Perfume Dupes Similar To Tom Ford Lost Cherry

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When you’re familiar with Tom Ford’s line of luxury fragrances, you’re undoubtedly aware of his gravitation towards using rare elements that are pretty difficult to come by in other perfume house formulations. 

If you love Lost Cherry but can’t afford a bottle, or you can’t seem to find this limited-edition fragrance anywhere, you’re in the right place. 

I put together this guide in order to introduce you to similar fragrances that are an excellent alternative to Lost Cherry by Tom Ford. I will look into each perfume’s similarities, benefits, or drawbacks and whether I think they’re worth checking out.

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What Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry Is All About

Lost Cherry has remained one of his most beloved fragrances from Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection.

Featuring heavy notes of maraschino cherry, sweet liquor, and almond, this fragrance features bold fruity notes before settling into a blend of fragrant Turkish rose and seductive jasmine. 

Lost Cherry eventually settles into a cozy, soft scent featuring notes of Tonka bean, vanilla, and sandalwood. 

With unexpected hints of Peru balsam, vetiver, and clove, Lost Cherry is a popular fragrance among many due to its versatility and ability to project well on just about anyone. 

Tom Ford perfumes are unique and well-formulated but also pricey. This leaves many of us looking for the perfect alternative that won’t break the bank.

Therefore, I’ve rounded up a list of similar fragrances that may be worth checking out if you’re a fan of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry. Let’s go ahead and get started.

10 Close Dupes of Lost Cherry

1. Fructus Virginis by Alexandria Fragrances

Fructus Virginis by Alexandria Fragrances
Fructus Virginis by Alexandria Fragrances


If you like the cherry note in Lost Cherry but wish it lasted just a bit longer, check out Fructus Virginis.

A common complaint with Lost Cherry is that the cherry notes tend to fade within just a few hours. While testing Fructus Virginis, I noticed that it manages to carry cherry notes throughout its middle layers. However, if you enjoy the way Lost Cherry delivers its floral middles and woody base, this may be a disadvantage for you.

Another potential downside I have with Fructus Virginis is that it has somewhat of a synthetic rose note that isn’t as soft or lightly fragrant as Lost Cherry. The almond notes disappear pretty quickly, leaving behind soft base notes of Tonka and sandalwood.

All in all, I think one of the most significant drawbacks to Lost Cherry tends to be longevity, and Fructus Virginis tends to linger much longer on my skin.

It’s an excellent fragrance to wear for date night and is more suitable for cooler weather.

2. Dossier Ambery Cherry

Ambery Cherry by Dossier
Ambery Cherry by Dossier


Dossier is known for creating dupes of high-end designer perfumes at lower prices. To their credit, they’ve managed to make some pretty decent dupes of some fragrances, however, some are hit or miss. Ambery Cherry is their perfume that was inspired by Lost Cherry. 

I like that Dossier displays all the notes on the bottle, so you always know what to expect. 

Ambery Cherry opens up much like Lost Cherry with sweet maraschino cherry notes quickly followed by fragrant almonds. The liquor note is missing within Ambery Cherry, which may be a good thing if you don’t care for this particular note in your perfume. 

Ambery Cherry quickly moves through warm clove and floral jasmine notes before settling into soft tones of comforting Tonka beans, Peru balsam, and vanilla. 

I think this perfume might be the right one for you if you like Lost Cherry, but don’t care for the sweet liquor notes and are looking for a less expensive option.

3. Wrap Me in Dreams by Haute Fragrance Company HFC

Wrap Me in Dreams by Haute Fragrance Company HFC
Wrap Me in Dreams by Haute Fragrance Company HFC


Next on my list of fragrances similar to Lost Cherry is Wrap Me In Dreams by Haute Fragrance Company HFC. This fragrance features a lot of similarities to Lost Cherry, although there are a few notable differences.

While Wrap Me in Dreams features a similar cherry top note, it does smell a bit sweeter than the cherry featured in Lost Cherry by Tom Ford. There is also a hint of rum which isn’t exactly the same as the liquor note in Lost Cherry, but it does bring out a bit of smokiness that does a good job of balancing out the cherry.
I like how it dries down to a light powdery base which reminds me of Lost Cherry. While some hints of peony appear as the fragrance starts to settle, the floral bouquet isn’t as bold.

Wrap Me In Dreams is somewhat louder of a fragrance to my nose. The longevity is also better too. This may be the right scent for you if you enjoy the top layers featured in Lost Cherry but don’t care for bolder floral notes.

4. Drunk Cherry by Bouge

Drunk Cherry by Bouge
Drunk Cherry by Bouge

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Next on our list is Drunk Cherry by Bouge. This fragrance threw me for a bit of a loop. While the elements of cherry, liquor, and bitter almond are all apparent, I notice it opens with a hint of chocolate as well. There are also surprising notes of carrot as it opens and moves through its middle accords.

My nose was in for a final surprise as it settled and whiffs of cumin appeared and cut right through the patchouli and sandalwood.

To me, Drunk Cherry comes off as a blatant attempt as a clone of Lost Cherry. However, it never quite gets it right. While I found they both start out pretty similarly, the differences become apparent within just a few minutes after spraying. I will say that I did appreciate the longevity, as it outlasts Lost Cherry by several hours.

5. Cherry Punk by Room 1015

Cherry Punk by Room 1015
Cherry Punk by Room 1015


In 2020, Room 1015 released Cherry Punk, an amber spicy fragrance which has the qualities of both sweet and spicy. I noticed about this fragrance that it settles into bold leather bottom notes, which balance out the cherry notes, making it not as sweet as Lost Cherry. 

There’s something about this fragrance that give it a mysterious aura, making it a perfect nighttime and winter fragrance. 

There are also notable hints of violet and jasmine, which softens the more masculine leather notes. I think Cherry Punk would do quite well as a unisex fragrance since the cherry notes are not overly sweet and are actually a bit more subtle and mature than some of the other alternatives out there.

6. Amarena Cherry by Fragrenza

Amarena Cherry by Fragrenza
Amarena Cherry by Fragrenza


If you don’t particularly like the liquor notes prominently featured in Lost Cherry but like the rest of its formulation after it dries down, Amarena Cherry may be the right fragrance for you to try. 

With Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry, I immediately notice the bold, sweet liquor notes that tend to linger throughout its lifespan. Amarena Cherry omits that scent, replacing it instead with a sweet floral aroma of jasmine. 

There are hints of sugary syrup which add to its richness before settling into a warm, earthy base of tonka bean, Peru balsam, and sandalwood. 

While many people consider this a nearly identical dupe of Lost Cherry, I’d have to disagree somewhat. The top layer of aromatic liquor is completely nonexistent in Amarena Cherry. However, I don’t necessarily think this is a negative. 

If anything, Amarena Cherry is a decent alternative to Lost Cherry for those who prefer not to smell like they walked out of a distillery all day long.

7. Cherry Syrup by Proad

Cherry Syrup by Proad
Cherry Syrup by Proad


Cherry Syrup took me by surprise due to its tendency to transition from the first moment you spritz it through the dry down.

Cherry Syrup starts off just as you would expect it. It opens with a heavy medicinal and alcohol scent. Think of blending cherry cough syrup with a strong rum drink. It’s quite overbearing at first, but it transitions through a softer, more pleasant combination of floral jasmine and spicy cinnamon notes. As it settles, warm woody amber and vanilla notes become more pronounced before it fades away. 

To my nose, Cherry Syrup smells like a mixture between Lost Cherry and Baccarat Rouge 540. It lasts much longer than Lost Cherry and is a good option to wear for cold winter date nights. While I think this is a suitable alternative to Lost Cherry, it can be quite difficult to find which is its main drawback. But if you manage to get your hands on a bottle of this perfume I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

8. Tonka by Solinotes

Tonka by Solinotes
Tonka by Solinotes


If you love the warm and comforting scent of Tonka beans in Lost Cherry and are looking for more of it, Tonka by Solinotes may be right up your alley. The addition of Tonka bean to Lost Cherry’s formulation is one reason why it is such a distinctive fragrance. 

There are prominent hints of vanilla and woodiness that softly linger in the background throughout the day—something I really enjoyed. There’s a creamy feel to Tonka as well, which makes it a good scent to wear during the fall and wintertime. 

To me, Tonka is reminiscent of Lost Cherry but just without the signature cherry scent. It’s sweet but somewhat synthetic, which might be a turn-off for some people. 

Tonka doesn’t last long either, so you will need to pack it in your bag to reapply throughout the day.

9. Popped Cherry by The Dua Brand

Popped Cherry by The Dua Brand
Popped Cherry by The Dua Brand


Next on our list of notable alternatives to Lost Cherry is Popped Cherry by The Dua Brand. If you like the cherry scent in Lost Cherry but wish it lasted longer, then Popped Cherry might be a good option for you. 

The cherry notes linger throughout wear, though it transcends from a juicy, succulent fragrance to reveal a smokier cherry underside. 

I also detect hints of vanilla which give it a bit of a gourmand feel

The combination of cherry, sandalwood, and cedar are very reminiscent of cherry-scented incense. 

Overall, Popped Cherry is a suitable dupe for Lost Cherry. It lasts longer and projects well throughout the day. 

What I enjoy about Popped Cherry are the soft floral notes that linger softly in the background throughout the day. It settles nicely on the skin and is not overbearing at all, making it a suitable perfume to wear at the office.

10. Moriah by Nuancielo

Moriah by Nuancielo
Moriah by Nuancielo

Moriah was created by Nuancielo, another perfume house specializing in creating dupes of more expensive fragrances. 

The first thing I noticed about Moriah was its somewhat simplistic packaging. Featuring a square white bottle with a blood red emblem, the hue was close to the color of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry.

Moriah opens up quite similarly to Lost Cherry. However, I felt that the cherry notes were more synthetic and acidic. Almond and liquor hints follow closely as the scent develops and transcends through the middle.

I detected a slight hint of plum which is much bolder in Lost Cherry. The base is warm and comforting as it features hints of wood, amber, and Tonka bean. 

Overall, I feel it’s a decent dupe to Lost Cherry. In my experience, it lasts longer than Lost Cherry, and the price point makes it a good option for those looking for something a bit less expensive.

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