fragrance is floral and citrusy. The main notes of lily, bergamot, and orange blossom will bring out the woman in you. It is a fragrance for when you want to feel grown and mature, yet fresh and seductive. Bamboo opens with floral notes and follows with a vanilla and woody dry down. The fragrance is perfect for spring. Wear it to a date, a formal event, or a girls’ night out. It’s intense and attention-grabbing, yet graceful and gentle. The longevity and sillage are moderate.

8. Gucci Memoir D’Une Odeur

Gucci Memoir DUne Odeur


The brand described Memoir D’Une Odeur as the scent of memory. The fragrance is floral, herbal, and a little woody. Notes of chamomile at the top take the fragrance to another level. Chamomile is often underestimated and neglected. It is a timeless scent that everyone is familiar with. It takes you back to your childhood, connecting the present with the past. The perfume has no gender, time, or space. Imagine lying in the grass on a starry summer night. Memoir D’Une Odeur is freedom in a bottle. The fragrance is in its own category, with a mix of air, musk, transparency, and authenticity. It offers moderate longevity and sillage in a beautiful 90’s-inspired packaging.

9. Gucci Premiere by Gucci for Women

Gucci Premiere by Gucci for Women


Premiere will give you your very own Hollywood moment on the red carpet. Imagine Blake Lively, a traditional movie star beauty. This fragrance was made to celebrate women and turn heads. It has a sparkling bright opening with sandalwood and patchouli at the base, and orange blossom at the heart. The scent mellows into notes of white flowers, bergamot, and musk. It is a soft, easy, and fresh fragrance that will keep you warm on a cold fall day. Premiere by Gucci promises moderate longevity and sillage.

10. Gucci Made to Measure for Men

Gucci Made to Measure for Men

Made to Measure is the male partner in crime to Gucci Premiere. The fragrance will give you oriental spice, luxury, and sophistication. Much like a suit, it falls into place on your skin. You will sense lavender, plum, and leather, along with the less pronounced notes of cinnamon, amber, and juniper berries. The fragrance has moderate longevity and soft sillage. It will take you from day to night seamlessly. Wear it best in spring and fall.

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A Guide on Choosing Your Gucci Perfume

All Gucci fragrances are very unique and unforgettable. Naturally, you have a lot to choose from. If you can’t settle on a perfume, consider how you want to feel while wearing it.

If you’re looking for a sexy and seductive scent, go for Gucci by Gucci. This trademark fragrance is sweet, with notes of honey, patchouli, and guava. Wear it in the night time to impress your date and turn heads.

If turning heads is not your thing, go for something lighter. You can’t go wrong with a sweet and floral perfume. Flora by Gucci is fresh and youthful. With notes of peony and citrus, it will transport you to springtime in any season. The fragrance is youthful and sweet, just like a first kiss and shy young love.

If you’re looking for a fragrance to wear at night, you’re in luck. Gucci is known for its intoxicating and sensual scents. Give Rush by Gucci a try. It is woody and floral, with exotic and oriental notes. The fragrance is unique and it will wake up the impulsive and spontaneous romantic in you.

For those looking for a calmer scent to wear to work or during the day, Bamboo is a winner. It is very graceful, feminine, and elegant. It is not intense in the slightest, so you won’t have to worry about strong projection. The fragrance is floral and citrusy. Wear Bamboo to feel like a real woman.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gucci Perfumes

Which Gucci perfume smells the best?

Gucci Flora Eau De Parfum takes the crown. It is a romantic fragrance with patchouli, pink pepper, and sandalwood at the base. The middle notes of rose and osmanthus add a floral feel, and the top notes of citrus and peony make it the perfect romantic fragrance.

What is the best Gucci fragrance?

Gucci Bloom is one of the best floral fragrances on the market. It is beautiful and feminine, like a walk in a flower garden. The fragrance is quite long-lasting, with moderate sillage.

Who owns Gucci fragrance?

Gucci is owned by a multinational beauty company called Coty Inc. The conglomerate also owns well-known brands such as Balenciaga, Escada, and Miu Miu.

Is Gucci fragrance cruelty-free?

Coty Inc, the owner of Gucci perfumes, doesn’t test on animals. The company has very clear vegan values. However, some brands owned by Coty sell their products in China, where you’re required to conduct animal testing by law.

The Story of Gucci

Gucci was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. The man was inspired by luxurious leather luggage and wanted to recreate it in his own way. The company got off to a great start and experienced a lot of success during The Second World War.

What started as luggage and bags grew into a much bigger selection. Gucci offers excellent leather goods, accessories, shoes, and clothes. On top of that, the brand also introduced a line of home goods and gifts, and a line of beauty products.

Gucci came out with its first fragrance much later, in 1974. The fragrance was made for women, and it was titled Gucci No.1. Since then, the brand launched over 90 perfumes. Gucci has collaborated with world-renowned perfumers, such as Alberto Morillas, Guy Roberts, and Dominique Ropion.

Many of the brand’s fragrances became iconic in the world of perfumery. Gucci 3 and L’Arte di Gucci are just two examples of that. Tom Ford contributed to the brand’s success by working as the creative director of Gucci from the 90’s into the 2000’s. He left to work on his own brand. Tom Ford has since become an immensely successful perfume house in line with Gucci.

Alessandro Michele is the current creative director at Gucci. The designer is very extravagant and outgoing, which is reflected perfectly in the newest fragrances made by Gucci.

Faces of the brand

Gucci has had some of the most influential and powerful people in its campaigns. The brand picked 4 outstanding stars to present Bloom by Gucci in 2017. Anjelica Hustor, Florence Welch, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Susie Cave all participated in the video campaign for the fragrance.

Gucci Memoire D’Une Odeur was made with gender fluidity in mind. The fragrance was brought to life by a diverse group of people who worked to break the gender norms. Harry Styles made an appearance in the marketing campaign.

Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto notably became the new faces of Gucci Guilty a few years ago. This power duo participated in numerous videos and photoshoots that made billboards all over the world. The fragrance gained a lot of popularity with the help of the genius campaign.

Popular Gucci collections

Flora by Gucci Garden Collection

The Garden Collection came to life in May of 2012. That’s very symbolic, as May is the transition month from spring to summer, and that’s when many flowers bloom. The collection included five important blossoms from the legendary Gucci scarf. The fragrances went as follows: Glorious Mandarin, Gracious Tuberose, Gorgeous Gardenia, Glamorous Magnolia, and Generous Violet. If you want to take a walk in the garden of Gucci, this is your chance.

Gucci Guilty

Guilty portrays a provocative mindset, as shown by Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto, the ultimate rebels. As per the name, the collection invites you to embrace your guilt and transform it into freedom. The fragrance continues to change and evolve with the brand. In all its forms, Guilty is the embodiment of liberty. The fragrances in the collection are different and unique, but they all convey the same message: live your best guilt-free life.

Gucci Bloom

Alessandro Michele, the head of Gucci perfumes, is in love with flowers of all shapes and sizes. That love inspired the Bloom collection. The fragrances are supposed to transport you to a beautiful garden full of flowers on a warm spring day. Everything is blooming and the smells are intertwining and blending together. Gucci Bloom is a bouquet in a bottle. Natural tuberose, jasmine bud extract, and Rangoon Creeper set the scene. The collection has 5 different fragrances, each made with a different flower. Some are more oaky and spicy, while others are sweet and floral.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a seductive fragrance that will turn heads or a fresh and floral perfume that will take you to a blooming garden, don’t hesitate to invest in a bottle of Gucci perfume.

The brand offers unique and mind-blowing fragrances at an adequate price point. If you are looking for a seductive fragrance that will turn heads, or a fresh and floral perfume that will take you to a blooming garden, Gucci has your back. Bask in the beauty of scents made by Gucci and enjoy compliments from everyone around.

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