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America’s Polo Ralph Lauren is a name that has been around for decades and has undoubtedly made its mark on the fashion industry. The company continues to prove why they rank among the best in the business from their first cologne in 1978 to their newest release this year.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your masculine scent, then surely try one of Ralph Lauren’s colognes. Most men have smelled a Polo cologne at some point in their life, but with so many different Polo scents to choose from, it can be hard to know which one will be right for you. 

That’s why I’m going to be reviewing the 10 best Polo Ralph Lauren colognes of all time. I will discuss each fragrance and why it made this list, as well as the notes and what you can expect from wearing them. So without further ado: let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Smelling Polo Colognes

1. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDT

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDT


It’s no secret that Polo Blue is one of Ralph Lauren’s most sought-after fragrances. Here are just a few reasons why this bright, fresh, and clean scent gets our vote.

Polo Blue was meant to fix a bit of Ralph Lauren’s old trouble. It was from 2004 onwards that Polo by Ralph Lauren needed a little revitalization, with the lineup of men’s fragrances not including an Aromatic Fougere outright since 1997. 

With that in mind, Carlos Benaim and Christophe Laudamiel launched this Polo Blue, one that would have enough features: top notes being cucumber, melon, and mandarin orange; middle notes being basil sage geranium; base notes suede, woodsy notes, and musk adding together for great summer wearability.

Polo Blue is something powerfully masculine—yet rich with finesse all at once. It suits any occasion – whether you’ve got the morning meetings or a big night out planned, Polo Blue has got your back.

2. Ralph Lauren Polo 

Ralph Lauren Polo


Polo by Ralph Lauren is the perfect fragrance to celebrate the rugged outdoorsiness that’s synonymous with this iconic label. Whether you’re hitting the casual bar for a drink, or climbing up snow-covered mountains, sometimes it feels best just to get lost in what nature has out there. 

The soothing yet lingering notes of juniper berries and pine needles will carry you through your world from Rocky Mountain ski slopes to city streets year-round with ease. The grounding mix of patchouli, vetiver, and musk makes the cologne rugged but refined. Sensual notes of jasmine and rose linger on into the evening creating magic that will get you noticed anywhere.

This rugged scent will spruce up your day. Lavender, tobacco leaves, and fresh pine needles make the perfect trio to keep you feeling competitive on the field of play.

The first time I put on this cologne, I immediately felt like a ten-ton weight was lifted from my shoulders. You feel refreshed and invigorated wearing this 1978 cologne from Ralph Lauren.

3. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDP

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDP


If you like Polo Blue Eau de Toilette, then you’ll love this Eau de Parfum version of the scent. This perfume is similar to Polo Blue EDT but without an orange smell. They both have a similar scent.

Sea notes highlight the top entry with a refreshing natural feel to it, while basil gives this scent an edge. The middle notes give way to a vetiver-led central accord which balances out the blend with a masculine twist while clary sage and orris add their herbaceous charm for good measure. And if that wasn’t enough to get you feeling fresh all day long, woody notes seal the deal by perfectly complementing the floral hints in order not to overplay them or overpower anything else going on.

The end result? A sophisticated Eau de Parfum that won’t stop until it reaches your heart.

Inspired by nature, this fragrance embodies Ralph’s love for country living while embracing modern fashion and masculine vitality. It has a strong yet subtle scent of fresh greens with hints of lavender that balances out the earthy aroma to create an alluring blend reminiscent of masculine expressions of power, status, and success.

For the man who has it all and wants to take his personal style up a notch, Ralph Lauren’s Blue Eau de Parfum will hold its ground like no other. With hints of citrus that refresh you in the morning and turn into calming scents when evening falls, this is perfect for any season, occasion, or mood. 

4. Ralph Lauren Polo Red

Ralph Lauren Polo Red


Red is such a powerful color – it can symbolize life, love, or danger. Polo Red embodies that power and gives you the opportunity to take life by the horns. The spicy fragrance has enough energy to charge anyone’s day.

This fragrance has all the hallmarks of freshness and radiance that Ralph Lauren is known for. The delicious scent of fruit, spice, fragrant coffee beans and woody amber makes this perfect for any man looking to make a memorable impression.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red is my favorite smell that I’ve come across in a long time. It’s musky, rich, and juicy to the nose. This scent has spice so strong you can feel it with every breath.

5. Ralph Lauren Polo Sport

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport


Ralph Lauren Polo Sport is an Aromatic Green fragrance for men who are adventurously spirited. Polo Sport was launched in 1994 with a scent that embodies modern masculinity. 

Perfumer Harry Fremont created the fragrance which opens with notes of mint, lavender, bergamot, mandarin orange, and lemon. The middle consists of an invigorating combo of ginger, jasmine, geranium, and cyclamen mingled beautifully together to make this fragrance unforgettable. Base notes of guaiac wood and musk neatly balance out the composition while giving it its signature sophistication.

This cologne is long-lasting enough that it will last until after work or even until you’re out at a happy hour.

6. Ralph Lauren Polo Black

Ralph Lauren Polo Black


Ralph Lauren Polo Black is a spicy, woody fragrance for the confident man. Carry it with power and masculinity.

When you wear Polo Black, your sophistication and sexiness really shine through. It’s like a paper-thin sheath of silk: alluring and attractive yet able to be worn by the most confident men. 

A dark masterpiece with luxurious notes of mango, sandalwood, tangerine, patchouli, tonka bean, wormwood, sage, and lemon – each enhancing the other until they are so perfectly blended that you can’t help but enjoy them on your skin for hours.

This masculine cologne offers crisp citrus notes alongside spice flavors. The wood base gives this cologne its true distinction though – it’s truly rich without being overly heavy or obnoxious. This scent is designed to surround you with class, sophistication, and originality.

7. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme


Polo Red Extreme caters to those who enjoy a fuller fragrance. This amber woody fragrance is a bold new way to make a statement.

From the very first opening notes, Polo Red Extreme will fill your nostrils and take you on a wild ride. Pure brushes of coffee and crisp blood orange create an energizing kick that pushes through the sweet ebony wood base note to remind you of all those happy morning-wake-up moments. This fragrance is ideal to help you charge through your day.

There’s this deep engaging scent with a lingering sweetness like fine chocolate, as well as the more lively aspects of the citrus, making this cologne feel rugged and natural — but still indisputably Ralph Lauren.

8. Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Oud

Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Oud


If you’re looking for sophistication and warmth combined in one fragrance then Polo Supreme Oud is just for you. Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Oud has the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and woody to be a gourmand fragrance. Treat yourself to this manly scent perfect for the winter days.

With citrusy top notes, spicy middle notes, and woody base notes to help you last all day, this fragrance is perfect for those who are looking to keep their scent strong, sexy, and unforgettable.

The incense-like fragrance oozes masculinity and captivates women’s hearts. An elegant, woody, spicy blend of oud makes it the perfect choice for a dinner date. This fragrance has a warm amber woody scent to it that’s not overpowering. It speaks to your masculinity without being too showy about it. In other words, this cologne is perfect for everyday wear.

9. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense


This aromatic fragrance has the perfect balance between spice and warm musky notes. This cologne is made for men who want to step up their game, but not too far from what they know. 

Rated as one of Ralph Lauren’s most prominent scents, Polo Red Intense satisfies a taste for daring yet classic style. A man with a real sense of fashion will appreciate this blend of fresh citrus and spicy woody aroma – an irresistible combination that never goes out of style.

This modern blend includes top notes of cranberry, blood grapefruit, lemon, and saffron with woody middle notes of coffee, ginger, lavender, and Sage paired with base notes of amber, leather, and Red cedar.

However strong the smell may be at first, it moves effortlessly on your skin without too heavy an effect.

10. Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black

Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black

Polo Double Black is a scent from Ralph Lauren that explodes with hot spices. It has just the right amount of exotic woods to bring out your inner explorer. The Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black line was launched in 2006 when they teamed up with Ellen Molner to consolidate her attention towards detail into the creation of this cologne. You’ll love wearing double black whenever you want to give off that sophisticated air to get things done.

It has a warm and spicy composition with notes of coffee beans and cardamom, a refreshing base of woodsy aroma, an addition of sweet mango at the top that is balanced by pepper from the middle note stage into bitterness from roasted coffee beans. A dry down with juniper berries bringing an aromatic feel to your skin makes for one heck of a manly scent that is perfect for any time year-round.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Polo Cologne

Polo scents are not your typical scents for men. They are made to stand out and they are an embodiment of pure masculinity. But how do you find which one will fit you the best?

There are a few factors to consider and here are some that will help you make your decision.


Polo colognes range from light citrusy to musky and woody making them versatile enough to wear anywhere and anytime. However, there are some that perform better at night, while others are best worn during the day. Whether you are an outdoors man, a party goer, or a business professional, Polo Ralph Lauren has you covered. 

Polo Blue and Ralph Lauren Polo, Polo Sport is your go-to colognes, ideal for the office, a date night, or when you are out hiking for the day. Their clean and gentle scents make them versatile for everyday use. Polo Black’s sophisticated scents are perfect for formal occasions or important business meetings while Polo Red is good for any occasion, despite the spicy aroma.


Whether you are looking for a Polo cologne to keep you fresh during hot summer days, or warm on fall/winter chilly nights, you have come to the right place. Polo Blue smells great during warmer months and Ralph Lauren Polo is best worn in late summer, fall, and winter evenings. Polo Black smells amazing all year round, whether you are wearing it in the office or on special occasions. You will love how Polo Red smells on your skin during colder temperatures due to its warm, sweet, and spicy notes. If you like the sweet, spicy, and woody scents for cold days and nights, then Polo Supreme Oud is the right candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions on Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne

Who makes Polo cologne?

Polo colognes along with other Ralph Lauren fragrances are made in collaboration with L’Oreal Group.

Where is Polo Ralph Lauren from?

Polo is Ralph Lauren’s first line that was launched in 1967 in New York City, the birthplace of the fashion icon.

When was Polo cologne introduced?

The first Polo cologne was introduced in 1978. The name is Ralph Lauren Polo or often referred to as Polo Classic Green and it is a woody chypre fragrance concocted by the perfumer Carlos Benaim. The latest scent for the Polo collection is Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum, an aromatic Fougere released in 2021.

How much does Polo cologne cost?

Polo colognes cost anywhere from $85 to $125 for a 100ml size bottle. If you can’t splurge on a Polo cologne right now, you can always opt for a body spray, deodorant stick, aftershave gel, or after-shave splash that will cost you anywhere from $23 to $55.

Where is Polo cologne made?

Polo colognes are made in the United States. However, sometimes they have their perfumes manufactured and packaged in France.

Is Polo the same as Ralph Lauren?

While Ralph Lauren is the name of the fashion company that sells clothes, garments, and accessories, Polo is one of the many lines of designer scents under Ralph Lauren.

Learn More About Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American brand that is well-known in the clothing world for its elegant ready-to-wear clothing and signature polo shirts. In 1978 the company launched its first fragrance collection in collaboration with L’Oreal. The names of the fragrances were Polo for men and Lauren for women.

It didn’t take long for the brand to become a staple in the world of fragrance. Today the brand has 96 fragrances for almost everyone and any occasion.

Polo Collections At A Glance

The Ralph Lauren fragrances portfolio includes many collections worth mentioning such as the Big Pony, Chaps, Romance, Safari, and his Polo collections including Polo, Polo Blue, Polo Black, Polo Red, Polo Sport, and Polo Supreme collection.

Polo Blue Collection is known for its energetic, fresh, aquatic, and invigorating notes for every man. If you like the spicy, warm, and woody notes, then the Polo Red Collection has everything you need and more. Are you the sporty type who always wants to smell like you just came out of the shower? Then Polo Sport Collection will keep your energy levels high. 

Polo Black Collection is ideal for the sophisticated man who wants to be noticed but is careful not to draw too much attention to himself. Great for evenings, serious office meetings, or dinner dates with your loved one. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then test some of the Polo Supreme Oud Collection.

Polo Cologne Sets And Gift Sets Options

With such a high demand for Polo colognes, Ralph Lauren came with a perfect solution: sets and gift sets options. Each collection has its own set or gift set, making the Polo colognes even more desirable. The label offers mini sets that include the best of Polo colognes for men and they come in 0.5oz bottles. 

World of Polo is a 4-piece gift set that includes Polo Red EDT, Polo Blue EDT, Polo EDT, and Polo Black EDT. This is an amazing gift for someone special or a great way to help you choose the right scent for you. 

World of Polo


Some, like the Polo Sport sets, offer a great selection that features Polo Sport EDT Spray, deodorant, and a shower gel and that goes for a much better price than buying the pieces individually.

Polo Sport sets

Check Latest Price

If you are indecisive about which cologne from the Polo Red collection to get, why not try the Polo Red Collection Set. You get a variety of the three best Polo Red colognes: Polo Red EDT, Polo Red Rush EDT, and Polo Red Extreme EDP, all in 1.36 oz spray bottles.

Polo Red Collection Set


Keep looking to see which set includes the ones you really like and keep a close eye on specials during holiday seasons. Happy shopping!

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