Best Louis Vuitton Cologne For Men

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Louis Vuitton is one of the most well-known luxury brands on this planet, and they have been creating luxury goods since 1854. Their colognes, like their other products, are of impeccable quality and timeless style. 

With so many different types of colognes to choose from, it can be difficult to find just the right scent that suits your taste or mood. Though, a man’s scent is an important part of his personal style and overall presentation; it can make or break a first impression or seal a deal at work. 

So we’ve done all the work for you, and it’s time to explore the world of LV’s luxury colognes. From classic fragrances with a modern twist to bold and daring exclusive scents that will make heads turn, with our review of the 10 best Louis Vuitton colognes for men, you’re sure to find your new LV signature scent. 

Top 10 Best Louis Vuitton Colognes For Men

1. Louis Vuitton California Dream – Best seller

Louis Vuitton California Dream

This current LV best seller is a California sunset in a bottle. California Dream welcomes you with its citrusy and warm oriental notes. The cologne sets the tone with fresh mandarin and pear in contrast to soothing ambrette seed and benzoin. This is a musky citrus scent that is quintessentially Californian and pleasant to smell. The bottle’s colors are designed by LA artist Alex Israel under the name “Sky Backdrop” representing the energy of the southern California sky with its warm orange sunsets and cool blue oceanic horizon.

2. Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade

Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade

The first impression of Ombre Nomade is the fiercely spicy-sweet, woody notes reminiscent of sunny days in faraway places. The subtle hints of amber ebbing from deep within this scent create a mysterious and breathtaking aroma with calming, sensual undertones that seduce and mesmerize. 

Ombre Nomade blends oud and amber accords for a heady but wild aesthetic. Laden with smokey incense with hints of sensual benzoin and raspberry-rose accents, this cologne is popular among adventurers who love rare essences. The name ‘Ombre Nomade’ is translated to wandering shadow in French and leaves you wondering what lies around the next bend in your adventure.

3. Louis Vuitton L’Immmensité

Louis Vuitton LImmmensite

To me, L’Immmensité performs as one of the longer-lasting colognes in LV’s range. With this warm spicy fragrance, you’ll leave everyone feeling intrigued by your presence. L’Immensité combines earthy aromatics like ginger, sage, and rosemary with aquatic notes of grapefruit and bergamot so clean they’re practically effervescent but never too bright or sweet. The scent finishes off with an addictive amber spiced finish. L’Immensité cologne is the alluring combination of notes that reflect purity and precision. Ideal for the free-spirited man who does not want to let life bog him down.

4. Louis Vuitton Cactus Garden

Louis Vuitton Cactus Garden 1

Cactus Garden is a fragrance that really pops. Scented with lemongrass and bergamot, it leaves you feeling confident and refreshed. Not to mention the packaging of this Louis Vuitton Cactus Garden, it makes such a fashionable Instagram photo.

The Louis Vuitton Cactus Garden fragrance is an adventure that draws you closer to the light and warmth of life. It evokes the atmosphere of a tropical forest where the air is filled with fresh green scents.

5. Louis Vuitton Sun Song

Louis Vuitton Sun Song

Sun Song by Louis Vuitton is a unisex floral fragrance and an ode to the orange blossom that brightens our summer. Starting out with citrus, passing through the blooming sweet orange blossom, and becoming immersed in musk, Sun Song marries power and delicacy – it awakens the senses like sunlight on the skin or a lively breeze that refreshes rather than invades at dawn. The fragrance balances the natural vitality of citrus with energizing notes that create an invigorating scent perfect for the spring and summer season. This bright and fruity perfume works to add life to any given day.

6. Louis Vuitton Nouveau Monde

Louis Vuitton Nouveau Monde

The men’s cologne of Nouveau Monde is a multi-sensory journey that takes you to an unexpected encounter of oud and cocoa. Inspired by the dramatic start of an adventure – a traveler hitting that dusty and pungent road of unknown. This is how the cologne Nouveau Monde begins its journey; with hints of fresh woods, sweet amber, peppery spice, and aromatic incense. A fresh sweet blackcurrant accord adds youthful energy to this exciting cocoa blend. The name Nouveau Monde means “new world” in French and when you wear this exciting scent it might actually feel like you’ve left your old world behind.

7. Louis Vuitton Orage

Louis Vuitton Orage

Orage is an unexpected fragrance experience. With a bright green beginning and softly smoky finish, it will make you feel powerful, admired, and unstoppable just like an electrical storm, which gave this perfume its name. The lightning-quick scent brings out your charismatic sparkle in any situation – day or night – business meeting or family reunion.

Give this soft power to yourself with Orage where sleekness meets intensity. A fresh, woody fragrance in which top notes of bergamot and grapefruit pierce through into a dry heart made up of iris, Hedione, and pepper forcing base notes patchouli, woods, and musk outwards onto an open road that leads you towards powerful directions – away from normality.

This refreshing scent may bring you to new personal heights, leaving you feeling confident and revitalized. It’s an ideal fragrance to create your own narrative with its luxuriously woodsy scent that lasts for hours.

8. Louis Vuitton Les Sables Roses

Louis Vuitton Les Sables Roses

Les Sables Roses by Louis Vuitton is a fragrance that channels the richness of an aromatic dessert. This intoxicating scent conjured up by Louis Vuitton’s master perfumer brings adventurers back to a place of serendipity using precious ingredients. With notes of oud wood and rose, this scent will remind you of how nothing compares to what’s waiting for you at home when you are away. With a ground-breaking duality, Les Sables Roses unites hot and cold notes. The freshness of the rose stimulates the senses of the morning traveler, while the spicy oud wood captures their evening reverie. You’ll experience stepping into a floral wonderland smelling this amber floral fragrance. A blend of amber essence with spicy oud creates a rich depth that is warmed by a floral heart making it a favorite among both men and women.

9. Louis Vuitton Nuit De Feu

Louis Vuitton Nuit De Feu

Even though the fragrance is unisex, this cologne is mostly popular with men. Light up your night with Nuit De Feu. This sexy, amber-woody fragrance will get you noticed.

Brace yourself to be engulfed by an orchestrated cloud of incense smoke, which will have you dreaming about celestial sands and traveling the world. The key accord at the heart of Nuit De Feu pays homage to a sacred scent revered across cultures and down history: incense. It’s not by chance that perfumer Jacques Cavallier chose deep smokey and leathery notes for this fragrance reminiscent of rich ancient times.

Nuit De Feu will seduce wherever it goes—pair it lightly and delicately for hot summer nights or let the scent dominate bold and beautiful evening garments for winter’s chilliness. You can also diffuse areas at home or in the office creating an uplifting, mysterious vibe throughout whatever space you inhabit.

10. Louis Vuitton On The Beach

Louis Vuitton On The Beach

The light and fresh fragrance of On The Beach is the perfect companion for summer and spring. It’s tempting to take a vacation every day with this fragrance. A summer breeze that evokes the serenity of a day spent on the beach, this scent is inspired by yuzu, rare citrus from Japan. The olfactory landscape of yuzu bursts with sunshine-filled joy while a veil of cypress brings in refreshing woodiness and a tenacious earthy aroma. This cool citrus cologne has notes of neroli, thyme, rosemary, pink pepper, and cloves for just enough spice.

Frequently Asked Questions on Louis Vuitton Cologne

How much is Louis Vuitton cologne?

The price of a Louis Vuitton cologne depends on the size of the bottle. The cost of a Louis Vuitton cologne of 3.4 oz will range between 200$ to 400$.

Does Louis Vuitton refill cologne? 

Yes, Louis Vuitton refills your fragrance at the LV store. Before buying a new bottle, be sure to contact customer service to see if they can refill your old one in the boutique closest to you.

How much does it cost to refill Louis Vuitton cologne?

The price of a refill for an LV cologne can range from $150 to $300. This may cost less than buying a new bottle of cologne.

The Story of Louis Vuitton

The story of Louis Vuitton is one that starts in 1854 with a homeless boy who was taken in as an apprentice as a box-maker. After he got the attention of the Queen, the 16-year-old runaway, named Louis Vuitton Malletier became the Queen’s box maker and packer. 17 years later he opened his own store. Little did he know that the name and business he made for himself designing and selling travel bags, will become one of the most famous in the world. Today, besides handbags and leather goods, the luxury brand offers perfumes, shoes, watches, jewelry, and more.

But it wasn’t until 2018 that Louis Vuitton created cologne for men. And when he did, they were five. Five colognes for men called “Les Parfums”,  inspired by Jacques Cavallier’s (LV’s master perfumer) travels around the globe.

Louis Vuitton Perfume Collections For Men

Since the brand is new to the world of fragrance, there are only three collections that men can wear. Les Parfums was released in 2018.The collection now offers seven different scents that “pay homage to the adventurer on a quest for self-revelation.”

Cologne Perfumes collection was inspired by California landscapes capturing vivid colors and contrasts. There are now five scents in this collection and they are all unisex.

Oriental Perfumes consist of three colognes for men: Ombre Nomade, Les Sables Roses and Nuit de Feu. For this collection, Jacques Cavallier took inspiration from the thousands of years old perfume culture of the Middle East.

Louis Vuitton’s Creative Collaboration With Famous designers 

The designer behind the Les Parfums Collection For Men is Marc Newson. Considered a rock star in the design world, Marc chose the design of clean lines and black lettering on transparent glass bottles where the name Louis Vuitton is discreetly engraved. All of the seven editions have a black magnetic cap with the LV logo in silver.

Alex Israel was the designer who dressed the Colognes Perfumes Collection inspired by the vivid colors and smells of Los Angeles. This chic and happy collection is like a vacation in a bottle.

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